The Ginza Rba – The Mandaean Scriptures, part of a vast collection of materials dealing with Gnosis and Gnosticism, both ancient and modern. The site includes . Mandaeans’ holy book the “Ginza Rba”. The Ginza names this tractate as raza usidra qadmaia d-Suta haita qadmaita “The Mystery and the First Book of the First. The Ginza Rabba or Great Treasure is Mandaeans’ largest collection of religious principles and instructions. According to their beliefs, the Ginza was the first.

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Sam, known as Manduia, family name ‘kuma Black.

Ginza Rabba

They existed, but She abode for four hundred and forty-four thousand myriads of years in Her own Abode, alone, for She had no consort. He arose, gazed and beheld the Nest from which He derived His being. The sun of which ye spake, Riseth early, setteth at dusk. Postclassical and modern Mandaic uses a lot of Persian words, four additional letters are used in writing nonclassical words. Rabbq will raise these souls,vho go do,vn to the jordan and are baptised: And Adam descended into the jordan and submerged himself thrice behind him Hibil-Ziwawho took him by the right hand transferred him to his left, placed him between himself and his staff, dipped him thrice and signed him thrice in the jordan.

Should it be a single soul whom thou hast baptised, say “the soul of N. Since the last quarter of the twentieth century, the Mandaeans have been forced to leave their homelands. Every gibza who openeth it and readeth therein shall live, shall be whole and his name will be set up in binza House of Life, in the name of the great Sublime Life from worlds of light?

It is also occasionally referred to as The Book of Adam.


Were our mouth like the sea, our lips like its waves And our tongue rqbba cleft mountains, Then might we praise Thee, magnify Thee, honour Thee and bless Thee! Dip them with thy right hand, grasp them with thy left and place them between thee and thy staff and dip them under thrice and and sign them thrice with thy right hand.

Ginza Rabba – Google Books

Before Thee, all hands are thieving and all lips lying; In Thine eyes, Manda-d-Hiia even Jordan-waters are not cleansing. Jesus the Messiah was truly born at his baptism as it was on occasion that the Father openly acknowledged his sonship.

And praised be the Great Life in light.

Radiance issued from the radiance of Abathur and clothed them and they brought light and covered their therewith. The Chief-of-Dues, when he saw her, And the Governor, when they saw her, Murmur discontent and say “Who hath written the letter Whose secret no man knoweth?

Some scholars place it in the 2nd-3rd centuries AD, [1] while others such as S. Praises to that one great name of Life Which is above all names.

Ginza Rba – Wikipedia

I, a slave who is all sin, copied this Book of Gadana for myself so that there should be someone to commemorate my name on earth and yonder in the celestial worlds of light. And he said, I do not know, am I my brothers keeper, the story continues with Gods punishment of Cain, the soil which received his brothers blood will reject him, and he will be a wanderer on the earth. Thankfully received are the good gifts tabuta of life, The good gifts of life and of knowledge of life, The pihla that Thou art the Healer above all means of healing, a Raiser-up above all that raiseth up, a Radiance above all radiancies and a light above all lights.


The authorship is unknown, and dating is a matter rabna debate.

When worlds came into being and creations were called forth, thou didst hold in thy grasp the worlds and generations. The alphabet consists of 24 letters, the 22 letters of the Aramaic alphabet, as the number 24 is auspicious for Mandaeans, the additional letters are somewhat artificial. I comebringing dedicating my head and my mouth To the Life and to the implanted Word And to ‘Usar-Hiia, the great solace and support of Life In order to praise, honour, magnify, bless and exalt Thee.

Great Jordan of Life, I laud thee and adjure thee by ‘Usar-Nhura Treasure-of-Lightthe great solace and support of life, that thou givest no room to evil beings who are against these souls who go down into thee.

The sun of which ye spake, the sun Is vanity and cometh to an end. It is also occasionally referred to as The Book of Adam.

He seeth and understandeth that rabga the worlds and generations do in the worlds of darkness. Make pihta and mambuha for thyself, recite “The Great Life spake and opened Their mouth” and eat thy pihtamambuha. They have forsaken images, pictures and idols of clay, gods made of blocks of woodand vain rites, and have testified to the rbaba of the great, strange sublime Life.

For you there will be loosings From here to the Everlasting Abode. Drower writes in introduction to this wor. For other books with similar titles, see Books of Adam. We will reveal to them, that day on which Thou wast revealed, To all who love Thy name of Truth kusta.