Eskkar & Trella – The Beginning. Title: Eskkar & Trella – The Beginning. Publisher : Eskkar Enterprises. Authors: Barone, Sam. Product Category: Books. One of the novels of the series “Eskkar and Trella” tells of what happened to both the titular characters that would later bring them together at the beginning of the. Eskkar & Trella – The Beginning ( pages) – is the latest novel in Sam Barone’s five part series, a bronze age historical saga in the tradition.

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Now a vastly more powerful foreign invader threatens the entire Land Between The Rivers.

Eskkar Saga – Book Series In Order

Eskkar Saga 6 books. Our author of the month is Te author Opal Carew who writes erotic romance novels. Mike rated it it was ok Mar 24, No eBook available Amazon.

Although this book introduces the main characters, recommend that it be read after reading the main Eskkar saga because this book is a collection of stories about Eskkar and Trella and a first time reader may not connect readily to the main story line of the saga. Begibning are slowed down considerably by the Barbarians who come in and rape and plunder and pillage and burn things down.

Fans of the novel like the entertaining story and want to read the rest of the novels in the series as a result. Soon she becomes the unseen influence whose knowledge and training guide the way to the founding of an empire. Open Preview See a Problem?


Jason Harstad rated eskkarr it was amazing Nov 24, Eskkar and Trella join together and form a unique bond that enables them to overcome the limits their world has placed upon them.

Account Options Sign in. Farmers are trying civilization to a dark world in the Tigris Valley. Please email webmaster fantasticfiction. Eskkar wanders from place to place, making the story seem like a bunch of short stories all strung together.

I’m not sure why she wasn’t in the book sooner. For fifteen years, Eskkar wanders the Land Between The Rivers, home of his beginnihg enemies, fighting to stay alive and to reach manhood. The Tne part was added on as an afterthought, I feel like it was someone else who wrote it, not as many details, and kind of rushed.

Personally I thought this was the 2nd best Reacher book yet. Sam Barone’s Eskkar series is one of the finest that I have read. All the while he is learning the skills that will one day make him not only a true warrior, but a leader of men on and off the battlefield. The series shows readers the technological breakthroughs being made at the time. For fifteen years, Eskkar wanders the Land Between The Rivers, home of his hereditary enemies, fighting to stay alive and to reach manhood.


Eskkar & Trella – The Beginning

beginninh Let us know – we’re continually adding new authors and characters daily. In Dawn of Empire, Eskkar the warrior and Trella the keen-witted slave girl come together in a mighty struggle to survive a barbarian invasion and build mankind’s first walled city.

Trella’s part in this prequel is small but her adventure is intense. Eskkar’s city of Akkad is captured by enemies within the city, and his pregnant wife is forced to kneel at the feet of her new master. They must fight to save their new town. Reads like a hasty add on to the series. But Eskkar’s story began many years earlier, when his family was brutally murdered in a blood feud. Captured and sold to a slave trader, she must use her keen mind, extraordinary perception, and perfect memory to regain control of her life.

May 24, Misou rated it liked it. August Learn how and when to remove this template message. It has since been released worldwide.