Dentist Joseph Strauss leaves Prussia in the spring of and follows Captain of Dragoons Karl Eitel Friedrich Zephyrinus Ludwig von. Filip Florian. general Author: Filip Florian. Genre: Novel Romanian title: Zilele regelui; Translated by Alistair Ian Blyth. – Return to top of the. Filip Florian was born in Bucharest, on May 16, From through His third novel, Zilele regelui / Days of the King (Iaşi: Polirom. ), was awarded.

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Pentru mine, Filip Florian e un scriitor paradoxal si ciudat, din punctul de vedere al perceptiei, dar cu siguranta interesant. They felt good, warm, they found no reason to rush. The young woman, who usually had a little boy and a little girl to look after coddling and scolding them alike in Serbianslipped her hands under her dress, seeking to free herself of her suspender belts, of her white regflui undergarments, of her slip, of her silk stockings, of all that was underneath.

Pe fondul unor evenimente istorice reale venirea printului Carol in tara, intrigile politice, lovitura de stat esuata in farsa de la Ploiesti, Razboiul de Independenta, Proclamarea Regatuluiautorul brodeste o intreaga tesatura epica, nici prea complicata, dar nici prea facila, reusind cu mare succes, zic eu! Alistair Ian Blyth Translator. Narrating with a passion for language and storytelling…. Despite this minor obstacle, it is crisp and concise, thus easy to read.

Joseph was thinking of that fat Vasile, always huffing and puffing up the minaret-like stair, and Elena Dukovic was not thinking of anything, she merely felt florlan need to smile. But I appreciated his innovations in this novel, like the cat which is a character in the book and fikip poems wrote in the chairs’ tapestry. forian

The Days of the King

Between the two of them, Florian is able to give a regelji rich and detailed picture of the times. Reading like a long fairy tale, Florian’s novel is translated from Romanian and, even with the helpful notes in the back, will have your reaching for your atlas and, if you have it, a book of maps of modern European wars as a history minor with geeky friends, I do have one!

The complete review ‘s Review:. Speram la o continuare daca nu a povestii cel putin a stilului Una peste alta, n-as vrea sa spun vorbe mari, cum ca e unul dintre cele mai bune romane scrise de un roman pe care le-am citit vreodata si nu-s putinenici ca Filip Florian e o speranta si o mostra ca inca mai exista gen epic valoros!

These years cover a time when Romania made the transition from a loose assemblage of separate regions nominally part of the Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman Empires to being relatively consolidated into an independent state; Prince Carl — born in Germany as Prince Karl Eitel Friedrich Zephyrinus Ludwig of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen — was the outsider brought in to run things.


Entering after lunch, Miss Dukovic, who was wearing a beige hat and had just folded her parasol, came across a sleeping tomcat, with one white ear, one black, lolling on the chair with a single leg.

All in all The Days of the King B is a book that is excellent historical fiction and mediocre at best literature. Pe fondul unor evenimente istorice rlorian venirea printul Pentru mine, Filip Florian e un scriitor paradoxal si ciudat, din punctul de cilip al perceptiei, dar cu siguranta interesant.

When the skimming didn’t seem to hinder my understanding any, I decided to stop reading. Angelus Nominee for Shortlist What impresses most is how Florian doesn’t rely on history to propel every aspect of his novel; instead, he allows it to remain a backdrop — often prominent and bright, but nevertheless just a supporting part of the canvas. Unfortunately the “aggressively dense” writing as described in the Literary Omnivore review combined with reading an egalley made for a difficult and unpleasant reading experience.

The enamoured Siegfried the tomcat writes psalms in the feline tongue on the backrests of chairs, while Joseph in his turn falls in love with and filkp Elena Dukovic, a nanny employed in the household of a pretender to the throne of Serbia, who has taken refuge north of the Danube. Orthofer17 July Joseph, who very well understood that he was not in mid-air, but for all that believed he was in flight, withdrew his hand from hers and sought something in the pocket of his waistcoat.

I would have enjoyed more focus on the story rather on the language wrapping. Similarly the illustrative quotes chosen here are merely those the complete review subjectively believes represent the tenor and judgment of the fili as a whole.

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Zilele regelui: roman – Filip Florian – Google Books

But unbeknownst to him, she has given birth to a baby boy with a suspiciously aristocratic nose. At the age of thirty-two and a halfhe felt old, but that thought quickly shattered, allowing him to imagine and florixn hope that the measureless time to come would laugh in the face of his past. His passion for scrubbers, schnapps, cards and endless conversations zile,e with the privileged relationship he has with the Prince, for a time. Unfortunately the “aggressively dense” writing as described in the Literary Omnivore review combined with reading an egalley made for a difficult and unpleasant rea The Days of the King by Filip Florian is a Romanian historical fiction that was published in translation in Filip Florian was born in Bucharest, on May 16, Then they grew smaller and smaller and veered left, one after the other, vanishing from the gaze of a fat man with nine children, who, watching them from the pinnacle of the highest structure in the city, was chortling and hiccoughing.


Twenty of Romania’s most influential and I sometimes found the writing style challenging to follow and there were many time when the timeline was floriah little murky. Oct 07, Gabriela rated it it was ok. Absorbed by the deceptive tea, which he himself, rsgelui young lad fascinated by the glass vials and miracles of the laboratory, had on a number of occasions prepared for them, his mother and sister had slowly grown distant from their fellow men, they had set out along the road of stars iflip beatitude, one evening of blustering wind they had forgotten about the kettle on the hob, leaving it to buckle and burst into flame, then perhaps applauding the flames, perhaps blowing on them, allowing them to overwhelm the curtains, carpets, furniture, thick-beamed walls, and perhaps even their bodies.

Filip Florian

What I found unexpectedly enjoyable were the passages “written” by Joseph’s cat. Things are tough all over. As noted above i have no idea of the precise reason but I incline to believe that it is simply a case of language incompatibility and if the author were to write directly in English he would tell the story quite differently than in this translation that tries to be lavish in language and succeeds only to be laborious and quite dense in a negative sense on many occasions.

A curious but largely successful melding of the historical with fiction, The Days of the King is an intriguing and often regeluj work, though ultimately it also feels a bit too shapeless: Phrases that go on forever several of them almost one-page longway too many adjectives and tormented sentence structure.

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The fury of the sun paled before the ardour of their hearts, without the dentist and the nanny being spared the torment around them: But I appreciated his innovations in this novel, like the cat whic I appreciate it very much for the perspective of my city Bucharest and the country at the beginning of modern Romania s to s.

Florian spune o poveste frumoasa si xilele, documentata, din cite imi ziele seama, in plan istoric si condimentata cu putin realism magic, in plan pisicesc. View all 7 comments.