General. Although this weapon was originally designed for use by parachute troops, it can now be found in general use in all combat units of the German Army . Find great deals for Mp40 Mp Mp38 9mm German Submachine Gun Manual Handbook. Shop with confidence on eBay!. German MP40 Machinegun Military Shooting Tech Manual – FTF Industries is a one stop shop for hard to find tactical supplies, one of a kind gun parts, knives.

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Translated German Weapons Manuals

A collection of tasks for the guidance of the recruit instructor in the combat instruction in the context of the squad with 2 light MGs, armored and unarmored. Foreign orders are welcome – contact me for a quote for the extra postage cost. Germqn was originally a pocket sized book, printed at 4″W x 5. Please reference “Close Combat SS” on your order.

Please reference “Data Sheet for Close Combat” on your order. Click this link to see why condoms are a good thing. If you liked the above cookbook, I think you’ll like this one even more, regardless of what troops you need to feed. The reader who has an interest in the advanced education of the German officer, and wants to understand the art of battlefield commands, orders, and tactics, will best appreciate this book.

Please reference “Troop Bicycle” on your order. This booklet starts with details about how the Alliance France, Belgium, and England in WWI turned the German prisoners of war into a propaganda tool, took advantage of them and the German government, and used their own POWs in German camps as instruments for sowing dissention in the German fatherland. Click this Link to Download the old German Fraktur font for your computer. Please reference “Cookbook Data Sheet” on your order.


This 27 page manual explains map scales, map reading, map terrain, road and railroad symbols, ground contour lines, and how to determine your own position and navigate in the country using the compass, sun, stars, and landmarks.

An interesting read, as it is not strictly about command control. This manual is labeled ” For Service Use Only ” on the cover, and marked iside ” This is a secret article. This manual contains all the text and graphics of the original manual. While it doesn’t go into full detail about training, it does explain exactly how the dogs were tested, and does have some details about training.

Neither manual alone is sufficient, both are highly recommended.

MP40 Machine Pistol Manual

Please reference “ME” ,p40 your order. Please reference “Shooting School” on your order. How to properly use the cleaning and oil brushes, the oil dropper, the cleaning chain, and cleaning wicks. A 64 page, very well illustrated manual for camouflage of the men and equipment in combat, bivouac, on the march, etc. The original manual is 4″ W x 4.

Please reference “Mountain Troops” on your order. Most of the often seen field telephones still work, if you know what to do with them. The original manual had a section for treatment of gas and chemical warfare injuries.

BOK224 MP40 Machine Pistol Manual

Coming by the end of Decembber. How many Euros to a Dollar? This is the official army manual on how to prepare the food, and what makes a good meal for the Soldiers. Handbook for the U-Boat Commanders.


Please reference “Colonies Cookbook” on your order. Please reference “Panzer Troops” on your order. Waving and Morse Code. Please reference “Denckler March Compass” on your order. Click this Link to download blueprints for the MP38 receiver tube Click this Link to download blueprints for the Vickers right side plate Click this Link to download blueprints for the Thompson receiver and grip Click this Link to download blueprints for the M1A Thompson receiver and grip Click this Link to download blueprints for the BAR receiver Click this Link to download blueprints for the Garand receiver Blueprints in.

It contains the full requirements for making a Zeltbahn, right down to the weight of the rope tied at the corners. Shooting theory, recruit shooting, officer shooting, competition shooting, scenarios for training with the rifle, M. Please reference “Cleaning Kit” on your order. Each was small like this one, and covered specific information. Click this Link for a 20″ x 39″ cutaway view poster of the S 20mm Rifle Manuals for Download gwrman. All text, no illustrations.

Details frequently ARE given, just not always. If you march, you must do it correctly, of course. Click this link for pm40 movie of a. This is such an informative book, that it is one of the few books that has been reprinted in the original format and is still available today.

The perfect companion manual for H. Please reference “Rifle Training” on your order.

Please reference “Small Situations” on your order.