Producción de frijol ejotero, utilizando espalderas vivas de girasol, en los valles altos del centro de México. Edgar Jesús Morales-Rosales, Omar Franco-Mora. PRODUCTIVITY AND ADAPTATION OF STRING BEANS IN THE VALLEY OF MEXICO PRODUCTIVIDAD Y ADAPTACIÓN DEL FRIJOL EJOTERO EN EL. Resumen. DIAZ-LOPEZ, Ernesto; ESCALANTE-ESTRADA, José Alberto Salvador; RODRIGUEZ-GONZALEZ, María Teresa y GAYTAN-ACUNA, Araceli.

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Frijol Ejotero | ONE by one | Flickr

Biomasa y rendimiento de frijol con potencial ejotero en unicultivo y asociado con girasol. Principal component analysis This technique explained Esta enfermedad ataca las hojas, vainas y rara vez tallos y peciolos. Julieta Rocha 7 septiembre, de 5: The thermal time TT was estimated with the Snyder residual method The aforementioned factors make this culture unattractive for small farmers; therefore, the use of sunflower Helianthus annuus L.

Unlike the results from this study, Manu found that in the maize – snap bean association, the leguminous was the dominant cultivation presenting a NAR higher that its monoculture.

In addition to helping support the beans, an additional advantage offered by this production system is that sunflower plants provide additional earnings by the sale of cutting flowers or seeds achenes in the region under study. This variability was arranged in four categories: The soil in El Cerrillo is vertisol, clay-loam texture, medium nitrogen content and 6. Effect of pod picking on growth and dry matter allocation in snap bean Phaseolus vulgaris L.

Statistical analysis The analyses of variance ANOVA were made for each locality and for each variable with a randomized block design in factorial arrangement. The varieties with undetermined habits had a higher total yield of string beans and seeds. Principal components analysis The results observed in the biplot indicate that the higher percentage of the original data variation was represented adequately in the first two principal components, because together they explained Este virus es transmitido por mosquita blanca, aunque es menos frecuente que el mosaico dorado.


String beans a vegetable of high nutritional quality and there is a tendency in Mexico to increase its consumption.

Matas de Frijol Ejotero

Materials and methods Experiments The research was made in the spring-summer cycle ofin three localities of the State of Mexico, Mexico: In addition to little fiber, the snap bean varieties have other morphological and culinary features differentiating the species. Revista Ejofero Mexicana Anterior Frijol, siembra y cosecha. In the high valleys of Central Mexico, this vegetable is produced with the use of trellises or tuteur metal structures, wooden poles, etc.


The dispersion of the six treatments in the four biplot quadrants confirms the existence of significant differences between the two snap ejoterl cultivars dispersion, planted in the three crop crop systems, which are attributed mainly to the principal effects and their interaction.

En infestaciones muy fuertes, ataca flores y vainas tiernas.

Producción de frijol ejotero en función del tipo de espaldera

However, when this cultivar was associated with sunflower ‘Sunbright’, the values reached in TB Mexico may export snap beans to the United States; thus, varieties with production and quality demands must be developed, and also must have the features enabling mechanical harvest Esquivel et al.

Snap bean production using sunflowers as living trellises in the central high valleys of Mexico. Friol importancia de la mosquita blanca en el cultivo de frijol se debe a su capacidad para transmitir el virus del mosaico dorado.


The snap bean cultivars of ‘Criollo’ and ‘Acerado’ did not have significant differences in the pod yield. Yield and yield components from intercropping bush bean cultivars with maize.

enotero Six treatments were evaluated in each site, from the factorial arrangement of two bean cultivars, for grain with snap bean potential and indeterminate growth ‘Criollo’ and ‘Acerado’ and three sowing systems: As there was a higher net assimilation rate, the photosynthetic efficiency in the monocultures was superior; therefore, the production of dry matter and pod yield in the pure crops was higher Table 1.

Therefore, the complementation occurs when species experiments less competition as they grow along. Effects of resource use on growth and development of maize and faba bean ejoterl.

Frijol Ejotero

Therefore, they could be the main yield components explaining the levels of interspecific competition and complementarity present between snap bean and sunflower. The aim of ejotro study was to assess growth, net assimilation rate, biomass production and pod yield in two snap bean cultivars sown in monoculture and combined with two sunflower cultivars at three localities in the State of Mexico, Mexico.

Biomass and seed yield of common bean in sole crop and intercrop. Phaseolus vulgaris, planting date, string bean quality, yield, phenology.

This fact supports the reports by Santalla et al. John Wiley and Sons.