Encyclopaedia Arcane – Star Magic is presented under the Open Game and D20 Licences. See page 64 for the text of these licences. All game stats and pages. Encyclopaedia Arcane Star Magic – Mortals look up at the midnight sky and see the stars, eternal and changeless. They have worshipped them. Continuing the Encyclopaedia Arcane series, Star Magic shows wizards, bards and sorcerers alike how to harness the power of the stars themselves.

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All the secrets of creating life are found within… More. Here is just a small fraction of the more exciting stellar-specific effects: Tuesday, 16th December, Nothing particular fascinating, this last chapter might seem a bit of anti-climax but it is still useful in its own way. It is in this chapter that non-spellcasting characters will find something useful with special Feats for those born under auspicious star arane, granting all manner of minor bonuses.

As magicc more typical with the series there are four prestige classes. Most of all, the unusual idea of channeling Stars i. The chapter is smaller than perhaps it could have been, presumably due to space constraints.

This is the eleventh book from the collection soversign. The Help For Games Masters section is encyclopaecia welcome discussion of useful adventure ideas and ideas for how to introduce Star Magic into your campaign. There is some white space here and there, particularly towards the end of the book. Although not strictly forbidden, most magi regard it as dangerous knowledge.

Encyclopaedia Arcane: Star Magic

Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Most of the new feats are directly tied to the Constellations too.

All the Stars lowest level spells and Constellations higher level spells are also housed here and this is the most exciting and exhaustive part of the work. Whether they serve as governors, custodians or power-mad conquerors, they are a more potent magical force than any ordinary spellcaster could hope to be.

There are a total of 50 spells! The overview moves on to describe the types of cultures that give rise to Magi, to set Star Magic apart as a separate school of magic and finishes by describing permanent channels or foci laying the ground work for a new type of magic item to be outlined later in the book. The writing style is elegant, poetic, succinct and uncomplicated. There are no rules in this section, just good backdrop information. Furthermore its use seems to attract the attention of the gods of death as through they could sense a magician tampering with their domain.


Star Magic manages to teach the rules while using inspiring images of celestial mechanics that become sapient and almost liquid. After the traditional ‘Designer’s Notes’ section, which informs us that Star Magic was adapted from a non-d20 system used in the author’s homebrew campaign. A star can be studied, mastered and its arcane secrets inscribed safely into a spell book but sorcerers and bards can learn Star Magic too.

Encyclopaedia Arcane Series

Content Details Star Magic is divided into several enjoyable sections: The spells tend toward the less offensive, avoiding elemental effects and instead concentrating on bonuses to skills, the summoning of special forms of protection and similar effects, although there are a few powerful offensive spells.

Although the idea might not warrant a separate school of magic particularly one that can be specialised in at so little costStar Magic: Essentially, bards and sorcerers are more flexible in casting, whilst wizards can learn more, and more powerful, spells.

Star Magic can specially target items, weapons and armour and this gives rise to the list of magic items in the book.

Please use the Login form or enter another. These pictures alone present the player with a wealth of imagery that can be used with her Magi character and ingenious players will surely copy these card pictures for use during the game when they “channel” their favourite stars.

Of all the classes presented in this chapter, the Guardian of the Secret Path could have done with a more detailed background, perhaps with some details on the motivations and agendas of the Guardians and why everyone else seems so intent on stopping them. Most of the new feats are directly tied to the Constellations too.

The mechanics of Star Magic are then dealt with in more detail. The external cover art and the colour piece on the inside cover make interesting use of light and shadow. For example, sofereign the powers of the star of death carries great risks. Components and Foci by August Hahn. The night sky is no longer just something the characters ride or camp under on the way to their next adventure. If you specialise in Star Sovdreign then you loose access to Necromancy and one other school of your choice.


Magical lenses arfane used to focus the magical light of a Star or Constellation. That alone, makes the Magi are worthy addition to any game that will have them. This volume presents the first ever serious study… More. Encyclopaedia Arcane, going out of print?

Encyclopaedia Arcane Series by August Hahn

A section on Feats offers 16 star magic-related feats with a mix of General feats that have the constellation you were born under have a game influence these feats can only be taken at 1st level encyc,opaedia, and Metamagic feats that enhance various aspects of star magic.

The book begins with the now tradition Overview chapter.

Within its pages, the reader is presented with an array of stars, constellations both just spells by another nameFeats and Prestige Classes but there are no distinctive effect sovreign with Star Magic. Illuminated Items are items that have focus the magical light of a Star or Constellation. The section also points out that careful planning and selection is required to reap the rewards of study as well.

Sovereign Magic

This work offers the possibility of energizing your game with a adcane new way of thinking about magic. The wild beasts of the region seem to know and obey them.

Once the heady heights of ninth level spellcasting are attained, the magician is believed to be at the apex of his power. Rather than learning spells encyclopeadia such the magi learn and study stars.

The Constellations make appearances throughout the entire book. If the magus wants he can assign the star to a higher spell slot than the minimum required and this will increase the potency of the magic but not the casting time. The fourth chapter is dedicated to new Feats. There afcane four stimulating Prestige Classes including the astrologer, who studies the stars in depth to learn more about the world; the guardian of the secret path, who keeps the balance of the planes by denying egress to or from the material plane; the magus, who wields great star power; and nomad shamans, living proof that knowledge of the stars does not just exist in musty old tomes in civilized lands.