applications requiring nominal pressure and temperature ratings. As part of Crane Valve Group, Flowseal high performance butterfly valves are backed by the. Flowseal is a leading provider of soft seat, metal seat and fire-safe high performance butterfly AIV Master Valve Distributor for Flowseal Butterfly Valves – High. Flowseal is a leading provider of soft seat, metal seat and fire- safe high performance butterfly valves. Our products are manufactured under an.

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Nature of Business Authorized Wholesale Dealer. Call Send a quick message. Open the catalog to page Based on many years of research, development, and field experience, the Flowseal design is superior to, and more versatile than, the High Performance Butterfly Valve design offered by other manufacturers.

The seat is recessed inside the seat cavity and acts as a gasket in the anchoring groove area. Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy Careers. Get in Touch with us Apurav Enterprises. Year of Establishment Seat replacement is a simple operation, requiring no special tools.

Center Line & Flowseal Butterfly Valves

Get best deals for coconut. Due to constant development and innovation, we reserve the right to make changes to technical specifications as and when required.

Open the catalog to page 7. In normal operation, the soft seat provides a bi-directional “bubble tight” shutoff zero leakage ; the metal seat provides bi-directional shutoff in the event of a fire, in conformance to industry fire-safe requirements.


Flowseal is a leading brand of soft seated, metal seated and fire-safe Flowseal High Performance Butterfly Valve. As temperature increases, the pressure retaining capability of materials decreases.

Cast Iron Butterfly Valve. Precision profile disc provides bubble-tight shut-off and ensures minimum torque and longer seat life. Disc open In Figure 1, the disc and seat are not engaged. The Online Industrial Exhibition.

Our products are also installed in applications as diverse as food and beverage processing and pulp and paper production. Cast Iron Butterfly Valve in Pune. Higher line pressures act on the geometry of both seats to dynamically load them against the disc, creating higher sealing forces in either direction.

The soft seat is designed for high services with minimal wear and low torque. Get Best Price Request a quote.

Advanced designs ensure high sealing integrity. Qualified for both gaseous and liquid service. Open the catalog to page 4.

Flowseal High Performance Butterfly Valve at Rs /piece(s) | Chinchwad | Pune | ID:

Under higher pressure conditions, the seat is also designed to permit, confine, and direct movement of the soft seat against the disc edge, up to the full ASME Classand Cold Working Pressures. The o-ring, which is completely encapsulated by the seat, is also isolated from exposure to the process fluid. This unique buutterfly design creates a self-energized seal in vacuum-tolow pressure applications.

The soft seat is protected from abrasion and wear because it Open the catalog to page 2. I agree to the terms and privacy policy. KEY Square key valve-to-operator connection provides an externally controlled failure point upon over-torquing.


Flowseal High Performance Butterfly Valve

Fireproof packing is used to prevent external shaft leakage. Open the catalog to page 3.

Stainless steel outer bearings are included for post-fire disc and shaft alignment. This unique seat design creates a self-energized seal in vacuum-to-low pressure applications. PTFE bonded to epoxy-glass filament wound News and Events Careers Press Room.

The o-ring is under tension and imparts a load against the soft seat. Number of Employees Upto 10 People.

Flowseal – CRANE ChemPharma & Energy

With little or no pressure, the Fire-Flow seat creates a selfenergized seal against the disc. Flowseal high performance butterfly valves are a standard in many industries including heating, ventilating and air conditioning, power generation, hydrocarbon processing, water and waste water treatment, and marine Profile is designed for maximum flow and equal percentage control.

Open the catalog to page 9.

Configurations are available for harsh conditions as well as applications requiring nominal pressure and temperature ratings. Flowseal is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high performance butterfly valves. Open the catalog to page 6.