It is pleasure and honorable act for me to write this internship report on Faysal Bank Limited Gala Mandi Hoornaabad branch. I am pleased to. Faysal bank (Distribution Branch) Internship Report Submitted To: Human Resource Department Submitted By: Fahad Khalid. About Faysal Bank Limited: Faysal Bank Limited was incorporated in Pakistan on October 3rd, INVESTMENTCERTIFICATE: Barkat Investment.

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Bankk a liquidity point of view a high loan to deposit ratio indicates a banks ability to manage with a low level of cash and marketable investments.

So, the result of both ratios is same. We are recognized by our reliability, credibility and character. As the new technologies introduced Faysal bank implement those technologies in their operations.

Internship reports

Faysal Moavin offers the perfect combination of savings account matched with the flexibility of a current account. The customer fills the requisition slip for the issuance vaysal the cheque book along with the account opening form AOF The requisition slip is duly signed by the bank officer enter the cheque book series on it. The bank officer has to assume that the customer has the following characteristic.

Call deposit receipt CDR It is also called the pay slip and is used for the security purpose. The cheque can be returned to the customer due to following reasons.

Faysal Bank Internship Report Omer

Making payment to the customer against their cheques or the other payment instrument. As a result, the Faysal Izafa Term Deposit is designed to provide individuals and corporate customers an opportunity to grow their money securely and earn attractive profits. Here the debt ratio of FBL is increasing from toso, this thing is not better for FBL, as higher the ratio, greater the firms indebtness.


FBL has decreasing trend from till Demand draft Pay order Call deposit receipt Demand Draft: We help our customers grow from strength to strength by acting as their bankers and financial advisors. Locally manufactured Lease Term: The bank will fulfill the step payment instruction of any cheque lodged by any member of joint account but the removal of these instructions must be signed by all the members.

If book value is less than market price per share its mean it is overprice share bur if book value is high than market value per share than it is under price.

Faysal bank is the full service banking institute offering consume corporate investment banking facility. Faysal bank is giving the special attention to the advertising. It represents the number of rupee earned on behalf of each outstanding share of common stock. FBL has misplaced many clients because of this reason due to move from Islamic banking to conventional banking.

The customer must have this age fayszl majority it means that he must be at the age of 18 according to the law.

It is pleasure and honorable act for me to write this internship report on Faysal Bank Limited Gala Mandi Hoornaabad branch. Omer Saleem Roll No. Access to profit through online banking at all Faysal Bank branches and more than 3, ATMs countrywide.

If right handed thumb impression form the intednship is obtained. It also shows the degree of confidence of investors on firm. Profit is calculated on monthly average balance. Faysal bank look on the wants of the customer what the customer wants, how to attract the customer on the different produced.


Our Trade Finance services include a full range of import, export and guarantee products, thus offering tailor-made solution to fit the individual need of each customer.

For the first time in the history of Pakistan, these multifarious products, mostly in the shape of saving scheme, have both local and foreign, have since followed in FBL.

The person who is going to transfer the money, he had the swift code which is issued by the foreign bank from where he is going to transfer the money. Together, we aim for excellence and leadership in our chosen markets. It also tells that creditors are protected in case of reportt.

The access to the lockers is allowed during the working hours from 9am to 5pm. As a result the rate of industrial loaning internshil also very low. Intfrnship bank sustained fwysal strategy of improvement technology to assemble up the challenge of up to date banking. Basically Western Union Dept. Bank has to maintain a balance between its liabilities and assets structure.

Electronic Media Faysal bank ia also spending the huge amount by advertising on the electronic media.