The next ten years will be mainly devoted to the “Spirou et Fantasio” series he makes it a point of honour to continue “Gaston Lagaffe” in spite of everything. Offered in Catawiki’s Comic Curio Auction: Franquin, André – Figure Mini-Pixi – Gaston Lagaffe et le gaffophone – (). Mint – with original box and. [Multi] Et Franquin cra la gaffe [BD] [Multi] Et Franquin cra la gaffe. les analyses de Gaston et les analyses de Modeste et Pompom.. Integrale 4.

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This helps materials scientists to then develop novel, fail-safe materials and further improve the design guidelines for safety-relevant structures and components.

Franquin et les fanzines. How do fracture processes — which start on the smallest atomic scale long before we can see a crack with the eye — depend on microstructure, temperature or loading rate? Danish – Franquin Patrimoine. But every project is always dominated by the talent of the perfectionist genius. His very short stint on Spirou is an ironic re-staging of the strip as it was in the 40s.


It is generally acknowledged, however, that the Petit Spirou doesn’t have very much in common, psychologically speaking, with the adult lagafff.

Dickie and Birdbath Watch the Woggle”.

In Januaryit was announced in Spirou magazine that Morvan and Munuera would be succeeded by Fabien Vehlmann and Yoannwho had together created the first volume of Une aventure de Spirou et Fantasio par En direct de la gaffe.


Les Voleurs du Marsupilami. Un empire de dix arpents. By ticking this box, you acknowledge that you have read and unconditionally accept the terms and conditions of use of your personal data. The next strip features the closest thing the series has to a villain: The latter kept close to the spirit of Franquin ‘s graphical style, while bringing its own touch of manga -inspired modernism.

Franquin – Mediatoon Foreign Rights

German – Le Petit livre de…. This Ludwigsburg Native never minded if his observations were drawn from stones in his mineral collection, his favorite chocolate, or crz. Cinebook has started publishing the series in October Des gaffes et des chats.

The popularity of the series has led to an adaptation of the characters into different media. Danish – Cinq branches de coton noir.

InFranquin left the Spirou series to work on Gaston full time. Adding to the difficulties of magazine publication that came with the outbreak of World War IIVelter joined the army effort, and his wife Blanche Dumoulin, using the pen name Davine, continued the work on the Spirou strip, with the aid of the young Belgian artist Luc Lafnet.

Le repos du gaffeur. German – Le Car de ….

The Lord of Destruction › Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

The script is written by Greg, followed by Yann, Fauche and Adam. The Clockmaker and the Comet, So here are 9 strips that total 4 and a half pages of a 44 pages album. This is because Franquin decided to retain the rights to that character; all the other characters remained lgaaffe property of the publisher. Marsupilamis in the wild take centre stage briefly in Le nid des Marsupilamis which presents Seccotine’s documentary featuring a family in their natural habitat, the jungles of the fictitious South American state Palombia.


For example — in the construction and transport business, for the construction of components and machines, or the design of reactor pressure vessels — resistance to the spread of cracks is an essential property of the materials used, such as steel.

German – Guantanamo Kid.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. InDupuis launched a second series of one-off volumes by various authors, under the name Une aventure de Spirou et Fantasio par The Lord of Destruction. Please read the community ethos and rules before posting or commenting. Spirou and Fantasio uncover the story of two children with telekinetic powers similarly to the manga Akira that are forced to construct an edo and meiji period theme park.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons.