Ernst F.W. Alexanderson, in full Ernst Frederik Werner Alexanderson, (born Jan. 25, , Uppsala, Swed.—died May 14, , Schenectady, N.Y., U.S.). Ernst Alexanderson ( – ); a Swedish-American electrical engineer, a pioneer of radio and television development; received US patents. The man who developed the high frequency generator that made this possible, and much more, was Dr. Ernst Alexanderson. Ernst Alexanderson. Alexanderson .

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Hurtles to high speed rotating machines included elastic deformation allexanderson the spinning disk, which changes the electrical properties. The Innovative and Tenacious Alexanderson Alexanderson’s first patent was for a reverse-current relay for protecting against short circuit faults. He saw the need for ‘breathing room’ so that an area of technology could mature.

Guglielmo Marconithe Italian engineer and inventor, visited Alexanderson in and bought one of his foot alternators for the transatlantic Marconi Center in New Jersey. Alexanderson also created the amplidynea direct current amplifier used during the Second Alxeanderson War for controlling anti-aircraft alexaanderson.

He wrote to David Sarnoff many times about continuing to support TV work at GE but in the end he could not get his support. He always negotiated and made his moves carefully. Hear the voice of Dr.

He continued television research as a consultant for the Radio Corporation of America filing his st patent application in Engineering and Technology History.

Ernst Alexanderson Patents and Inventions

By Alex had created a kHz 20k rpm alternator, breaking all previous ernsg. Print this article Print all entries for this topic Cite this article. It assured reliable trans-Atlantic radio communication. Alex alexabderson more than just a technical guy, he had an interest in the big picture of society. A magnetic amplifier was used as voice modulator for a 2 kilowatt Alexanderson alternator, and magnetic amplifiers were used in the keying circuits of large high-frequency alternators used for radio communications.


Ernst F. W. Alexanderson – Engineering and Technology History Wiki

Unfortunately, our editorial approach may not be able to accommodate all contributions. All types of Electric Motors. Despite his great intelligence and vision, he later said that he never envisioned alexandeson huge social impact of television broadcast. His father, Professor A. GE’s Patent Department than stopped the motion to patent.

Learn more about vacuum tubes here. In Alexanderson completed his alternator, which in the ensuing years greatly improved transoceanic communication and firmly established the wireless as an important tool in shipping and warfare. He worked on uses of semiconductors to replace vacuum tubes at his home lab with his assistant Albert Mittag.

He called Fessenden the “American Father of radio”. He wrote speeches like “Television and Its Uses in Peace and War” in which he talked about his own blindness in seeing the social significance of TV and where we were headed.

This is considered the first AM radio entertainment broadcast. Beginning inAlexanderson designed a series of high-frequency alternators for use in radio as sources of transmitter power which provided an alternative to spark and arc transmitters.

  ASTM 6591 PDF

Alexanderson, taught classical languages at the University of Uppsala and was later chair of classical languages at the University of Lund. Potter who had been a mastermind at Thomson-Houston Company. His persistence and vision inspired many like Alexanderson to stay working in the field.

Within a few years, Alexanderson’s alternators were to be found in numerous countries.

This is not a guy who could be taken advantage of easily. Republication of any part or whole of any ETC video requires a professional license agreement.


Scott Frank Conrad Edwin W. He was a control engineer, power utility engineer, radio engineer, electrical engineer, philosopher, and manager. The first of several kW Alexanderson radio alternators was located at the New Brunswick station in and served as the prototype for a long-wave radio network established by the Radio Corporation of America RCA following its formation enst Its system of amplification and control originally was designed for use in steel mills, but later hundreds of other applications, including an adaption to fire antiaircraft guns during World War II.

These account for many of his patents obtained over a period of thirty-five years on an average of roughly a new patent every seven weeks.

The heat negatively effects copper and solder. Move to the United States: There was a problem with your submission.