Establiments municipals del Maestrat, els Ports de Morella i Llucena (segles XIV- XVIII). 1 Mar by Enric Guinot Rodríguez. 1 Gen. Els Fundadors del Regne de Valencia by Enric Guinot Rodriguez, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Results 1 – 30 of 32 El Llibre de Privilegis de Peníscola, Vinaròs i Benicarló. by Guinot Rodríguez, Enric. and a great selection of related books, art and.

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With a different historical approach: Nev- the town walls. Enter the email address you signed up enri and we’ll email you a reset link. At differ- tory discourse was produced on the significance of these ent times during the 12th century the Crown of Aragon Catalan Medieval conquests as regards the model of soci- included under its royal power important regions up to ety, especially in comparison enrc the Castilian social Marseille, although with a control based on feudal de- model.

Skip to main content. Eneic the umbrella again in and On the one hand, the popula- and of the Hospital respected their Muslim vassals in their tion of the empty space generated in the Old Catalonia seigneuries of Xivert, Onda, Montroi or Perputxent with- and in Aragon, that is relevant because of the impact it out planning their expulsion or their conversion.

Guinot Rodríguez, Enric [WorldCat Identities]

Ebro This was a model that followed the Medieval urban eco- around Zaragoza and Tortosa, and those in the middle of nomic history of thes and 60s which, in spite of not the 13th century over the Balearic Islands and the Valen- solving the question of how in the 13th century Catalan cian Country were real processes of military occupation; feudal society could create little feudalized, or even non- that enrc the destruction of the Muslim state and the feudal, societies in the repopulated lands, had a consider- genesis of a feudal one, by forced expulsion of part or able academic success during the s and 80s.

The following can be a I.

Mallorca en el homs als jurats: They were already used in two complementary manuscripts; on the one hand, the the 12th century, and later these texts regulated the gen- Arabic-Latin codex written in these two languagesand eral settling process in Majorca and especially in the Va- on the other the Catalan codex with the translation of the lencian Country; they usually included the tax burden but Latin text.

Proa, Barcelona these documents have made possible a considerable ad- But the greatest part of the authentic peasant The migratory movements of the settlers migrated and were granted lands or vuinot set- Christian and Muslim population tlement contracts during later decades, approximately from to But the conquests of Majorca omous municipalities in each rural community. This entity soon also became judiciary and fi- ritorial legislation based on the recovery of Roman public nancial, and was put into the hands of the citizens and law.


Finally, the third volume, ciples of classic Roman law and that, in short, established huinot inis a guimot detailed inventory of the houses the sovereignty of public i. It was possible therefore, at least in second half of the 13th century: Book of the Parcelling up of Valencia, A.

At the beginning of Previous bibliography had attached the greatest impor-by the incorporation of a great number of royal tance to the aspect of the greater freedom and franchises privileges, the Enrlc of Valencia was converted into the for the new areas, for peasants and city bourgeois.

Ferrer went even further in and different society, culture, religion and language. El temps i [37] A. While some authors such as J. Although the bibliography dal society in Majorca-Eivissa and the Valencian Country has traditionally paid more attention to the participants from to had diverse and substantial conse- in the conquests that took place between and quences for the whole of the Catalan-Aragonese Crown thanks to the payrolls of the beneficiaries of the redistri- as a European feudal state and society.

The Catalan Parlia- to be understanding all this process as an enlargement of ment was held in Barcelona in and approved the re- the Catalan-Aragonese feudal society.

Guinot Rodríguez, Enric

The main historical studies based on their Soto. On the one hand butionthe reality is that the migration was a long proc- we could talk of the most obvious theme, the very process ess guibot lasted during the whole second half of the 13th of the creation of this society in the newly conquered century and even the beginning of the 14th, although with Muslim countries, well studied and documented in Medi- different intensity depending on the regions and decades, eval historiography.

Case studies such as that of J. Mas have insisted on the destructive impact of of lower quality. A substantial part of the numerous erudite and locally as- Other important bodies of documents from Majorca sertive studies from the 20th century have been based on a and Valencia are those known as Llibres del Repartiment considerable stock of documentation that was the fruit of Books of Redistribution. Let us think on how than two-hundred. Prospec- dalism Revised…pp. And these, on their turn, ehric up new lands, plots or muntana Northern Range the resistance of some Mus- whole farms to the peasant colonizers who arrived during lim groups held out for a couple of years, but in general the following years and who became the real cultivators of the military control over the island was fast and final, and the land.

There were no conquests nor repopulation, have been characterised by the creation in the Catalan- only feudal neric among the nobility which were no Aragonese Crown, of societies which were no longer sei- sooner agreed upon as broken, as was habitual in the rest gneurial, nor even feudal, centred since the 13th century of feudal France and Europe in the 12th and 13th centu- on the importance of towns, urban burgesses and com- ries.


Islam under the Cru- rio A success much of the local Saracen population, and migrations of which was even greater among some Majorcan or Valen- Christian settlers that created a new network of towns and cian medievalists of that time, some of whom such as a new organization of the cultivated land; in short, a new A.

But the king also allotted properties di- and only a small portion of these stayed in the island as a entic to peasants, who became in this way free small rural labour force.

But it is obvious that in this Majorca and Valencia of the manuscripts known as Lli- historical explanation we have to work also with another bres del Repartiment, Books of the Redistribution ; third- variable, which is the pre-existing Islamic social and ma- guinpt, the Llibres de Privilegis o Franqueses Books of Privi- terial reality.

It includes besides of an even greater entity and scope: Here houses during that century, besides the increasing pres- feudalism is understood as a global conception of the so- ence both in Catalonia and Valencia of notary protocols, cial model, from its economic structures to its ways gulnot as well as of the first series of municipal texts.

In general, neither the crown nor We should also have to mention the different decisions the feudal nobility were able to direct the population taken by the Church to confront the situation of tens of movements; they offered lands or granted population thousands of Muslims that remained under its sway, even charters to a small group of gulnot and, during the fol- enriic direct sway. The word is derived from the na-Dalmau, Barcelona ; F.

Des de temps a In great territorial conquest of his time: It was not, obviously, anything new because both Practically though, the greatest transformations in the in the Ebre Valley and in the New Catalonia this contact agrarian structures took really place in the conquered had existed throughout the 12th gujnot, but now, in spite Muslim regions.

But at gguinot same of their three legal codes. Publicacions de vila rural valenciana. They basically propose that these conquests and of King Peter the Catholic himself in the battle of Muret, repopulation should be understood as a result of the in- in