Looking for EPFO SSA model question papers? Feb |Updated: Feb- |Category: Misc Placement Papers |Author: Jyoti |Member. In another previous blog article titled: EPFO Recruitment (SSA) Notification, Eligibility & Forms, I had covered how to apply for this exam. In the subsequent blog article, I would give you the EPFO SSA exam pattern with sample papers and books to help you prepare for the exam.

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Line and Staff organization d.

EPFO SSA sample paper , Books and Practice question paper | All Entrance Exam Papers

Safeguarding of company’s assets Ans a 6. Main function of the computer d. The primary function of an office is a.

Private Automatic Branch Exchange b. Personal mail sent by the employees Ans a If the sum of the ages of the children in the family is years, what is the ratio of the ages of the husband to the wife?

London time is five and a half hours behind Delhi time. We believe in providing quality content to our readers. How do you prepare for this exam?


Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Then do not worry. Xerography is a process of a. Indexing is an important a. Any of the above Ans d In a class of 72 children, children are seated in rows and columns in such a way that the number of children in each row is Co-ordination of various office activities becomes difficult c. Establishing the standards of performance The correct sequence of the steps to be taken is: In the first place, follow allindiajobs page to get from time to time updates.

From this exam, 3-times the number of vacancies would be shortlisted for Stage-II.

I had posted an earlier blog article titled: The purpose of this bl Qusetion is the rate of interest p. How much mark to score in NTSE to get that scholarship?

In another previous blog article titled: Control unit Ans a It insures much greater accuracy Ans d Public communication can best be defined as: How much time will a meter long train running at a speed of meters per second take to cross a platform of equal length? Objectives and Method Ans a Calculation at a speed b.

Accountant Ans c Provide the requisite information Ans d As well as if you have any doubts feel free to ask. Analyzing the actual performance 2. When a person distributed sweets among a gathering of people, each person got 7 sweets and 14 sweets remained undistributed.


Incoming and outgoing mailing operations ans b Office layout aims at a. How many people had gathered? Which method of filing is described queston the best a. In which of the following types of office organization, expert advisers are engaged to advise the executive?

Committee organization Ans c The sum of ages of members children and their parents of a family is years.

EPFO SSA Exam pattern, Papers & Books

Sleep for dreams and wakeup for aims. This is the subject matter of this blog post. Evaluating the performance 4. A Compact Disc Player when sold for Rs. People can know the difficulty level of the examination by using the www.