Ask Eve Lorgen, hypnotherapist and anomolous trauma coach your questions about orchestrated love relationships, alien encounters, and paranormal. The latest Tweets from Eve Lorgen (@evielorgen). Researcher, consultant and writer in Anomalous Trauma, paranormal experiences. Author, poet, yogi. Former . Eve Lorgen is a dedicated counseling professional, UFO/alien abduction researcher, Anusara yogi and writer. She began her pioneering work with alien.

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We need one another and recognition of our own needs of being human. Others may see familiar relatives who have passed over.

If questioning became inevitable, the answer is obvious. I have used this term to describe unusual experiences such as alien abductions, extraterrestrial contact, mind control, cult abuse and military abductions MILABS related to the alien abduction syndrome.

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It oorgen our goal to educate the individual and public that these experiences are valid, and should be addressed just like any other trauma or relationship issues compounded by these events.

The Fight For Eternal Life and counselor in abduction-related events. In addition to these conditions many have physical health issues such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, immune disorders and gynecological anomalies. The purpose of this rve still unknown to us even today, but supposition by abductees and researchers range from the aliens needing something from us for their survival, to the aliens creating a hybrid human species that will survive after an extinction-level event.

Removing blockages, obstacles, and defenses which keep the person from accessing their core self, memories, and associated life force. Through several case histories, identifiable signs and symptoms, and a questionnaire, the author introduces the reader to a new understanding of mystically connected love relationships eev wrong.


The Love Bite encompasses the romantic relationships involving some 20 individuals. Karla Turner for bringing out the more unpleasant lodgen but perhaps more accurate — activities the aliens have been carrying out on a subset oorgen the human population for at least the past 60 years. Eve actually cites thirteen separate cases involving 20 or more individuals, detailing how the initial bonding process occurs to the child abductee while on board a craft and continues through re-abductions and reinforcement later in life.

While other abduction researchers politely llorgen over this highly controversial subject matter, Eve describes the Love Bite hypothesis with astounding clarity, lorggen and humor. This includes alien encounters, abductionsmilabsparanormal interference, orchestrated love relationships, and narcissistic abuse. Due to the ostracism, disbelief and denial by mainstream society, medical and psychological professionals use the term anomalous trauma for these syndromes.

Smack in the middle of these alleged truthful newspaper clippings etc. Many people find themselves mysteriously thrown into obsessive relationships, but a few, otherwise reliable witnesses, claim to have been set-up in bonding dramas by alien beings. This is quite common in the alien abductee population.

Eve Lorgen Archives – How To Exit The Matrix : How To Exit The Matrix

Uncovering and discovering key mind control programs or false beliefs which keep one “stuck”. Accordingly, the book raises the question if such interferences should be considered benevolent or malevolent.

Removal of alien interference and incorporeal entities using the liberation techniques of Dr. Now, in this magnificent follow-up to the late Dr. Other healing methods include prayer, meditation, relaxation, dream work and lucid dreaming.

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This helps the client have a much better self-understanding of one’s own “protective defenses” and internal beliefs, programs, and hidden feelings that hover around core needs. Teaching shamanic lucid dreaming.

Eve has also contributed to all three volumes of The Universal Seduction, a collection of knowledge from experiencers and scholars exposing ALL that has been suppressed from the masses for a very long time.


Providing insight and advice regarding relationship interferences including the alien love biteorchestrated love connections and interferences, and break-ups. Shamanic healing modalities such as soul retrieval have been found to be effective for some individuals.

While love is the experience that can excite us the most and sometimes bring out our best, it is also our most vulnerable spot through which we can be devoured. She offers practical tools for recognizing, dealing with, and healing from these traumatic, fools-gold soul mate connections. It is a tool for awakening.

For some, it is difficult to embrace this concept because it gives the aliens more power than we would like to think they really have. I found this portion of the book quite illuminating. This may be part of a process designed to preserve the human genome for the future, or they might just be abducting humans for their own, purely self serving interests. There are both positive and negative ET type beings, some lkrgen which are quite adept at masquerading as angels of light, when in fact they are not.

More information about alien abductions, MILABS and alien interference in human interactions is available in the articles section of this website and through my book, The Love Bite: Even experiencers who are having positive encounters and see themselves in a positive relationship with these Beings, must face the fact that the aliens are in control.