Mr. Eaton’s Islam and the Destiny of Man is an attempt to provide us with an account the last part of his book Eaton examines Islamic law, mysticism, and. Gai Eaton’s “Islam and the Destiny of Man” is a wide-ranging study of the religion of Islam from a traditional point of view. Covering all aspects.

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It’s a knowledge based on a clear mind, that’s what we can believe in, what take it’s way to the mind and the heart strightly, a logistic knowladge!

Art Deatiny and Mysticism. Oct 14, Mohammed Yusuf rated it it was amazing. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The aim of the book is to introduce the reader to an Islamic worldview, and the book is separated into three sections to complete this task.

As such in my opinion at-least Islam has not fully come to the English language as of yet but Most of the great works relating to Islam ot Muslims that I’ve come across so far are mostly translated works.

Amr complained of the ‘evil age’ in which an honorable man could be so ill treated. In sum, it is an advanced introduction to Islam with a Perennialist Philosophical outlook he probably references Schuon and Nasr more than anyone else. He is now a consultant to the Islamic Cultural Centre in London. The aim of this book is to explore what it means to be a Muslim, a member of a community which embraces mman quarter of the world’s population and to describe the forces which have shaped the hearts and the minds of Islamic people.

He worked for many years as isam teacher and journalist in Jamaica and Egypt.

It is not an easy read though it isn’t obtuse either and someone who doesn’t have a strong background in orthodox theology may be convinced by some of his more unorthodox views.


While there is too much of value in this book to restate in a short review, a few key points bear mentioning. As humans, our independence is there in that we hhe created with free will, but not there in uslam we are dependent upon the Creator for that free will. While many of its themes were familiar to me, Eaton’s elegant restatement of Islam as a totality is very worth reading for anyone seeking to learn for the first time, or those simply looking to do zikr remembrance through study.

As Eaton explains, Islam’s relationship to preexisting cultures is one of izlam and continuing with all that comports with its view of reality, while shearing away that which conflicts.

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This book is a legacy for posterity and an example of how magnificent British Islam can get. The book is a proof for the need for sustainable sequential learning.

Suffering for a Muslim was always understood as constituting a part of God’s plan.

Islam and the Destiny of Man : Charles Le Gai Eaton :

This book is one of the most influential and genuine works of the century. Oct 24, Tim rated it it was amazing Shelves: Who we were is part of who we are, and being comfortable in yourself means coming to terms with that. Contents Islam and Europe. One story is too great not to share. destinj

Umar replied, “Were it not for this age which you hate you would now be kneeling in the courtyard of your house at the feet of a goat whose abundance of milk would please you or its scarcity dismay you. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The City of the Prophet 7. Alma Aragon rated it it was amazing Oct 01, All that being said, I would not necessarily feel comfortable with simply handing this book over to a new convert or non-Muslim and walk away before for the reasons stated above.


Islam and the Destiny of Man

The City of the Prophet 7. In addition to the perennial philosophy, he makes mention of the “closure of the gates of ijtihad” which is more of an annoyance than a serious flaw – though he manages gives a decent philosophical defense of ithis islzm of “intoxicated” Sufism is problematic AND he argues for the temporality of Hell something which in less confusing times was considered a blatant act of kufr.

Their Faith And Feeling: Art, Environment and Mysticism Nonetheless, we are still human, and therefore subject to imperfections as humans. Email Facebook Tumblr Twitter. The author, a former member of the British Diplomatic Service, was brought up as an agnostic and embraced Islam at an early age after writing a book commissioned by T. The Rule of Law Were it possible for the blessed to retain a single unhappy memory this would not be the perfection promised them, yet it cannot be said that they forget anything, since Paradise is the place eatin everything is clearly seen; what they see then, is the total perfection of creation, in which all disharmonies are resolved.

Eaton goes over Islamic history from the period of the Rashidun Caliphs through to the Abbasids. Really informative, but also critical of Christianity, sometimes too much. It is congruent to the term “the laws of nature”.

The book is as unique as its author.