Many legislative bodies have passed “Goonda Acts” (a colloquial name, due to the long titles) providing legal definitions of who constitutes a “goonda”. Some of . Jul 30, The Goonda Act has become a tool to put anyone in prison even without giving them an opportunity to explain their side of the story before the. An Act to provide for the better control of riotous and disorderly persons commonly known as goondas residing in or frequenting certain[ areas][ * * *].

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InKalaidevi had filed a case against the then Sub Inspector her own relative and the Superintendant of Police attached to the same police station and district, calling for disciplinary action against the duo over a case that she felt was prematurely closed.

Bar of Civil or Criminal Proceedings. Bringing digital piracy under the ambit of the Goondas Act does not sit well with a number of activists goondzs cyber law experts too. The Government may, for the purposes of this Act, by notification in the official Gazette, constitute for such area or areas to which this Act may be applied, a Actt hereinafter called the Tribunal consisting of the District Magistrate or the Additional Goodas Magistrate. Hundreds and thousands have been detained across India with such acts.

Booking is simple but providing proof and getting conviction is a challenge.

The record of the proceedings held by the Tribunal or any portion thereof goondsa which the person laying the information or conducting the prosecution before the Tribunal, has claimed privilege before the Tribunal or which he has requested for being kept a secret shall not be available for inspection by any one during the enquiry before the Tribunal or any revision proceedings before the 15 [ High Court Division] hearing the revision, or after the disposal of the case, and such records shall after the disposal of the enquiries be kept in such custody as the Government may prescribe.

The state must revisit these cases and not wantonly and casually use the provisions of the Act.

Who is a Goonda? History of the Goonda Act in Tamil Nadu

Who is a Goonda? Ordinance XXXV ofSection 13, establishes a list of more than twenty offences mostly related to violence, public drunkenness, sexual crimes, and habitual counterfeiting or smuggling under which a tribunal may declare a person a “goonda” and place his name on the prescribed list of goondas, after which he may be subject to enhanced punishment for any future offenses. Kaladevi was booked under Sections b sings, recites or utters any obscene song, ballad or words, in or near any public placePunishment for voluntarily causing hurt and Punishment for murder.

Its use must be restricted to crises. A man who sold pirated CDs of a few movies. Abstain from posting comments that are obscene, defamatory or inflammatory, and do not indulge in personal attacks. The racket helped foreign nationals procure an original passport for Rs 3 lakh to Rs 5lakh. Chennai Police Commissioner AK Viswanathan has issued the order in a sensational case that made headlines during mid July to detain the 17 men accused of raping an year-old who has a hearing disorder.


Summoning of the person complained of. A year-old journalism student who was distributing pamphlets against oil extraction projects. That is how things have been going on. The Hon’ble Supreme Court of India has held in a catena of cases that the detention order can be passed only if there is a breach of public order.

The Goondas Act does not guarantee that. ET EnergyWorld A one stop platform that caters to the pulse of the pulsating energy. It prompted the investigating officer to ask for their detention to prevent them from “acting goonda a manner prejudicial to the maintenance of public order”.

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With this verdict and the broad spectrum of the crimes covered in the legislation, all that is needed to detain a person in jail for a year is a simple FIR. However, the first English-language appearance of “goonda” in British newspapers of the s, with the spelling “goondah” predates the use of “goon” to mean criminal, a semantic change which seems to go back only as far as the s comic strip character Alice the Goon. There is also the question of how goondsa detention laws provide very little room for legal recourse.

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But if let unchecked, the Goondas Act could put an end to the need gooondas courts and a fair trial since police can unilaterally decide who must be put in jail and who can go free. The gondas of this Act, and any order made or action taken under this Act, shall have effect notwithstanding anything inconsistent therewith contained in any enactment, other than this Act, for the time being in force, and in any instrument goondaz effect by virtue of any such enactment other than this Act.

Try to avoid outside hyperlinks inside the comment. From Wikipedia, the goonda encyclopedia. September 7, However, it is questionable if it actually proves to be a deterrent.

17 rapists detained for a year under Goondas Act in Chennai – Crime News

Rs 8, A police inspector has to spend nearly Rs 16, for paper work to detain a person under the Act. They are detained under NSA and any other preventive detention law where they can be acct without bail for a year. Even as Kaladevi was remanded to judicial custody, her lawyer Chandrakumar believed that she ought to have been booked for culpable homicide as opposed to murder. Speaking to TNM, retired Madras High Court Justice Hariparanthaman points out that Article 22 of the Constitution— protection against arrest and detention in certain cases— empowers xct the state police as well as the Goondas Act in itself.


Gallery Australia says ‘Happy ‘ as rest of the world awaits New Year. Bangladesh ‘s Control of Disorderly and Dangerous Persons Goondas Act East Bengal Act IV ofSection 13 1gives seven grounds under which a tribunal may declare a goonda to be a goonda and place him on the prescribed list of goondas: The information shall be signed by the officer concerned and shall briefly set out- a the practices with which the person complained of is charged; b instances, with details of time and acr, of such practices; c a statement of any relevant general reputation in which the said person is held and any other ground on which the information is based; d names and other particulars of witnesses who will be produced to support the allegations contained in the information; and e whether the said person is sought to be declared a goonda or a dangerous goonda.

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The court held that “the definition of a goonda laid down by the Act, which is of an inclusive character, indicated no tests for deciding whether the person fell within the first part of the definition”. The ambit and the number of persons detained under the Goondas Act have increased phenomenally in recent years. Notwithstanding anything contained in any other laws for the time being in force, every offence punishable under this Act, shall, within the meaning of the Code of Criminal Procedure, be cognizable and non-bailable.

Under the goonda law, those who habitually commit digital crimes and disrupt public order are liable to be kept under detention for up to one year.

Provided that the Tribunal may direct that the sureties offered may be scrutinised by a Magistrate of the first class nominated for the purpose by the District Magistrate. Section 3 gives the district magistrate the power to order a goonda in writing to remove himself from a jurisdiction, or to report his movements, for periods of up to six months. And it is not just the Goondas Act.

They goojdas not goondzs the views or opinions of newindianexpress. No prior record but TN woman booked under Goondas Act. No democracy in the world has such a provision. The distinction between the Law and Order and Public Order is well settled. Jaitley said Centre had lowered the fiscal deficit and kept inflation and CAD under giondas.