Ann Anat. Jul; doi: / Epub Apr 3. Medical Students’ Assessment of Eduard Pernkopf’s Atlas: Topographical. The following biography is mainly based on the article “The History of Eduard Pernkopf’s Topographische Anatomie des Menschen” (see bibliography) by David. A University of Vienna investigation determined in that Eduard Pernkopf’s anatomy department used bodies of executed prisoners from the Gestapo and.

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Medicine and Murder It was large enough that it required two books, one devoted to anatomy in general and the other covering more specifically the eudard and pectoral limbs. It is unethical, in the same way that purchasing child pornography is unethical — it perpetuates the continued brutal victimization of children.

This fusion not only perverts and diminishes the status and content of the Pernkopf Atlas, but also explains why it should be rejected. Lehrbuch der Krankenpflegeschulen, volume 4.

Eduard Pernkopf – Wikipedia

This was enabled by a special treatment of the paper used for watercolor images that allowed greater detail than that type of paint normally did. They should “[promote] those whose heredity is more valuable and whose biological constitution due to heredity gives the promise of healthy offspring [and prevent] offspring to those who are racially inferior and of those who do not belong.

Like Pernkopf, the four artists were also members of the Nazi Party and committed to its goals. An eponym is a word derived from the name of a person, whether real or fictional. Spiro acknowledged that current officials of the University of Vienna are attempting to recover information that has either been hidden or destroyed and trying to locate former faculty who were interned and exiled.

Five years after that, inhe formally succeeded Hochstetter as the anatomical institute’s director. Four years later, inthe second volume, likewise requiring two books, came out. However, he was arrested by American military authorities in Augustand by May he had been terminated from all his remaining positions with the university.


To examine the ethical issues involved, the author first reviews recently published work regarding Pernkopf and his atlas, with the caution that facts are few in a debate where emotions run high and opinions abound.

At the time of his death, Pernkopf esuard hard at work on the fourth volume.

Eduard Pernkopf and the Ethics of Science from Holocausts

In subsequent editions all but two of the Nazi insignia and swastika have been carefully airbrushed out in later editions when Nazi connections were no longer appreciated Seidelman.

If you, or anybody close to you, is affected, or believe to be affected, by any condition mentioned here: This is the question faced by many doctors and scientists. These became the descriptive text that accompanied the images. Skip to content A tempest has arisen recently in the wake of the videos documenting the sale of body parts of aborted children to scientists for use in research.

Like Pernkopf, the artists were also active party members. Although never charged with war crimes, Pernkopf spent three years in an Allied prison camp near Salzburg after the war. This survey of medical eponyms and the persons behind them is meant as a general interest site only.

In Pernkopf and his atlas came into the focus of a controversy in scientific ethics following the publication of a paper by Professor Edzard Ernstwho had recently been chair of Rehabilitative Medicine at the University of Vienna[8] that outlined the Nazi takeover of the university and highlighted the human experimentation that followed, including dduard role of Pernkopf himself. His article is a must for anybody who wants eduwrd know more about this subject.

Howard Israel, an oral surgeon at Columbia Universityrevealed that the subject bodies may have in some cases been those of executed political prisoners.


Opponents have asserted that any use of the atlas makes the user complicit oernkopf Nazi crimes and that modern technology, such as the Visible Human Project based on the tomographic dissection of a man executed in the Edduard Stateswill make the atlas redundant if it has not done so edusrd. Eduard Pernkopf was the son of a practicing physician and the youngest of three children. InPernkopf reached the pinnacle of the academic career ladder when he was named the University of Vienna’s rectorits highest official.

The first of them was Erich Lepier who, for a while, signed his paintings with a Hakenkreuz swastika.

A few years later, the publisher brought out a condensed two-volume set with all the color plates, removing most of Pernkopf’s explanatory text and, later, airbrushing out the Nazi symbols Lepier and the others added to their signatures. Since then physicians have discussed whether it is ethical to use the atlas as it resulted from Nazi medical research. After ;ernkopf war they were joined by Werner Platzer.

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Hochstetter became his mentor and one of his strongest influences. Anatomical institute of Vienna and for the next fourteen eduagd anatomy at various posts throughout Austria. Human fetal tissue research for clinical application has been a failure, and the use of human fetal tissue in research perpetuates the market in slaughtered children. Some years ago we were discussing the teaching of anatomy to medical students, and I mentioned that I use a specific anatomical atlas, written and illustrated by an anatomist named Eduard Pernkopf.