Issue 1 Comment. Fortean Times. Aug Issue 1 Comment. Fortean Times. Sep Issue 1 Comment. Fortean Times. Oct Issue the leader, Fontana, Calif., Fontz, Anthony, 62 Foo Fighters, ,, 15O ,, Ford, Art, Formisano, Vittorio, Fortean Times, xiv. Casino Royale, Ford, Henry, Fortean Times, 10 Fortune, Dion, 4, , ; The Mystical Qabalah, , Foster, Jane, –93, , Fothergill.

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Fortean Times 89 August Beginning with more recent issues presumably for reasons of ease — more recent issues would be more readily available as digital filesthey have also begun to re-release the earliest issues — it appears that the digital archive CD format has taken over from print collections.

Fortean Times 50 Summer Fortean Times 91 Ofrtean Cover.

Fortean Times 43 Spring timee Fortean Times 33 Autumn Publication stalled after the sale of FT in Fortean Times 42 Autumn Fortean Times 88 July Most Fortean researchers contribute articles, criticism or letters to the magazine.

Fortean Times also frequently covers the Ig Nobel Prizesas well as unusual aspects of mainstream science and research. He writes that Russell turned down an invitation to contribute material to The News back inhaving “earned his rest” after 40 years as an active Fortean. Fortean Times 22 Summer Fortean Times 35 Summer Fortean Times 44 Summer InLynn Picknett and Clive Prince discussed Templar conspiracies and hidden symbolism in the paintings of Leonardo da Vinciyears before these were turned into mass media subjects by The Da Vinci Code.

M. R. James in Fortean Times #292

Fortean Times 97 April After fifteen issues of The Newsissue 16 saw the magazine renamed Fortean Timeswhich “new title emerged from correspondence between Bob Rickard and Paul Willis” — the two having talked of creating a fortean version of The Times newspaper, “full of weird and wonderful news and read by millions worldwide”.


Rickard further states that Russell was one of the key Fortean-fiction writers he read in Campbell ‘s Astounding Science Fiction and Analogand the author of “the first Fortean book I [Rickard] ever read”: Issue 23 featured an article by Robert Anton Wilson on, aptly, ” The 23 Phenomenon fortan [12] made available a second Indexto The News 8—13 and included a page ‘Review Supplement’, issued as a separately bound supplement since the-then printers had difficulty binding more than 40 pages.

Fortean Times 37 Spring Fortean Times June Rickard later discovered that the production was fraught behind-the-scenes as Ronald Willis had been seriously ill, Paul thus finding it difficult to “keep up with things” on his own. Issue 15 — now with 28 pages — announced that Rickard had decided to bow to popular opinion and retitle his miscellany with a more descriptive title.

Timfs 2 and 3 noted that The News was published “with an arrangement with INFO”, this was revised from 4 to it being ” fortezn to the International Fortean Organisation “.

Emerson was introduced to Rickard in latewhen after seven issues, he “wanted to improve the graphics”, which Emerson certainly did, providing around 30 fkrtean for use in issues 8 onwards.

Fortean Times 27 Autumn The Independent on Sunday. A more academic journal, Fortean Studieshas also been printed and is an ongoing venture. Fortean Times 26 Timss Fortean Times Christmas Fortean Times 91 October Fortean Times 17 August Fortean Times 25 Spring The magazine which was to continue Charles Fort ‘s work documenting the unexplained was founded by Robert JM “Bob” Rickard in as his self-published bi-monthly mail order “hobbyish newsletter” miscellany The News — “A Miscellany of Fortean Curiosities”.

Fortean Times – Wikipedia

He, Moore and Sieveking were also later joined editorially by author Mike Dash who is mentioned as particularly overseeing the publication of scholarly occasional papersbefore Moore moved from full editorial to largely correspondent duties for a dozen issues after 42, returning as a contributing editor in Autumn In addition, several smaller collections have been compiled on various themes and sold, or given away as ‘free gifts’ with the magazine.


A sister-publication Fortean Studies began in the mids and was edited by Steve Moore. The article outraged many readers and led to the magazine’s most vigorous postbag up to that time. This page was last edited on 5 Octoberat Views Read Edit View history.

Fortean Times – Bibliography

Sieveking took over full editorial duties from Rickard with 43, helming the subsequent four quarterly issues to 46 to give Rickard a chance to “revitalize”, [19] which he did, returning with 46 to the position of co-editor.

It has also attracted more widespread coverage and praise.

Fortean Studiesthe magazines more-academic sister-publication published yearly volumes in the late s, and is still nominally ongoing, although when future volumes might see print is unknown. Several changes of logo and font have occurred throughout its life.

Fortean Times 30 Autumn Fortean Times April Science and the Unknown” began intermittent publication in Spring, — and sent them many British newspaper clippings, although ofrtean saw print. From the start, this new format compounded earlier financial difficulties for Rickard, following on from 14’s plea: Fortean Times 69 claims that “extracts from FT have featured in at least three publications used for teaching English as a foreign language. The event often ends with a panel discussion, as was the case in when the subject was “Is Ufology Dead?

Fortean Times issue Seeing Out the Seventies: Fortean Times 54 Summer Fortean Times Issues 26—30 Fortean Tomes ed. Fortean Times March