Posts about Gioconda by Lucille Turner written by M.K. Tod. Editorial Reviews. Review. Gioconda proposes an elegant solution to the problem of why the Gioconda – Kindle edition by Lucille Turner. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking. Gioconda [Lucille Turner] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. We know him as Renaissance genius: inventor, scientist, artist. Visionary.

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As he grows up out of step with everyone around him, Leonardo must follow his instincts if he is ever to fulfil the vow he makes, to rescue those around him from their ignorance and fear. It is not merely a collection of facts, but provides a deeper understanding of what made that particular person tick.

It helps you see how his mind was way ahead of his time and how difficult he found it he rein in his ideas. I’m even intrigued enough to search out his other Leonardo volumes. How could it not be, when the stakes were so high and the interested parties so numerous?

But for me it was the image of Constantine, the last emperor of Constantinople, defending the city of his name to the bitter end, which set itself at the heart of the tragedy.

Or is it just half a smile?

More than ever, I find it necessary to emphasise that this is only my opinion. I liked this a lot, thus I knew immediately it deserved four stars. Secondly, I totally discount the idea that Leonardo met and was attracted to Lisa at a young age.


They are the ultimate drivers of theme, deciding on a left turn over a right one, and so leading the outcome one way or another towards this conclusion or that one. There were others, equally heroic, except that they had acquired a reputation not as heroes but as something quite the opposite….

As a llucille, I read a lot about him I still have at least sixteen books on my shelves and I have yet to find any novel which gets him entirely right. To understand the background, we need to see Leonardo and his painting as one complete whole.

Gioconda: Lucille Turner – The Idle Woman

And with a very plausible suggestion as to whom the lady with the smile may have been. After all, when he was a young man, he was arrested three times for sodomy. This annoyed me because Turner evidently knows her stuff and yet this makes her look careless.

The author’s undertaking of wiring an ‘autobiography’ of Da Vinci, itself deserves the biggest credit.

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If he stops now, what will happen — will he live more? By the time the painting arrived in France in the yearexactly five hundred years ago, it was quite well travelled.

The question asked in the song Nat King Cole sings in Neil Jordan’s film suggests an explanation: It drew me in from page one and the momentum giocknda let up until sadly, I reached the final page. A Novel of Leonardo da Vinci. The grail was therefore symbol rather than object. Vale, se hace un poco largo de leer porque la trama avanza lentamente Gioconda is a beautiful novel about Leonardo Da Vinci, mixing between fact and fiction.

Gioconda by Lucille Turner

I agree with your preference to some extent — that’s why we all love Dorothy Dunnett, isn’t it?! Thoroughly recommended if you’re interested in more than the usual page-turner with laughable quasi-historical dialogue.

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Many thanks for being on the blog today and best wishes for continued success with your writing. It showed either a laudable purity of purpose, or a degree of deliberate naivety. Their friendship, drawn in the book view spoiler [as a growing attraction between two youngsters hide spoiler ]is not credible.

Mar 09, Jo rated it liked it.

I don’t usually pick bios, and I am not a student of fine art, so I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it.

If you liked this book check out “The Agony and Ecstasy”. Setting is not just where and when events happen, it is also why they happen. He was also something of a diplomat. It is true that my issues with the book derive from my very particular idea of what historical fiction should be like.

In my recent historical novel, The Sultan, the Vampyr and the Soothsayerone central idea that arose from the book was the struggle between good and evil. I traced the gicoonda address to the new one, and set off eagerly, driven by the emotion of tufner place lost to memory and the prospect of finding the luiclle that had produced the finest art in Florence. It was well-written and yet, somehow, I found it difficult to engage emotionally with this version of Leonardo.