Find the user manual and the help you need for the products you own at ManualsOnline. I got an old laptop model MA2 without powersupply. SetIP command to see and change the IP addresses of the console. This command can be used to change both Ethernet connectors and even set a gateway. Requirement: STP (shielded twisted pair) cable with RJ45 connector, min. Cat 5e . To connect Ethernet port 1: Connect one end of an Ethernet cable to the.

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Thats ok Mayo, It’s also on my project pile too, and it may be awhile before I get to it. How do you test them if so? Jumper a thin wire from back manua, DC jack to the pair of legs on the diode [PD33] then give it a try turning it on.

Share This Page Tweet. My question is, can I solder a jumper wire from the POS leg to the diode while the POS leg is still soldered into the through hole in the motherboard?

I got the following impedance readings: Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Follow the link to read about using the command. I have already read the beep code manual and the beep s I’m hearing should mean RAM I have just tried brand new ram and reset them properly and I still get the same problem I’ve been having.

Thanks Sam I’ll take a look at a D and see what I can think mz2. Mayo Hardware Fri Jun 18, Mark a positive point, then I know where to connect it to next time?

That was a post from when I started. If I push f8 shortly before or after the beeping starts the computer will load up and I manua get 2 fast beeps one short beep.


I’ll attempt to re-create the same test here. Mayo Hardware Tue Aug 17, I have repaired 4 ma7’s with this method. With the battery in and power supplied – I get four flashes from the front power light. I think my problem is the number IV.

I can’t seem to figure out what is wrong with this gateway ma2

Ken Sun Aug 15, I put the board in and I get the exact same thing, the only way it works now is if a external monitor is plugged in. Maual went straight from the pin to the left post of that diode. Will run tests and report back. Sorcerer Thu May 20, If I unplug te battery, the computer won’t start with just the power cord.

Set the IP address in the console

I have a MA7 that I changed the dc port on. If it says anything other than “Standalone”, then you need to tap Leave Session. Log in or Sign up. Hoosier, It will be sometime till I can test the battery out. Since working with so many models, I cannot keep each one in my head, as well as my other projects that gteway totally unrelated running out of room in my head. Anonymous Sat Aug 07, Well she’s working charging beside me just as it should, I really appreciate your help. Can Someone help me please.

Will check my other notes to see if I had documented the last time that happened for me. Ken Sun Jul 25, Or remove battery and wait a couple of hours. You will not even see anything. Just read through all of these comments.

Connect Ethernet – grandMA2 User Manual – Help pages of MA Lighting International GmbH

I also notice that the Battery charge indicators do not lights with the battery charged So remedy may not always apply.

  LEY 136-03 PDF

Iceman Sun Nov 20, I have a friends gateway MA3 sitting beside me, I just unsuccessfully installed a new DC jack which of course the center pin pad was burnt off the board I soldered it as best I could figuring it wouldn’t work and it didn’t.

Sometimes these jacks break behind the bend gateday the lead that goes to the board. Chance Sat Aug 14, The second IP address should always be an Art-Net address.

I cant make out the code on the chip as its blown off. That’s why laptops seem such a breeze to fix. Would it be shorting through the POS. You do have a defective repair. If it is the type with wires, simply remove from connector, short the POS and NEG terminals of the battery connector while pressing the power button.

The MA3 Will reboot with memory in. Mach1 your problem is most likely a shorted cap in the power section. Thanks for any help.

Other manufacturers and networks specifiers often uses the “10” range for their primary address scheme. It may be that you are rushing yourself, but not stupid. Also, is there a trick for testing the battery out? Hi mayo I have a gateway ma3 and also no powe after close inspection i see the power diode marked pd33 is blown so I cant make the number on it to replace it.