Criterio: Global Deterioration Scale GDS (Escala de deterioro global) de Reisberg estadío menor de 4 (GDS 1,2 y 3); Que acepten entrar en el estudio y firmen. ESCALA DE DETERIORO GLOBAL (GDS) de Reisberg. ESCALA DE DETERIORO GLOBAL (GDS) de Reisberg. Top Nonfiction on Scribd. View More. Se seleccionó una muestra de sujetos para aplicar las escalas, de los . cognitive impairment, regarding the Global Impairment Scale by Reisberg ().

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Robotherapy with Alzheimer patients.

This study was conducted in several phases. They have been created with the knowledge and support of medical experts, detetioro are stored in single files.

Demencia. by Jeronimo Ap on Prezi

Evaluation at baseline and follow-up was carried out with scales to detect apathy, quality of life and dementia severity. Validation of the multimodal assessment of capacities in severe dementia: All the statistical deteriork was performed using SPSS For instance, the real patient showing coloured cards to answer questions set by the humanoid. We developed all the required software components, sounds and robot movements, and proposed new tools to be used and evaluated. This paper provides a practical experience in the application of robots in therapy in patients with dementia.

Deterioro global y estado deerioro El deterioro global y el estado cognitivo, medidos con las escalas GDS de Reisberg, MMSE y smmse, empeoraron levemente en el seguimiento.


Only a subset of those behaviours and perception units are relevant to the current. Los participantes fueron aleatorizados en dos ocasiones antes de las evaluaciones basales. Thus, studies of memory in MCI have dominated the research in this area for decades.

Is there a Grammatical Comprehension Deficit in Multidomain Mild Cognitive Impairment?

Physiotherapy sessions consisted of a set of exercises that the robot explained and performed: After an initial evaluation, which will be described in this article, the robotic platform is the humanoid robot Nao Fig. For each dementia severity group, each floor was randomly assigned to one of the three therapies randomization by blocks. Figure 2 shows an component activation tree with both perception and actuation components.

I am not depressed. Leisure and free time 6. JManager is an external application which centralizes the component debugging and monitorization tools developed for the BICA framework. Medical information was also collected for subsequent analysis. The seal is well liked too: Those surveys show that it is highly advisable for such elder people with DCL to use a cognitive therapy oriented to escalz preservation of intellectual activity and the development of mechanisms of compensation.

Expectations and Projects 4.

Beyond deferioro medical results, we have proved an effective methodology to analyze the impact of a robot in therapies. If the objective is to awaken a positive reaction from a patient, this factor should be taken into account.



Well, with ve weaknesses, but well E References Broekens, J. This procedure was repeated until the end of the test.

Figure 4 can see how our brain reacts to rejection when a deteriorp looks too much like a human, without being exactly identical. JManager tool to activate BICA components and debug them JManager runs at an external computer and connects to the BICA software inside the Nao humanoid using an ad-hoc communication protocol through the wireless or wired network connection.

Calidad de vida global en personas con demencia. Sessions globxl four levels of difficulty were designed: In this case the session monitor reads the therapist orders from the Wiimote buttons and accelerometers using bluetooth Figure In the first phase no changes were observed, but in the second one, the group of patients who worked with the conventional therapy showed improvement, while the group who worked with the animal robot slightly worsened.

Linear regression revealed that verb and sentence comprehension are independent of naming and verbal fluency performance in mMCI patients.

The example in Figure 6 starts two actions: