Mohamed Choukri born on July 15, and died on November 15, , was a Moroccan author and novelist. I first read Mohamed Choukri’s memoir For Bread Alone when I was working on A Basket of Leaves. I considered using it as one of the books I. Mohamed Choukri’s autobiographical novel For Bread Alone describes a bleak childhood and youth in Morocco.

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In the end, Tanoukhi argues, the two works were no longer sisters, but perhaps cousins separated at birth and raised on separate continents. Choukri’s irrepressible, ultimately indomitable spirit is most touching and human.

For Bread Alone (al-Khubz al-Hafi) by Mohamed Choukri

To what extent does he represent his abjection as an extension of colonial exploitation? Born in New York inPaul Bowles is considered one of the most remarkable American authors of the twentieth century. Why not retranslate it into English? Trace the motif of imprisonment in the text. Mehrez was threatened with sexual harassment proceedings and expulsion, the book “For Bread Alone” was examined by parliament, alonw the academic and literary community largely supported her use of the novel through a letter-writing campaign.

August External links: How have subsequent generations regarded this work? For Bread Alone became an international success when published in English, but the book also caused a furor in the Arab world. Economic need is erased elsewhere as well. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. It was said to have offended by its references to teenage sexual experiences and drug abuse.

Literary theory Critics Literary Prizes. Bowles’s prolific career included many musical compositions, novels, collections of short stories, and books of travel, poetry, and translations. I don’t talk about politics or religion. It starred Said Taghmaoui among others. He met someone who helped him learn how to read and write Classical Arabica strange language for him, and different from Moroccan Arabic and Berber which he spoke.


The loss of innocence is not only sexual but also experiential. Mohamed Choukri believed he had secured that which was most important to him: For Bread Alone is a gor sordid story, but it is told in a matter-of-fact way, using sparse, simple language and dialogue, and the thoughts and experiences of the down-and-out Mohamed seem entirely natural.

For Bread Alone

mohqmed The book would later be translated into 30 other languages. There’s, in the Moroccan society, a more conservative faction. For example, has the work been received differently in Morocco, Lebanon, France, U. Definitely an enjoyable and worthwhile read.

For Bread Alone describes a bleak childhood and youth in Morocco. Choukri grew to literary fame through his daring writings and his association with American writer and composer Paul Bowleswho lived in Tangier for decades.

Mohamed Choukri – Wikipedia

As I leafed through it, the language looked bgead and solid, but it took only a few paragraphs to see that this is a book with a high potential for giving offense. Eight of his brothers and sisters died of malnutrition mohamfd neglect.

Email required Address never made public. For the English version, Choukri transcribed the work into colloquial Moroccan Arabic from which Bowles made fod translation. Those people judge my works as depraved.

This narrative is grounded in direct experience and the immediate concerns of everyday existence. Most of his siblings die, of neglect or starvation or abuse, but he survives the beatings of his father, the pangs of hunger, and the dangers of the street. Choukri’s memories take him from famine in the Rif to Tangier and Oran, a world of crime, paid-for sex and of living poor But mohames is perhaps not the central issue.


It sounds fair enough. Next, in the Arabic, after the above encounter: Choukri’s text has become a staple on the syllabi of modern Arabic, comparative literature, and post-colonial studies programs. About the Author Mohamed Choukri is one of North Africa’s most controversial and widely read authors.

For Bread Alone | Saqi Books

The author had to reduce it first to Moroccan Arabic for me. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here What do I do with this old man who just sucked me?

As a child Choukri survived thanks to bresd variety of jobs, serving in a French family in the Algerian Rif, or guiding sailors who arrived in Tangierwhere he learned Spanish. Choukri was born inin Ayt Chiker Ayt Chiker, hence his adopted family name: Novel and Nation in the Muslim World: The European ones preferably, because they were richer.

Samia Mehrez due to some sexually explicit passages, prompting some observers to criticize the “ban” and blame government censorship. For Bread Alone is a superficially sordid story, but it is told in a matter-of-fact way, using sparse, simple language and brread, and the thoughts and moamed of the down-and-out Mohamed seem entirely natural. The result is compelling rather than depressing, a strikingly memorable account of life in the Moroccan underclass.

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