The Rolls-Royce & # 34 among espresso machines! {Quote: The Gourmet, Germany’s most famous gourmet magazine} The jury of the prestigious magazine has. SKU: ECMMECHANIKAIV. Ecm Mechanika Iv Espresso Machine Base. Tap to expand. $50 Latte Rewards Bonus. 2 Reviews. Ask a question. Watch 3 Videos. ECM Mechanika spare parts. Capillary tube pump pressure gauge ECM P · 3,95 € · Product Details Inox lever P · 5,90 € · Product Details.

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There are a few teething problems, but I put this down to it being a relatively new machine. The Mechanika, positioned in the corner of my kitchen. Hot Water The pipe for the hot water tap is submerged below the waterline in the boiler. The urn must be used on a flat.

Espresso As long as a cooling flush is performed, the Mechanika makes consistently good espressos and easily maintains the temperature during the pour. The machine must be More information. La Marzocco Espresso Machines Guideline La Marzocco Espresso Machines Guideline The La Marzocco espresso coffee machines work by mechanila hot water under high pressure through finely ground coffee held in ecmm portafilter.

I mechznika liked the fact that the group was slightly higher approx mm above the drip tray than normal. The Mechanika is a nice machine and definitely holds its own against other similar machines. Applications of Pneumatics and Hydraulics Unit code: Reneka Espresso Machines range range Edition 01 For more information, mecyanika contact our export sales department: About the tool This little gadget while not a precision.

Please read this Instruction Manual and the safety instructions before operating the appliance! Readers of past reviews will know that I am not a fan of cheap badges, especially when stuck on, or even worse, not level.


Hot Water It s nice to have really hot water on tap, recovery time after drawing hot water for an Americano is very fast. It is a fine looking machine and it makes espresso as well as other machines in the prosumer class. I did not think the 5 hole steam tip would work very well, but it worked superbly, a pleasant surprise.

Coffee Brew Water Coffee brew water for the group does not actually come from the water in the boiler, but is pumped directly from the tank through a heat exchanger essentially, a big copper tube that passes through the hot boiler.

There are five points you need to.

Please read and keep these instructions. Internal build quality is good, with great attention to detail. Osborn Richard 1 years ago Views: Safety precautions Keep this instruction manual Emergency: I didn t like the washer being so small.


But these are minor items on a machine does little to detract from its day to day operation. UK and Ireland customers More information. Although I always say for regular hot water production a kettle is a better option in areas where lime scale is a problem and saves having to descale your machine so often. Mounting the tool Part 3.

Mechanika Profi Due – ECM Commercial Line

Alfa Romeo On board instruments installation guide Alfa Romeo On board instruments installation guide This guide is describing how I installed oil temperature and oil pressure gauges to my Alfa. For a change a machine with a badge that actually is in keeping with it s value. Technical data 4 C. A valuable addition to the Italian manufacturer s written User guide that comes free with the Mechanika. The noble but discreet design with classic lines is rounded off with an elegant stainless steel rail on top.


OPV Valve, used to regulate brew pressure Autofill, solenoid valve, 2 position electronically operated valve, routes water to boiler or group, depending on need The picture above identifies the major components of the machine, once the case is removed accessibility for maintenance is good. Details Handcrafted Precision – Made in Germany Discreet stainless steel design with classic lines High-end ECM brew group with innovative stainless steel brew bell Easy access to the water tank through removable cup warming tray Switchable from water tank to a fixed water connection Built-in rotary pump Commercial pressure control Automatic water uptake of the boiler Professional quick steam and hot water valves 2 ergonomically angled ECM portafilters with weight-balanced shape User Manual.

The Mechanika compares favourably with other similar prosumer machines that have a heritage and reputation for looking good. Water temperature in the tank does not meet the ready temperature. The De-Aereator fitted to a machine!. In order to obtain the best results please More information. Read all instructions carefully before starting installation. It is even riveted in place, which means it won t fall off.

Instruction Manual Please read this Instruction Manual and the safety instructions before mechznika the appliance! U K Overview Unfortunately, this machine cannot be called More information.