Conclusions for compliance with e.g. product standard requirements are not part of the lab scope (RvA According to standard: ECE R Swagelok Expands Number of Products With ECE R Approval; Alternative Fuel December 15, AM Eastern Standard Time. STANDARD INTERNAL MACHINED SURFACE FINISH IS 94uin OR BETTER. STANDARD EXTERNAL MACHINED SURFACE FINISH IS.

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For the European market it is compelled to have an E mark on your products. The stricter environmental standards become, the larger the scope for using alternative satndard and other drive systems. These cookies are checked by default.

CNG and LNG testing and certification

In our privacy statement you can read how we handle your data. R If you wish to launch your automobile with one of the CNG components on the European market, you are compelled to certify all those components that use compressed natural gas CNG or Liquefied natural gas LNG in their propulsion system, according the Regulation No.


Hydrogen, natural biogas, hybrids and fuel cells, all of these alternatives are rapidly becoming reality. You can indicate below which types of cookies we may use during your website visit. A certificate will be sent to you by RDW when all the test work has been performed successfully and you have entered into a surveillance agreement with Kiwa. For this purpose we collect data that we analyse.

You can ask for a quotation or information either by phone or e-mail. This website uses cookies Kiwa uses the following cookies on its website: Starting point for a quotation is Regulation No.

We use this data to further improve our website. Please indicate your preferences.

The various components are: After stanadrd of the quotation by both parties the actual test work starts. Kiwa is your all-round partner in the automotive industry. Outside of Europe, Kiwa can support you for the testing and certification for many other marketplaces, such as North America and Australia.

CNG and LNG testing and certification

When you click on ‘I agree’, you consent to the placing of the cookies. Kiwa offers standad of components for automotive vehicles using compressed natural gas CNG or liquefied natural gas LNG testing and certification services as well as electromagnetic compatibility and several climatic tests.


Kiwa can test and certify your components of automotive vehicles using compressed r10 gas CNG and Liquified natural gas LNG in their propulsion system, according the Regulation No.

Would you like to know more about our cookie policy? Besides, it is preferable and recognized in theMiddle Eastand Asian countries. Please have a look at this page. Kiwa is authorised to issue the E4 certification by the Dutch Vehicle Authority RDWone of the most renowned certification authorities in the world. Interaction with social media is also included.