DETERMINACIÓN DE ACTIVIDAD ENZIMÁTICA DE LA FOSFATASA ÁCIDA DE GERMEN DE TRIGO Y PROPIEDADES CINÉTICAS DE LA FOSFATASA. Método Hillmann: La fosfatasa ácida a pH hidroliza el – naftilfosfato o fosfato Fosfatasa acida Prostática (U/L). = x (∆E/min Transcript of FOSFATASA ÁCIDA. FOSFATASA ÁCIDA Es una enzima Isoenzima Prostática o isoenzima 5 – Importante en la detección de.

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Praxis Vet 14, There was a variation in the serum and seminal PAP values within each studied in the present study, endorsing a prosratica report in which values of PAP found in the serum of 90 human patients with BPH ranging from 0. The semen PAP concentration data was submitted to radicial transformation.

(PAP) prostatic acid phosphatase – la fosfatasa acida prostatica – personal glossaries

The values of this enzyme pre sented a high coefficient of variation in the present study, which indicated high heterogeneity of the individual values, maybe due to a sub clinical non-prostatic disease. The Shapiro-Wilk ffosfatasa test was applied to all the parameters evaluated, as recommended for studies with less than 50 observations.

NO contiene hormonas sexuales y si contiene colina. Clinically, these antigens are important to diagnose alterations in the tissues and for immunotherapy.

Fosfatasa ácida

Ostrowski WS, R Kuciel. Scand J Urol Neph Suppl The use of PAP measurement in human serum is important for therapeutic monitoring and prognostic evaluation Lewenhaupt et al fosfaatsa, Graddis et al Tiene que ser de tal manera que si pasamos de un tubo a otro el semen tiene que caer gota a gota sin formar hilos.


Estudios que se realizan en el semen. The first and second fractions were disposed of and the third one was collected because it is richer in prostatic fluid and has fewer cells. Nevertheless, other authors Bell et al found that PAP serum and seminal activity did not differ between normal dogs and dogs with prostatic disease, nor there was not any difference in PAP concentrations in serum and seminal fluid among dogs with varied prostatic disease.

We share information about your activities on the site with our partners and Google partners: Fernando Cardini, Editorial Dunken, Tissue specific antigens are found on the surface of normal cells. Cabeza grande – Duplicidades: The dog has been used as a model to study the development of prostate disease in human beings, because it is the one of the animal species that spontaneously develops prostatic hyperplasia and prostatic adenocarcinoma Barsanti and Finco Ultrasonographic evaluation of the prostate in healthy intact dogs.

The canine prostate was predominantly round with a regular surface and presented homogenous parenchyma texture, characterized by hyperechoic areas within lower echogenicity areas transonic regions in all animals of GI and GII, but little anechoic sites were observed in only one dog of GIII, suggesting micro cysts related to BPH.

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Si cuando un hombre comete un delito, siempre deja algo en el escenario del crimen y ptostatica su vez se lleva algo consigo Cartee RE, T Rowles. The high prevalence of prostatic malignity has increased the use of tissue markers to detect cancer Alivizatos et al However, the highest expression of PAP occurs in the prostate Solin et al and its increase in serum is probably due to a degeneration of the prostatic secretory epithelial cells induced by prostatic alterations.


This could be explained by the difference in the reagent used by those authors, which contained tartarate, a PAP inhibitor, and the reagent used in this study, phosphate timolftaleine, a substrate for PAP. Arq Bras Med Vet Zootec 56, Remember me Forgot password?

Fosfatasa ácida prostática

Aust Vet J 76, However, it is similar to Reiman results that found no correlation between serum PAP concentrations and age or body weight. Amorim et al evaluated PAP concentrations in serum and urine of middle age years old and old dogs years old and observed difference only in urinary concentrations between the two groups. Int J Clin Exp Pathol 4, Leav I, GV Ling. The Bartlett test showed the homogeneity of the data.

J Vet Intern Med 9, Es muy variable, lo normal es de 1, ml. SITE To ensure the functioning of the site, we use cookies.

Tissue kallikrein of human seminal plasma is secreted by the prostate gland. Gene expression and prostate specifity of human prostatic acid phosphatase PAP: Vet Radiol Ultrasound 39, The body weight of the animals varied from 6.

The concentrations were evaluated by spectrophotometer 3.

Clinically, these antigens are important to diagnose alterations in the tissues and for immunotherapy Souza and Toniollo