September 22, STATUS OF UNITED NATIONS REGULATION ECE UNIFORM PROVISIONS CONCERNING THE APPROVAL OF: INTERNAL. Validation of MFG claims on power testing per UN/ECE R85 must be witnessed by UN representative. •! The U.S. never signed the ECE Treaty. Regulation ECE R10 (“old directive” //CE – electromagnetic compatibility ) ECE R85 (net power and maximum 30 minutes power of electric drive trains).

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Tell me more Already a subscriber. Measurements shall be taken at a sufficient number of engine speeds to define correctly the power curve between the lowest and the highest engine speeds recommended ede the manufacturer. R855 shall be affixed, conspicuously and in a readily accessible place specified on the approval form, to every drive train conforming to a drive train type approved under this Regulation an international approval mark consisting of: Torque and speed data shall be recorded simultaneously.

Speed and power shall be recorded. The setting conditions for the test to determine the net power are indicated in Table 2. Pay securely by credit card and your documents are delivered directly and immediately to your computer as PDF files.

Standard Requirements – Electric Mobility

Upon receiving the relevant communication that Authority shall inform thereof the other Parties to the Agreement applying this Regulation by means of a communication form conforming to the model in Annex 3a or Annex 3b to this Regulation. This speed shall be recommended by the manufacturer.

Consider that the modifications made are unlikely to have any appreciable adverse effect and that in any case the vehicle ecf complies with the requirements; or.

Maximum effective current supplied to the motor: Location of the approval mark: A ecd searchable, accurate, user-friendly resource for consolidated regulations that are updated quickly and frequently. The net power test shall consist of a run at full setting of the power controller.


The fuel used shall be the one available on the market. The electric drive trains are composed of controllers and motors and are used for propulsion of vehicles as the sole mode of propulsion. In either case, the system for producing and storing the energy necessary for starting is fitted and operates in the unloaded condition.

At controller reference point s: Maximum 30 minutes power specified by the manufacturer: The electric drive train shall run at the bench at a power which is the best estimate of the manufacturer for the maximum 30min power.

Reciprocating piston engines positive-ignition or compressionignitionbut excluding free piston engines; Rotary piston engines positive-ignition or compression-ignition.

The complete exhaust system shall be fitted as provided for the intended application:. In the r58 of an engine without self-adaptive fuelling: Liquid-cooling equipment characteristics 4.

Setting of carburettor s. Penalties for Non-conformity fce Production 8. Additional information on test conditions for positive ignition and dual-fuel engines only If possible, to be set in the most favourable position.

Its first two digits [ at present 00 efe the Regulation in its original form ] shall indicate the series of amendments incorporating the most recent major technical amendments made to the Regulation at the time of issue of the approval.

Electronic control system, air flow meter, etc. We use cookies to enhance site functionality and personalisation. Starting other than by electrical means.

Technical data of NG reference fuels. Where accessories cannot be removed, the power they absorb in the unloaded condition may be determined and added to the measured power.

Vehicle make and type: This speed shall be recommended by rr85 manufacturer. Modification and extension of approval of drive train type 9. Expand all Collapse all. Minimum cross-sectional areas of inlet and outlet ports: Maximum net torque at zero speed: In efe case of dispute the fuel shall be one of the reference fuels specified in Annex 8.


EUR-Lex – X(01) – EN – EUR-Lex

Confirmation or refusal of approval, specifying the alterations shall be sce by the procedure specified in paragraph 4. The cooling-liquid circulation shall be activated by the drive train water pump only. The minimum requirements for conformity of production control procedures set forth in Annex 7 to this Regulation shall be complied with.

This site uses cookies to improve your browsing experience. The whole test shall be completed within 5 minutes.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

In case of an engine without self-adaptive fuelling: If the net power and the maximum 30 minutes power of the drive train tested pursuant to paragraph 2 above fulfils the requirement of paragraph 4 above, the production is considered to conform to the type approval.

Maximum lift of valves, angles of opening and closing, or timing details of alternative distribution systems, in relation to dead-centres: Type of throttle housing: Characteristics or make s and type s of the pump: Positive ignition engines of vehicles that can run either on petrol or on a gaseous fuel, are to be tested with both fuels, in accordance with the provisions in paragraphs 5.

The approval number indicates that the approval was granted in accordance with the requirements of Regulation No 85 in its original form.