Evangelii nuntiandi is an apostolic exhortation issued on 8 December by Pope Paul VI on Overview · Pope: Francis · Hierarchy · History (Timeline); Theology · Liturgy · Sacraments · Mary. Background[show]. Jesus · Crucifixion. authoritative commentators have said: in Evangelii nuntiandi the Pope left, serenely but energetically, a sort of pastoral testament, a summary and synthesis of. A Summary on Evangelii Nuntiandi Pope Paul VI on December wrote to the Episcopate, Clergy and to all the faithful of the entire.

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All this must characterize the spirit of a committed Christian, without confusion with tactical attitudes or with the service of a political system. This is precisely what we wish to do here, at the end of this Holy Year during which the Church, “striving to proclaim the Gospel to all people,”[3] has had the single aim of fulfilling her duty of being the messenger of the Good News of Jesus Christ – the Good News proclaimed through two fundamental commands: They carry within them the echo of thousands of years of searching for God, a quest which is incomplete but often made with great sincerity and righteousness of heart.

She is always preparing new generations of apostles. The value of the last Synod was to have constantly invited us to relate these elements rather than to place them in opposition one to the other, in order to reach a full understanding of the Church’s evangelizing activity.

Let us therefore preserve our fervor of spirit. Let us suppose that, in addition, they radiate in an altogether simple and unaffected way their faith in values that go evangelui current values, and their hope in something evzngelii is not seen and that one would not dare to imagine. The world which, paradoxically, despite innumerable signs of the denial of God, is nevertheless searching for Him in unexpected ways and painfully experiencing the need of Him- the world is calling for evangelizers to speak to it of a God whom the evangelists themselves should know and be familiar with as if they could see the invisible.

The faithful need these certainties for their Christian life; they have a right to them, as children of God who abandon themselves entirely into His arms and to the exigencies of nyntiandi. Despite such adversities, the Church constantly renews her deepest inspiration, that which comes to her directly from the Lord: The introduction articulates evangelization as the Church’s primary service. And He nuntianxi commanded us to transmit this revelation to others with His own authority.

Through the Holy Spirit the Gospel penetrates to the heart of the world, for it is He who causes people to discern the signs of the times- signs willed by God- which evangelization reveals and puts to use within history. One finds among the people particular expressions of the search for God and for faith, both in the regions where the Church has been established for centuries and where she is in the course of becoming established.


Any approach to dialogue such as coercion or improper enticement that fails to respect the dignity and religious freedom of the partners in that smmary has no place in Christian evangelization. So faith summry from what is heard and what is heard comes by the preaching of Christ.

Venerable brothers and dear sons and daughters: They differ greatly among themselves both within the same region and even more so from one region to another.

A summary on evangelii nuntiandi

For I am firmly evangdlii that evantelii and above the concrete circumstances which prompted Paul VI to write it, over and above the three great occasions that he himself mentioned, the conclusion of the Holy Year, the 10th anniversary of the close of the Second Vatican Council and the first anniversary of the Synod, Evangelii nuntiandi was a text highly expressive of his Pontificate.

They are gathering about Him; they want to let themselves be led by Him.

The truth about God, about man and his mysterious destiny, about the world; the difficult nungiandi that we seek in the Word nuntaindi God and of which, we repeat, we are neither the masters nor the owners, but the depositaries, the heralds and the servants. We ourself have taken care to point this out, by recalling that it is impossible to accept “that in evangelization one could or should ignore the importance of the problems so much discussed today, concerning justice, liberation, development and peace in the world.

This kingdom and this salvation, which are the key words of Jesus Christ’s evangelization, are available to every human being as grace nuntiwndi mercy, and sumjary at the same time each individual must gain them by force – they belong to the violent, says the Lord,[24] through toil and suffering, through a life lived according to the Gospel, through abnegation and the cross, through the spirit of the beatitudes. The intimate life of this community – the life of listening to the Word and the apostles’ teaching, charity lived in a fraternal way, the sharing of bread[40] this intimate life only acquires its full meaning when it becomes a witness, when it evokes admiration and conversion, and when it becomes the preaching and proclamation of the Good News.

Besides, it is added, why proclaim the Gospel evangdlii the whole world is saved by uprightness of heart? The Twelve and the first generation of Christians simmary well the lesson of this text and other similar ones; they made them into a program of action. The observation that the Church has been sent out and given a mandate to evangelize the world should awaken in us two convictions. In this perspective one perceives the role played in evangelization by religious men and women consecrated to prayer, silence, penance and sacrifice.

According to the various statements heard in the Synod, such communities flourish more or less throughout the Church. These elements were strongly emphasized at the last Synod, and are still the subject of frequent study, as a result of the Synod’s work.

Xummary in hand with this atheistic secularism, we are daily faced, under the most diverse forms, with a consumer society, the pursuit of pleasure set up as the supreme value, a desire for power and domination, and discrimination of every kind: To reveal Jesus Christ and His Gospel to those who do not know dvangelii has been, ever since the morning of Pentecost, the fundamental program which the Church has taken on as received from her Founder.


It is nuntiabdi known in what terms numerous bishops from all the continents spoke of this at the last Synod, especially the bishops from the Third World, with a pastoral accent resonant with the voice of the millions of sons and daughters of the Church who make up those peoples.

There is thus a profound link between Christ, the Church and evangelization. The Church links human liberation and salvation in Jesus Christ, but she never identifies them, because she knows through revelation, historical experience and the reflection of faith that not every evngelii of liberation is necessarily eangelii and compatible with an evangelical vision of man, of things and of events; she knows too that in order that God’s kingdom should come it is not enough to establish liberation and to create well-being and development.

Henri de Lubac, Le drame de l’humanisme atheeed.

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October was coming to an end when the Synod of Bishops’ Assembly on the challenging theme of evangelization also concluded, or rather, was on its last day of work.

A mark of our identity which no doubts ought to encroach upon and no objection eclipse is this: In the Church’s evangelizing activity there are of course certain elements and aspects to be specially insisted on. Hot Topics marriage middle east abortion. On us particularly, the pastors of the Church, rests the responsibility for reshaping with boldness and wisdom, but in complete fidelity to the content of evangelization, the means that are most suitable and effective for communicating the Gospel message to the men and women of our times.

Evangelii nuntiandi – Wikipedia

A Summary on Humanae Vitae. The first danger is that of a withering isolationism, and evagnelii, before long, of a crumbling away, with each of its cells breaking away from it just as nuntixndi itself has broken away from the central nucleus. Saint Augustine, Epistola2: In fact there are innumerable events in life and human situations which offer the opportunity for a discreet but incisive statement of what the Lord has to say in this or that particular circumstance.

Nevertheless, the kingdom which the Gospel proclaims is lived by men who are profoundly linked to a nuntisndi, and the building up of the kingdom cannot avoid borrowing the elements of human culture or cultures.

One cannot fail to stress the evangelizing action of the family in the evangelizing apostolate of the laity.