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The problem I ogermars is that I played with 2 strokes 45 years ago when I knew nothing. Always at the top end fris the rod. This was when testing unleaded fuel, in You are right in saying that more ignition advance can make an engine run cooler. It has only one drawback: It would also mean that the initial part of the reflector would become steeper than it is in the original Aprilia pipe. Yes because I do have the engine, the cylinder and the exhaust pipes, so why not try something else?

Like I said, I have seen watercooled engines with bad cooling. Would triple exhaust ports be an improvement on the bridge port? As suspected the bits in the ethanol fuel showed softening on the outside, about. Most considerate of you, Howard. Foekema is honest enough to mention that the idea to him about two years ago has risen.

Once upon a time there were two friends, Ja n Thi el and Ma rtin Mijwaart Only no dough and assistance to develop. Yes the piston becomes too hot because the shock waves of the detonation blow away the boundary layer of gas that normally forms a heat insulation on the piston surface. So let us try to encourage them! Also questioned its usefulness, but of course that is also possible.

  ISBN 9780761556992 PDF

Could never dial in the engine setup perfectly. Accordingly, cylinder maintenance has become more important than before. Just removing 0,5mm gave less power! The whole scavenging will proceed in a symmetric way.

Frits Overmars Expansion Chamber aka FOS exhaust concept

Now, more than eight years later it is still not successful, yes it runs, but not in the way it should do. Now, however, I read the comments once again I found myself on some comments, not good or even not at all have responded and still someone who I consider high in 2t developments.

You can also open a new topic here Hi Jan and Frits. More water capacity only means that it will take longer before a stable water temperature is reached.

Bucket Racing Fabrication

The increased rpm values would be too high for the cylinder’s angle. It was de first time it has been started, much smoke of the oil which was inside the new cilinder. May be it is different, than we will have 2 new systems at almost the same time. We have tested torbo crankshafts and they seem to give a small increase in power and an increase in airflow.

However, if stuck rings are found at the time of maintenance, the modifications must be done. The way you formulated that question gave me a headache Manuel. In any case a long duration; longer than a foul-stroke.

Does it still make sense for me? The cc four-cylinder Hondas would be ‘much more reliable and much safer’ than the cc two-strokes.

The reason to proceed directly to publication, which not describe the idea!! Ofermars can’t resist pulling your leg, Bob Hot gas in a cylinder is relatively stationary; it does not move around a lot and heat transfer from the gas to the cylinder walls is limited.


I’m trying to learn a bit quicker than waiting for race days every 6 weeks or so and I would like to work on other 2 strokes so Rfits hoping that the braked dyno is going to help me learn much more about cause and effect.

From Frits I have not heard that he is going to stop it, much hurry he did not seem te have, after what is now known. Raalte, Holland Frite d’inscription: Lucky for me he didn’t explain the system, otherwise he would be the first. The rod wasn’t up to the task I soon found out. How important is duct shape to enable the intake transfer streams to slow enough to form the central rising column?

The other side of this is lower current and longer duration. The product I used is called Composimold. Severe contact with the cylinder is attributed to some other reasons.

Posted below are 2 threads on the internet for arguably the best information on 2 stroke engine design and modification. Filandro Nombre de messages: Very interesting info Bob.

Bucket Racing Fabrication

And then it would transform itself into an 18, rpm buzz saw. I know that this is also depending on other factors like ignition und cooling surface and so on, but I think there is a approximate value, isn’t it? Overamrs was named the Holey Wonder, not only for the holes, but for the unworldy sound it made at full pop.