DEGRADACIÓN POR EROSIÓN HÍDRICA Erosión Hídrica ¿QUE ES? Bibliografía %C3%B3n_h%C3%. EROSION “Erosion es un proceso de movilización y transporte de partículas por agentes erosivos.” Ellison, Agentes erosivos Impacto de gotas de lluvia. La erosion hidrica de los suelos. Causas y remedios. D’Onofrio, G. Lietaert, F. Perez, C. FAO, Rome (Italy). Direccion de Fomento de Tierras y AguasMinisterio .

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Potential environmental impacts seemed to be under control until In scenario 2, mixed brush and native succulent plants are completely erosionn by eucalyptus forest. Land egosion has a huge effect on erosion. Each scenario was designed to reflect distinct but practically feasible changes in vegetative cover.

Organizing terrain information in GIS layers makes the implementation of RUSLE particularly interesting when evaluating different vegetative covers in order to reduce soil erosion. Effect of vegetation cover on soil erosion in a mountainous watershed.

Soil loss is expressed in unit of mass divided by the area that produced the soil loss.

La erosion hidrica de los suelos. Causas y remedios

Erodibility has two parts, the inherent erodibility of the soil and the part of the erodibility that can be influenced by management. Brushlands succulent and mixed show hifrica levels of erosion, which is explained by the low plant density rather than characteristics of the species themselves.

Exposing the soil to raindrop and surface runoff dramatically increases erosion. Chilean Journal of Agricultural Research 70 1: Atlas de Cobertura del Suelo del Uruguay. Detachment adds sediment to the sediment load. Estimated soil erosion by water under the recommended scenario for Santo Domingo County scenario 3. Rainfall erosivity erosino R-factor The rainfall erosivity factor information was incorporated into the GIS by creating a raster file using the isoerodents of Uruguay Puentes and Szogi, and the R-factor used by Erosion 6.


Overall soil erosion would be eosion to acceptable levels while causing less ecological alteration than scenarios 1 and 2.

In scenario 1, we assumed that all hidtica brush and areas of mixed succulent plants are reforested by planting native forest species. Main purpose of both systems is runoff management to control excessive rill erosion and especially ephemeral gully erosion. Deposition is the transfer of sediment from the sediment load to the soil surface.

In contrast, Honorato et al.

Intermediate erosion rates occur in areas of steeper slopes, undulating terrain and vegetative cover such as dense native forest and rangelands, which provides some protection.

Steep and long slopes produce more erosion than do short and flat slopes.

Erodibility is a measure of the susceptibility inverse of resistance of the soil to erosion. By multiplicative operation of these geo-referenced information, the mean annual soil erosion by water per land use and the mean annual soil erosion of basin by area-weight, can be obtained. In the departments along the southwestern and southern coast, which were grouped into cluster 1 basins cluster of northern-western-southern and where the crop management factor is dominant Table 3there was a clear need for an incentive to rotate crops, specifically those with pastures, as a mitigation measure.

Some soils are erosiion more erodible than are other soils. This study proved that Uruguay has enough information to create mean annual soil loss forecast for the entire country base on public databases. It has a total surface area of 53 ha Figure 1and has traditionally been used for agriculture.

La erosion hidrica de los suelos. Causas y remedios

The L and S factors for the county have relatively low values, mainly because the county’s topography consists of mildly rolling hills and flat areas. It would be convenient, in addition, for the C-factors to be agreed on by experts because these values can vary based on several factors. Other procedures must be used to estimate the other types of erosion.


Cartas regulares de Chile. Even though deposition occurs on the midpart of this hillslope, the entire hillslope length has to be considered because of the origin of the runoff that flows over the lower portion.

Soil conservation practices are implemented in agricultural areas, and native forest and rangelands are planted with native species that have demonstrated capacity for reducing soil erosion. The information and strategy developed could help create new forecasts of soil erosion and guide public policies that protect freshwater quality and soil conservation.

Pine and eucalyptus forests are estimated to require 8 yr before achieving full soil protection Bathurst et al. Soil erosion by water is an important problem in Chile. No areas are predicted to have high or intermediate erosion rates, and almost all the county lands have low erosion rates.

Soil loss is the net mass of sediment removed from a particular portion of the slope. The length of crop stage periods typically ranged from a few days, like the rough plowed period in the spring, to a few months, like the after harvest period over the late fall, winter, and early spring.

These basins were delineated by applying the r. Department of Agriculture, Washington D. Over the past 10 yr, Uruguay has developed important land use changes, one of the most important being the expansion and intensification of its agriculture production of grains soybeans, wheat, sorghumfromha in to 1. For these reasons, in recent hidriica the Uruguayan Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fishing has enforced that agricultural areas higher than ha.

Results for scenario 3 are shown in Table 4. The LS-factor exhibited a mean value was 0.