El conde Belisario – Robert Graves (7).epub – Ebook download as ePub .epub), Text File .txt) or read book online. Up to 90% off Textbooks at Amazon Canada. Plus, free two-day shipping for six months when you sign up for Amazon Prime for Students. Count Belisarius has ratings and reviews. William2 said: Robert Graves’s sources for Count Belisarius include some of the great historical work.

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During the early s Graves began to suffer from increasingly severe memory loss, and by his eightieth birthday in he had come to the end of his working life. I wanted to read it because I liked the lethal palace intrigue so abundant in I, Claudius.

I just graes a long way to say a simple thing – Robert Graves was one of the creators of robbert fiction. Graves bends this story into his own parable about power, corruption, honor and ingenuity.

In their youth they clubbed together with other girls and opened a brothel in Adrianople.

All this is only setting the scene. Also, don’t be surprised by the amount of energy and time devoted to discussion of theological minutiae, which appears to have been tied with chariot racing for the national obsession.

It cobde with the boy Belisarius and reveals his quick-thinking at so young an age. This is a dense book, but the gold to be found in it is immense.

Roert Graves was the absolute master of historical fiction, and perhaps better equipped than any 20th Century writer to create a story that dances with ease among the marble statuary of accepted facts and dates, acknowledging their weight, and placement. In he took up a post at Cairo University, cpnde by his wife, their children and the poet Laura Riding. Outstanding novel by Graves – marred perhaps by the depth to which he explained military proceedings, structures and so on.


That rhetorical device does not measure up to what Graves accomplishes in the Claudius books which are narrated in the first person by Claudius belisaio, who happens to be a simpleton. He pulled out a cheap paperback One evening, towards the beginning of secondary school, I was standing in front of the desk in an alcove conee the living room above which were most of my father’s displayed books on long shelves reaching from wall to wall.

When Belisarius returned, defying the odds, Justinian labeled him a coward who deserted the Empire when it needed him most, then sent him off to fight once more.

A clever party trick perhaps, but one that seems to hobble the book. It explained how a fortified city could with stand the attack of an armed army. There are amazing fonde of the real-life historical characters of the day, and I have no idea how true to life Graves was being, although he does seem to have thoroughly researched everything.

Count Belisarius

Instead of being inside the heads of Belisarius or Justinian or their wives, we can only observe them and get no sense of character development or motivation.

When he returned, victorious, it was not as a hero. I had never readso I took advantage of the mis-delivery and read what was delivered.

Belisarius, a devout Christian and unwaveringly loyal subject accepted all this without a word of complaint. Throughout, Belsarius remains a stoic Christian and loyal to the emperor who disdains him while envying his success. Belisarius’ patience and stoicism is inspiring. This is a time when mankind is incidental to the wishes and dreams of those who wear the diadems of their people — the Emperor, the King of Persia, the leaders kings of the Goths and Vandals, the leaders of the Bulgarian Huns, the Massagetic Huns, the Cham, the Herulian Huns, the Moors and a mass of other groups coming down from the north of the Danube, through the Caspian Gates, from beyond the Persian Empire, which must be the other end of the world.


To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Una lettura non facile, ma consigliata agli amanti del genere e del periodo storico in questione.

Probabilmente fin troppo leale. But then there are those that must be kept in boxes and stored away – due to lack of bookshelves. But great success bred enmity from all quarters, not least from Justinian himself and Belisarius fell from grace. There they continued to publish letterpress books under the rubric of the Seizin Press, founded and edited the literary journal Epilogueand wrote two successful academic books together: In the end, to quote Churchill on history, it just becomes one damned event after the other.

Belisarius was, historically speaking, a bit beyond me. But the indignation roused by this portrait of irredeemably weak and c Irredeemable Corruption and Unwavering Loyalty: It is Orthodoxy against Arians, Monophysites, Donatists, Manichaeans, and a mass of other sects who are all arguing about the nature of God, of Christ, and the overall sanctity of the Holy Spirit, nitpicking and allowing the strength of the Orthodox Church get in the way of everything.

Count Belisarius by Robert Graves

I ended up longing for either a non-fiction interpretation of events or a properly realised novelisation. Sep 04, J. If you haven’t re ‘ “Quocunque jeceris, stabit.