2nd edition, Summary Family and Civilization is the magnum opus of Carle Zimmerman [], a distinguished sociologist who taught for many. Family and Civilization is the magnum opus of Carle Zimmerman, a distinguished sociologist who taught for many years at Harvard University. Family and Civilization by Carle C. Zimmerman, The Family of. Tomorrow by Carle C. Zimmerman (review). Eva J. Ross. The Thomist: A Speculative Quarterly .

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It is doubtful if these peoples are the family predecessors of the West. Known earlier for studies in rural sociology, Professor Zimmerman of Harvard wrote his first book in the sociology of the family: Providing evidence for some of his most fascinating claims sixty years later is The War between the State and the Family, by British scholar Patricia Morgan.

Andy Baldwin rated it it was amazing Dec 31, In this unjustly forgotten work Zimmerman demonstrates the close and causal connections between the rise and fall of different types of families and the rise and fall of civilizations, particularly ancient Greece and Rome, medieval and modern Europe, and the United States.

Open Preview See a Problem? Most significantly, the Church celebrated the bearing and raising of children. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Sorry, preview is currently unavailable. Jun 14, Edward Waverley marked it as to-read Shelves: Zimmerman traces the evolution of family structure from tribes and clans to extended and large nuclear families to the small nuclear families and broken families of today.

It used to be the fashion to juxtapose tribal communities as a whole against so-called higher cultures as a whole. It is very sad that after the appearance of many excellent works on comparative culture patterns, Dr. Of the total power in society, how much belongs to the family?


Eddy Cruz rated it it was amazing Nov 02, Marion rated it liked it Jan 19, Account Options Sign in. Return to Book Page.

Family and Civilization

If we want to marry or break up a family, whom do we consult, the family, the church or the state? The trustee family is probably the least familiar to modern readers. In essence, the remedy is that if civilization is to be saved, the family pattern must be changed.

Tubbs Committees Gone Wild: Sandy Bernahl rated it it civilixation amazing Mar 28, This falloff reflected a larger renunciation of the family intellectuals, the state seeks supremacy over the family as a social and personal institution, what Zimmerman family and society in general. The individual is left more and more alone to do as he wishes. Between the extremes of the trustee and atomistic family models lies the moderation of the domestic family, such as that of the American carpe of the s.

Individuals in the trustee family do not typically own landed property. Chris rated it liked it Zimerman 16, I don’t agree with Zimmerman’s causal analyses, and I don’t think he fully understands Protestant civic thought, however this book is so very interesting, and the topic is so hugely important, that I would recommend this atop the list of any histories of society. King Senior Editor Bryce J. I do recommend the reading! Once the contractual model is accepted as the basic form of the family, scholars will interpret history as the steady march from non-contractual marriages anx contractual marriages, from forced or arranged marriages to love or companionate marriages.

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Family and Civilization by Carle C. Zimmerman

Built on the Johns Hopkins University Campus. Matt Calvey rated it really liked it Oct 13, No creditabIe anthropoIogist today maintains that carlle found in the tribal communities are direct predecessors of those of the West, but a study of institutions found in widely different cultures is as important to the science of man as a study of widely different forms like the spider, the octopus, and living apes is to the science of biology.

These reasons, which are found on p. It bears zimmmerman great deal of resemblance to the simplified formula prescribed by some psychoanalysts for world peace.

The Chicago School argued that the American family was losing its functions, with fathers and later mothers leaving the home for outside employment. That tragedy develops only in situations in which a the state hold the exclusive or dominant power to enforce property rights and b people view themselves as individual agents rather than as part of an infinitely-lived family, with powers of its own. Against both the barbarian trustee and Roman atomistic family systems, the Church introduced the idea that children are automatically social beings, the children of their mother and her husband, and could not be rejected.

Waxing State, Waning Family: This book takes the reader from the genesis of the family and civilization to its apocalyptic destination. Jordan Harmer rated it really liked it Jun 06, These points of reference center around Dr.