Gold-warriorsst. frontcover. Gold Warriors. America’s Secret Recovery of Yamashita’s Gold. by Peggy Seagrave and Sterling Seagrave . In , US intelligence officers in Manila discovered that the Japanese had hidden large quantities of gold bullion and other looted treasure in. The explanation offered in the Seagraves’ book is considerably more .. Gold Warriors is easily the best guide available to the scandal of.

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Why have the conditions been laid for so many conspiracies to flourish? It is difficult to know how much of the Seagrave’s story is true.

Mar 07, Tim rated it really liked it. These, combined with Japanese treasure recovered during the US occupation, and with recovered Nazi loot, would create a worldwide American political action fund to fight communism.

Seagraev do these attitudes protecting and warrriors Japan persist? Drawing on a vast range of original documents and interviews, Gold Warrior exposes one of the great state secrets of the twentieth century. If you are interested in Japanese and East A While full of references and footnotes and the authors have clearly done a great deal of research the style of the book weaves an elaborate web of conspiracy that makes me very reluctant to buy the whole story.

Believe it … or not

Oct 31, Stephanie rated it really liked it Shelves: A Force So Swift. The gold is used to fight the era’s consummate problem – communism.

It is well researched and has lots of documentation to back it up.


Gary Bourke rated it really liked it Jul 15, With the Japanese capture in the winter and spring of of all of South-East Asia, including the Philippines and Indonesia, the work of Golden Lily increased many times over.

Eduardo Mira Batista rated it really liked it Jul 26, Slave labourers and POWs dug tunnels and caves and then were invariably buried alive, often along with Japanese officers and soldiers, when the sites were sealed to keep their locations secret. Sterling Seagrave, — Investigative journalist Sterling Seagrave has died at the age of InUS intelligence officers in Manila discovered that the Japanese seagrwve hidden large quantities of gold bullion and other looted treasure in the Philippines.

Litigation continues against Swiss banks that hid much of the Nazi loot. Jan 17, Pages. Jan 17, Pages Buy. Essentially, we had golc go back to square one, with the looting of Korea, starting inand come sseagrave painstakingly. The book would also benefit from an update since more than a decade has passed. William Blanton Sr rated it really liked it May 22, Freedom of Information laws, strongly suggests to many scholars and historians that there is something serious to hide.

Gold Warriors

It is certainly puzzling that the United States allowed the Japanese to walk away from most of their war crimes. An excellent historical account of war time gold god for proposed of enriching the imperial family of Japan. That’s why I’ll never be monetarily rich.

Contact us for rights and issues inquiries. In addition to the monetary assets of the Dutch, British, French and Americans in their respective colonies, Golden Lily operatives absconded with as much of the wealth of the overseas Chinese populations as they could find, tore gilt from Buddhist temples, stole solid gold Buddhas from Burma, sold opium to the local populations and collected gemstones from anyone who had any.


Dec 13, hoffnarr rated seageave liked it. Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. These deposits were made in his own name or in sragrave of his numerous aliases in order to keep the identity of the true owners secret.

Believe it or not | The Japan Times

Worth a this is one of the most mind-boggling books I’ve ever read. My library Help Advanced Book Search. Nov 30, Catherine Gentry rated it really liked it Shelves: Readers who want to examine the full range of sources for this controversial account are referred in the book to the authors’ Web site, where two Warriorz containing “more than megabytes” of supporting documentation are available.

Fw rated it liked it Jan 12, With his stolen wealth, underworld ties and history as a supporter of militarism, Kodama became one of the godfathers of pro-American single-party rule in Japan. The German Government has long recognised that, in order to re-establish relations of mutual respect with the countries it pillaged, serious gestures towards restitution are necessary.

America’s Secret Recovery of Watriors Gold.