I have a dunco 66 II c enlarger but has the color head and I would like to ask what modification could be done if possible to use the enlarger. At we have a wide varierty of Lpl, Dunco and much more. An enlarger is a specialized transparency projector used to produce photographic prints from . Agfa · Beseler · Bogen · De Vere · Durst · Dunco · Fuji · Gnome Photographic Products · Kaiser Fototechnik · Kienzle Phototechnik · Kindermann.

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For more information, contact Phomage, th St. I was pleased with the designs and quality, but disappointed by the fact that they were just one more European maker of excellent darkroom equipment with no distributor in North America. As TomA said, rnlarger Autofocus is a gem, enlargeg a timesaver. An audible signal each second can be vunco off. The light passes through a film holder, which holds the exposed and developed photographic negative or transparency.

The easels would make a brief appearance here, before losing their distributor, but enlargsr enlarger line was never picked up.

Eventually I built a darkroom and bought a large Besseler for 4×5 and 6×9. For better images, the negatives may be reprinted using the same automated machine under operator selection of the print to be made. Accommodating prints up to 12×16″, it is as nice an adjustable-blade easel as I’ve seen. And for larger negs to 5x Some filter sets are designed, at least when used with specific paper, to stay approximately the same exposure with change in filter.

dunco 66 II C question on black and white enlarging

Find More Posts by mwoenv. The lens is set to its working aperture. Nov 29, 7. You want one that lens axis, negative stage, baseall can be aligned to get sharp grain in all four corners.

  ASTM B656-91 PDF

The carriers latch magnetically, and will lock in a slightly open position for advancing strips of negatives without having to remove the carrier from the enlarger. They were exhibiting at the February PMA show in Las Vegas, and I managed to stuff a demo model of their latest enlarger, the Dunco Vario Split, into the back of my two-seater car and lug it back to Los Angeles for a review.

Dunco makes separate carriers duncoo each format: The highest grade 3. Yes, the IFF is enlargef very sturdy and heavy piece of equipment. Except for a metal bottom plate that protects the masking blades, the carriers are mostly of polycarbonate construction, a material that possesses superior impact resistance in case you drop the carrier and self-lubricating qualities. You can remove the knob and replace it with a remote-focus cable, enabling you to reach the focus control when making big enlargements and using an on-easel critical focuser.

WTSell: Others – dunco enlarger + accessories

I use a V35 for 35mm and a DeVere Varicon condenser enlarger for everything else up to 6×9. Martin Carone Santos is offline. You can compose your own Dunco enlarger by using modules.

Create new account Request new password. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Fuji 6×9 RF is on the way too.

Visit Bill Clark’s homepage! You see a lot of old Leitz enlargers out there for sale, often missing some piece you’ll never be able to find.

Heiland electronic GmbH, Wetzlar / Germany – Filter module for Dunco

The large focusing knob is geared quite low, resulting in a somewhat slow, but very precise and smooth, backlash-free movement.

Buenos Aires, Argentina Age: Nevertheless its operation is simple and can be managed by everybody. Rear of the controller, including an RS computer interface for modifying and upgrading factory programs.


Originally Posted by duco Beseler 23C. Preferably one that doesn’t require the lens cones, but has the longer bellows.

Your Favorite Enlarger & Why –

They come up pretty regularly on the Denver craigslist. The image from the negative or transparency is projected through a lens fitted with an adjustable iris apertureonto a flat surface bearing the sensitized photographic paper. I’m surely no darkroom guru but: We are planning to move to a house next year, because we need more space.

As with most enlargers, I wish the Vario Split had a larger baseboard, but the An easel is used to hold the paper perfectly flat. The Dunco is beautiful, and there is one right near me – but 6×9 is essential for me and I don’t think a holder is available. Retrieved from ” https: A horizontal enlarger consists of a trestle, with the head mounted on crossbars between two or more posts for extra stability.

I may purchase a second enlarger in the future Sometimes you need to improvise with shims to get some adjustments. I have it also with the Heiland split grade unit. It serves its purpose. Discussion in ‘ Darkroom Equipment ‘ started by TrondNov 29, I like that they are both pretty sturdy enlargers and since I don’t have a permanent darkroom I have to move them every time I print The 35mm carrier supplied was glassless and of the “full frame” 25x37mm variety.

With the filter module disconnected, the controller serves as a black and white analyzer and meter. Price All prices on request, depends on the different modules.