A short summary of Eudora Welty’s Why I Live at the P.O.. This free synopsis covers all the crucial plot points of Why I Live at the P.O. Why I Live at the P.O. and Other Stories has ratings and 48 reviews. Judith said: Repeating myself I love Eudora Welty’s writing, especially her h. Why I Live at the P.O.. Welty, Eudora. Primary Category: Literature / Fiction. Genre: Short Story Primary Source. The Collected Stories of Eudora Welty.

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Some of us are different, and we’re happier and need our own space. Nov 20, Lige Paprocki rated it it was amazing. Eudora Welty fokus in haar verhale op die Amerikaanse Suide en beeld die karakters, gemeenskap en kultuur ontroerend en meevoerend uit, onder meer deur die spesifieke vorm van Engels wat daar gepraat word.

Welty, Eudora Primary Category: Whitaker to come after her? My weoty and I tried reading it out loud in our best southern drawls and we ended up laughing so hard we couldn’t finish it.

She ran right upstairs and hugged the baby. That causes a tension between him and his granddaughter. She captures Southern humor and the complexity of human relationsips like no other. Not one bad one in the string. But Stella-Rondo just bawled and wouldn’t say ljve word.

Eudora Welty: Why I Live at the P.O.

I eueora listening to k audio book and Eudora Welty is the reader!!! Run upstairs this instant and apologize to Stella-Rondo and Shirley-T. Jun 28, Judith rated it it was th. I’ve taken to listening to why i live at the p. She punishes Sister by telling Papa-Daddy that Sister said he should trim his beard, which has been growing untouched by human scissors since it first appeared.


So he didn’t do anything that night in the precarious state he was in just played Casino with Mama and Stella-Rondo and Shirley-T.

She looks like a cross between Mr. I’ll never come and relieve you of a single, solitary piece. Soon after her first novel was published, she stopped writing to care full-time for her family for fifteen years: Oct 27, Heidi rated it liked it.

Why I Live at the P. My favorite Welty story. Mama said she like to made her drop dead for a second. It was published in her collection of stories named A Curtain ,ive Green Aug 23, Alex Wagner rated it it was amazing.

Anywho, it is a comedy, a domestic drama, a glimpse of the South Dec 21, Coenraad rated it really liked it. May 14, Kristin rated it really liked it. The first thing they knew, I marched in where they were all playing Old Maid and pulled the electric oscillating fan out by the plug, and everything got real hot. I went out front and started digging up some four-o’clocks to plant around the P.

I says, “Why, Mama, Libe had her just as sure as anything in this world, and just too stuck up to admit it.

Read and discussed this in American Literature class. I just didnt like it! Of course, there’s not much mail.

Why I Live at the P.O. and Other Stories by Eudora Welty

If you want a great laugh, either the written story or the recording are wonderful! Oct 07, Munqith Gharib rated it it was amazing. Not even the grace to get up off the bed. Welty was born in Jackson, Mississippi, and lived a sig Eudora Alice Welty was an award-winning Ta author who wrote short stories and novels about the American South. Papa-Daddy is about a million years old and’s got this long-long beard.


But here I am, and here I’ll stay. Wflty soon as I was out of the room Mama says, “Call her back, or she’ll starve to death,” but Papa-Daddy says, “This is the beard I started growing on the Coast when I was fifteen years old.

Eudora Welty is one of America’s most distinguished writers. There I was with the whole entire house on Stella-Rondo’s side and turned against me.

Why I Live at the P.O.

Stella-Rondo may be telling the most horrible tales in the world about Mr. To ask other readers questions about Why I Live at the P.

Stella-Rondo sat there and made that up while she was eating breast of chicken. Poor sister, everything she does backfires. So Stella-Rondo says, “Sister says, ‘Uncle Rondo certainly does look like a fool in that pink kimono! This photographer with the popeyes she said she trusted. Mar 20, Judi rated it it was amazing Wepty Her style is marked by her perception of the Southern character, her ear for colloquial speech and her ability to endow her portraits of small-town life with a universal significance.