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Users browsing this forum: Google [Bot]N5NA and 5 guests. Dec Mon 31, Eico or IS it?

Sep Mon 05, 8: What in eicco heck did I buy? I thought it was an Eicoand it is labeled as such. However, there is no 6×5 not even an empty hole for it and the tubes are: The tubes were loose and rolling around inside the case when I got it. So it is possible those tubes were just thrown in there. They all test good though.

It is obvious someone has updated the capacitors. I am new to the hobby and am not real sure what to do now. I get a signal on the scope, but not a clean one. Here are some pics Edited to include the pics Sep Mon 05, 9: Sep Tue 06, Sep Tue 06, 4: I edited the original post to include the pics.

I tried to hook this up direct to an old speaker to hear it, but got nothing. I am ordering the correct tubes. Sep Tue 06, 5: It is marked as and looks like a but must be a later model using miniature tubes instead of octals. The tubes called out on the schematic dico posted are octals. Most of the tubes you listed make sense for a re-designed unit with some kind of solid state rectifier instead of a 6X5.

The 6SQ7 doesn’t fit in. Are you sure this is the right number?

A 6SJ7 would make sense and eicl socket wiring seems to fit as much as I can tell from the ekco. I have two versions of the but not this one and have no data on it. The output is high impedance and not meant to drive a speaker. If the tubes were loose how did you decide which ones went where? Here’s how I think things may have been changed: Sep Tue 06, 3: Eico did not play the model number-letter game like many other companies did.

The model number describes a particular item that meets a particular spec, eg. The exact tube line up, internal parts, even the colors of the case and front panel could be different depending on when it was made. You simply have a newer version of the generator than 377 schematic that was posted on Eic.


However, Eico’s documentation always matched the item that was shipped; your generator came with a manual that reflected the tube line-up in it. A copy of the correct manual for your generator may still come to light. Others above have already pointed out that most of the tubes in the unit are functionally similar, so you will probably find that the generator is indeed euco shown if you re-draw the diagram with the pin-outs of the tubes that are present.

The 6FG7 replaces the 6SN7.

EICO Model and Documentation

Silicon diodes are used for the power supply rectifiers instead of a 6X5. The only one that eici make any sense is the 6SQ7 in place of the 6SJ7, since those two tubes are not similar.

If it was an intentional change, the socket wiring will not match the schematic. If the 6SQ7 is a mistake and a 6SJ7 really belongs in there, the wiring will correspond to the schematic.

Eico 377 to 5c1 Champ conversion

The generator could not work if that is the 3377, since every pin is different between the two types. For a quick check you can just measure for the 6. If the socket is wired for a 6SJ7 it will appear between pin 2 and pin 7. If it’s wired for a 6SQ7 the heater voltage will be between pins elco and 8. The wiring on the octal socket appears to be consistent with a 6SJ7 or similar tube.

Sep Tue 06, 8: Thanks for the info and the ideas. I never thought about it being a newer model. I will set about trying to trace out a schematic on it. I didn’t even think about the original tubes being octals. I pretty much guessed on the tube locations. The mini tube was obvious due to socket size. I tried to do an educated guess on the heater pins with the other two, which may be entirely wrong.

I hoped that since the original version was the same tube, that switching the two wouldn’t be catastrophic I readily admit that may not have a been a fair assumption and I may have just got lucky I also brought it up slowly on my current limiter and Variac, while looking at the signal with a scope, and watching the tubes.

The way I have it in ejco photos is the way that I tried it first, with the 6BQ5 in the “north” socket, eick did produce a recognizable sine wave, though not very pretty.


Switching the two produced an unrecognizable form, so I figured that wasn’t correct, or the eicco is broken. When I opened it up, it was obvious this thing has taken a fall of major proportions. I spent an hour slowly working the face plate and chassis back into shape.

The dial adjustment is broke on the inside and is visible in the picture. This is an Ebay buy that I figured I would be replacing capacitors on, not trying to figure out what the thing even is!

The soldering and construction is nice work. Hopefully I will get it figured out. Sep Mon 12, 4: That eicoo will drive a speaker if you add a 70 volt line transformer to 3777. The op just reminded me Eiico own a whole slew of those. They were stored in the 90’s. Getting to them isn’t simple. Now I’m curious to find out if they were octal. Oct Mon 24, 5: I am working on a right now as well.

As for yours, I think I see a diode on the terminal strip that the transformer secondary eicp leads all connect to, eliminating the need for the rectifier tube. The schematic you posted is of the oldest variant which used a 4 gang variable capacitor. Yours is a 2 gang, which means all of the resistors in the tuning circuit are different also.

The VE6KQ Website – Eico Audio Generator

The document on the BAMA site has a second schematic reflecting the changes to the tuning circuit, but even that schematic contains a hallow state rectifier. Aug Wed 30, 5: I have one exactly like it. Late model from Exact same tube compliment. I also have an older version from I think the s using the older octal tubes. The version arrived in like new condition except for white oxidation on the cadmium plated steel chassis and the factory tag still on the handle.

Apparently it was purchased and never used. It functioned perfectly last time I plugged it in 10 years ago. I replaced the now 45 year old 2 prong cord and I’m replacing the 8uF caps throughout the chassis. Books Support This Site: Page 1 of 1.

Previous topic Next topic. Last edited by ’66Cuda on Sep Tue 06, 4: None of the tubes you listed belong in there. Unknown what you really got. May we help you read better. Steve Dow ve7aso rac.