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First, they had to have been born and raised in the survey region. That derision has engendered a lot of the linguistic insecurity discussed under myth 1 in chapter 2. At the same time, the westward U. We wished to include all of New Mexico, however, to permit us to explore not only the spread of this Traditional variety but also the presence of the Border Spanish that has resulted from more recent immigration, as well as the contact between the two dialects.

On one side we find the nostalgic language of our most intimate group. Those ideas are sadly in error. What is important here, it seems to us, is to document some of the more interesting of the multitude of linguistic bits that New Mexican Spanish has retained from its roots in Spain.

Isolation from mainstream Spanish in this remote colony facilitated the development of special characteristics in the local language. This myth has no basis in any kind of linguistic measure, of course.

Encyclopedia of Public Relations

And partially as a consequence of that distribution, it varies considerably from place to place. These facts are not just derived from scientific research, but are apparent to everyone. This belief, too, is a myth. It needs to be noted, however, that one non-native slipped in as an interviewee. During this early colonization period, growth of the Hispanic populace was slow. The Traditional term too has just 2 major alternatives—98 cases of albarcoque and 84 cases of albercoque.


Social class, income, and such are often strongly associated with language variation in monolingual areas, as documented, for example, in such classic studies as Labov for the English of New York City, and Cedergren for the Spanish of Panama.

The semantic conflict might well impede the spread of this form from Mexico. That is, in New Mexican Spanish, adoption of the standard root form traj- is far more advanced than adoption of the standard form of the suffix.

The Hispanic population remained small through this period. The establishment of United States authority was followed by the wholesale adoption of English terminology for a new political and social reality.

Here they established the first permanent European settlement anywhere in territory that would eventually become a state of the United States. Does the present documentation for New Mexico make it less of an archaism? Some lasted only an hour or so, sometimes due to laconic speakers, or the unwillingness or inability of the consultant to focus on the specific elicitation procedures.

We wanted this archive to present a realistic sampling of New Mexican Spanish as spoken at the end of the twentieth century. With no disrespect at all intended for the Spanish speakers of southern Colorado, we are going to label this over-arching package New Mexican Spanish, as we did at the beginning of this chapter.

This is not to say, nevertheless, that there are no value judgments associated with the different varieties of Spanish available.

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Its use is illustrated in exampleuttered by a sixty-three-year-old woman from Carriso, New Mexico, who was describing her first experience at a wake for a deceased relative: Its development from its origin in Spain begins in the contact with Native Americans, first in the Caribbean and then in the highlands of Mexico, and in the intermingling of speakers from varied parts of Spain.

The second possibility is that the semantic extension took place only later, in New Mexico, and that the form is not in fact an archaism but rather an independent development. Its limited distribution on map supports this conclusion.


The important steps were to specify the spatial distribution of the target sample, to characterize the kinds of persons to be interviewed, to collect sufficient identical linguistic data to permit explicit identification of similarities and differences, and to establish procedures for efficient analysis and interpretation of the data.

The Spanish Language of New Mexico and Southern Colorado: A Linguistic Atlas – PDF Free Download

Most of these items were elicited by means of pictures and real objects, which were grouped into semantic 26 categories colors, birds, domesticated animals, foods, clothing, etc. The first century of the New Mexico colony was characterized by very limited communications with Mexico and only modest infusions of new settlers until the Reconquest, but the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries were a period of gradually expanding contact with interior New Spain, bringing new colonists into New Mexico and other territories of the Southwest.

We speak with our spouse one way and with a judge in another. Phonological Retentions Finally, there are also phonological archaisms.

This difference in self identification shows up clearly in the findings of the U. This book is a study of variation in language. Even the most casual observer of human society in the U. When Bills arrived at the University of New Mexico inone of his first assignments was to assist in developing a placement test for the series of Spanish courses designed for regional Hispanic students who had acquired some Spanish at home.

Our editor at the University of New Mexico xiii Press, Lisa Pacheco, has provided invaluable assistance in substantive as well as stylistic matters.