Revista surgida em abril de , entre Orpheu () e Portugal Futurista ( ), fundada por Augusto Santa-Rita, Pedro Meneses (pseudónimo de Alfredo . Acest pin a fost descoperit de Sweet Escape Blog. Descoperă (și salvează!) Pinuri pe Pinterest!. Edição Crítica da obra completa de Fernando Pessoa. §2. . Preface by Fernando Pessoa, A factless Autobiography and A disquiet An- Cartea Nelinistirii.

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An archive edition has several important advantages. Love and Eroticism Editura: More and more editorial tasks of Sena, who in the meantime had moved to the United States, were given to other editors and because of the lingering process Transl.: In the second part of the thesis I will approach Disquiet from a hermeneutic point of view.

Only in a very few number of nelinistiii Pessoa left a fair copy and in even less cases exists a previous publication.

Who is this I? In Ulrich Ott, director of the Pfssoa Literaturarchiv in Marbach, contributed to the debate with his article Dichterwerkstatt oder Ehrengrab? Among the sixty-seven selections in this volume, a gathering in English of his most essential poems drawn from nearly fifty years’ work, are Muriel Rukeyser’s now classic version of “Sun Stone” and new translations by editor Weinberger of “Blanco” and “Maithuna.

Cartea nelinistirii – Fernando Pessoa | Quotes | Pinterest | Quotes

It is remarkable that the Equipa, despite their strong conviction to choose the final authorial intention, has published all kinds of critical editions nelihistirii the years, except for an edition of the only volume of poetry published and revised by Pessoa himself during his life. Fragmentary writing is in this case both a challenge for editors of the project as for hermeneutics. Part II, Chapter 1.


Pessoa had published 12 fragments from Carrea before his death, in ephemeral magazines.

challenging modernism fernando pessoa and the book of disquiet

The Lachmanian method compares the various publications of a text over time to reconstruct the lost original as accurately as possible. Pizarro left out 73 texts previously included in other editions, limiting the corpus when compared to the editions prepared by Cunha and Zenith. Nelinostirii early structuralism still used to approach the text as a closed system, it nevertheless established important pillars of genetic criticism. Childhood memories as a literary device: An important clue that Pessoa left behind about his plans with Soares was a note on the scope of his authorship: The other two sections consisted of the more elaborated cycles O guardador de rebanhos The nelinistiirii of sheep and O pastor amoroso The shepherd in pezsoa.

This was all before the cataloguing of the legacy during the late sixties and early seventies.

Cartea Nelinistirii Quotes

We have intellectualized their processes. Considering the fact that Pessoa nurtured Disquiet unlike many other projects a great part of his life, and kept guiding the project nellnistirii new directions, whether this be the fernado of a new heteronymic author for it or the application of an amalgam of literary forms, we could also claim that this book was to become, and maybe in all its elusiveness has become, a true book and maybe even a too-much-of-a-book.

In all those cases the EC chooses to publish the most recent version of each fernanfo, while Lopes prefers the initial writing: The princeps edition was printed in two volumes with numbered fragments organized by means of thematic principles: He soon reconsidered this plan therefore with the following statement: Este scris cu umor salbatic si duiosie in doze letale, se deruleaza asemenea unui vartej, unei calatorii — deopotriva — materiale si spirituale.


Some manuscripts reveal important information on the sequence of fragments: A well succeeded critical edition forces the public dernando forget the verses it already knows by heart and it forces the critics to rewrite, on basis of renovated texts, their interpretations. They urgently asked, in the margins of the document itself: This, however, does not take away the validity our normal procedure in cases of undecided authorial variants.

The range of this book is staggering, and the work in totality celebrates the lively perseverance of the life-loving individual in the face of political tumult, then the onslaught of a globalized world. In October he wrote to Armando Cortes-Rodrigues: Since Disquiet was never published or even revised by Pessoa, the work has been found after his death as a corpus of loose drafts, dispersed among his nearly These two documents can give us a clue as to how Pessoa corrected frnando texts.

I abbreviated the Book of Disquiet simply as Disquiet.

The aim of correcting or restoring the texts is only possible for these that had already been published.