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Also, what’s wrong with a little fetishization once in a while? Nov 23, Kim rated it liked it.

I understand letting readers know what they went through when they were apart, but it was almost like the author was trying to tell three different stories and the result was that none of them truly resonated.

There are some sex scenes, but they are not as explicit as many romance books. David is a beautiful, golden boy, on the verge of becoming a man. This book was very much drenched in a Dimsdale-esque cloak and verbiage, that lingered on the side of more “classic novelists. They fight through hell and high water to.

Erastes transgressions

David and Jonathan, just from the name you understand that they are fated to be together as the heroic figures of the Old Testament they share the name with. If there is one man that rubbed me the wrong way but in a good way for the story, then it was Michael Giddings. It’s all part of life, living and dying, loving, losing, letting.


As I said at the beginning, Transgressions has it all: There was just the right amount of sexiness for me. He took a deep breath trqnsgressions forced himself to speak with a little more civility.

Erastes is the penname of a female author who lives in Norfolk, UK. I liked it, but at rtansgressions same time felt distracted by the differing directions. Pale and dark haired to David’s golden skin and white-blond hair; quiet and hardworking to David’s outgoing but lazy nature; A puritain with a strong faith to David’s agnosticism. For those of you who may be put off this book because it is an historical or because you don’t like stories which are set in times of war, I urge you to reconsider when it comes to Transgressions.

Which to me means that though the story may not be hearts and flowers, it’s very much romance rather than erotica.

Transgressions : Erastes : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Erastez read books where you could shuffle the sex scenes into different parts of the story and nobody would know the difference. Sitting beside him was a young man clad in somber clothes, overshadowed by a large black hat. He would do anything David asked, anything. Overall, good, engaging characters, great background.

This is a much longer work than most of Erastes’ books, and it does move along rather slowly in the beginning, as her books do. Of course other feelings are budding besides the camaraderie and because this part encompasses a longer period of time Erastes transgressiins a believable and gradually increasing of intimacy.

This all changes when two of the King’s soldiers call at the forge when the young men have been left in change. Well whatever his father might say, Master Graie was not his brother. England is at war with herself but David, as so many boys before or since, sees this as a trqnsgressions exciting game and wants nothing more than to be part of the adventure.


But David becomes the ying to Jonathan’s yang and they bridge their differences, becoming friends, then lovers, pledging themselves to each other with a blood oath, vowing to be together for all time.


Erastes’ protagonists are always flawed, and Transgressions’ David and Jonathan definitely have their less-than-desirable qualities. How this plays out, throughout the story, is interesting indeed. The other man is soon forgotten, maybe since he is lost, maybe since he was not important, only a tool to awaken him, and David turns his full newfound seductive power on Jonathan.

My first ever romance so of course I got for a gay one. It’s a romance, yet also not a straight romance. The beginning was good, and although It wasn’t a page turner, it did keep me coming back for more. Jul 31, Dustin Demoin rated it it was ok. Jacob gestured and called out to David. He swept the floor of trasgressions barn, working out his temper. It contains real events like battles and witch trials and even historical people like Matthew Hopkins witch-hunter.