Units List; Special rules Tau Outcasts & Liaisons WIP; Wargear and Greater Knarloc Maw, Melee, Melee, x2, -3, 2D3, This weapon may only make. I plan on using a knarloc in an upcoming casual game. However, when I looked up the rules, they were a bit underwhelming for the most part. Special Rules: 1 Prey Shaper. 3+ Knarloc Rider Herds or Kroot Tracker Kindred. Units. Great Knarloc Pack. Raiding Party: All members of the Knarloc.

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Those With Hearts of Crystal: I’m hoping to magnetize the rider torso so I can use it as either a skyrunner psyker or a beastmaster. I run the army in 8th edition as a footslogging Aeldari force.

Bad Behavior has blocked access attempts in the last 7 days. But I didn’t have any kroot painted or assembled so wanted to go with a less Hordeish army than GSbut they could work well, not as well as Ynnari I’m betting, and less opportunity for using the models you already have, but well enough.

Theres the digganob pdf o grots out now which is great, and you could convert whatever you choose for the muties im personally about to start a gang using kroot knarloc rider models. MechaEmperor – click to view full reply. Funny you mention the skiff. I’ve liked the look of the Seraphon bone jaws on Kroot models, so have kept them for squad leaders.

Briancj – click to view full reply. The problem is, Forgeworld only makes one version of the model, and I did not want 3 identical copies of it as a single unit. Kepora – click to view full reply. Also where did the bit for the Heroes’ Scythe weapon on the right come from? I probably put him on a base that is too big so Rkles may need to either replace the base or add some more items to it, but I rjles want to simply blend these hounds in with the GW models as they are worthy of a more knaeloc place in the army display.


Did the war skiff get finished at some point? Rayvon some really nice work here man, I can tell alot of effort has gone into this. I mean, they are experimental rules, after all.

The Aegis Defense Line is made from these excellent stockade resin pieces by Acheson: In addition units attacked by grwat weapon do not gain any benefit to their saving throws for being in cover. It’s not a made up fandex mate.

Warhammer 40,/Chapter Approved/Kroot Mercenaries – 1d4chan

Tau weaponry should stay the same for obvious reasons. Farty Wiffmas Great idea for an army. Oaka No plans to start on vehicles yet, I’ve been more inclined to make infantry and beasts. Well its been quite a while and this Knarloc has probably been flogged to death OR your just tired of hearing about it! Greater Knarloc Rules Update.

Codex – Tau Auxiliary 8th edition – 1d4chan

Oaka I will not be adding any forearms. I’m not sure where to go afterwards, but these are the ideas I have had been considering: I chose to use this model because it has 5 heads to represent the 5 attacks and 5 wounds of the Razorwing Flock, which all look amazingly similar to a Kroot Hound head. Kroot hound entry corrected from the squad may include up to 15 Kroot hounds Can’t wait to see what’s coming next.

Monstrous Creature Unit Size: I will post pics of the bits and a crude sketch of what I hope to accomplish shortly. A unit with this keyword may only be included in your army once. I still have all the bits I purchased for Inquisitor Krooteaz, and he will be finished one day solely out of principle. The rules team have gone to great lengths to make sure that every unit, weapon, vehicle and character has its role everything will be useful, and every miniature will have a place in your army.

These models count as Wracks, and are quite simply Kroot zombies.

Sabtastic the-greater-knarloc.jpg

The majority of my army is then fun Character units, so there is nothing else to shoot at except these basic units. The great knarloc may transport up to fifteen models who either sit in the howdah on the back of the knarloc or hang from straps on the sides.


Deathwatch mark of the xenos bestiary 40k rpg tools.

Nogdakka This is an awesome Army Idea as well as greaat. However, when I looked up the rules, they were a bit underwhelming for the most part.

Warhammer 40,000/Chapter Approved/Kroot Mercenaries

Oaka I won’t gteat it done before the tournament tomorrow, but here is the WIP on the body. I just read through the thread and loved watching the development of his giant beaky face.

Doing a few things differently than what you are doing, for instance the fact that I dont own any forgeworld models, but otherwise we are certainly sharing some similar themes.

However they can still get instant killed by S10 weapons like demolisher cannons and railguns. Oaka I’m quite excited about rulex new Eldar codex, and how it will affect my Kroot army. Your ad here, right now: While the tournament organizers at MI40k.

It has been a very long process from my first concept to this point, but it’s a great centerpiece to the army. The mount itself mainly uses the terradon rider bits but I did do a head swap with an extra spined hound head.

Times and dates in your local timezone. Just some extra accessories to help provide proper scale and this guy is finally finished. Please note that, as always, this is completely unofficial and in no way sponsored by Games Workshop Limited. Called the Fogbank Missile Pod, the missiles payload was extensively modified to maximise range, stability and accuracy, allowing it to act as a weaker variant of the Seeker Missile for use in extended campaigns where supplies could run low, while being outfitting with the drone intelligence of the Smart-Missile-System allowed it be fired at targets beyond the wielders Line of Sight without the aid of Markerlight targeting data.

SelvaggioSaky I really like the details on those legs, nice work.