Life at the prestigious Q High School for Girls in Tokyo exists on a precise social axis: a world of insiders and outsiders, of haves and have-nots. Beautiful Yuriko. Praise. “Vengefully mesmerizing Kirino turns an unerring eye toward the vicious razors of the adolescent female mind.” —San Francisco Chronicle “Kirino . “Grotesque” is full of schoolgirls in long socks but blanchingly free of cuteness, a combination we might call Uh-Oh Kitty. Natsuo Kirino started.

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Natsuo Kirino may be the most socially astute of the current Japanese writers. This book could have been edited down a hundred pages back when it was written in Japanesebut for what it did offer, I have no regrets for its consuming my attention entirely and will always look forward to further translations of Kirino’s books. This is a very dark novel on women’s status in modern Japan, with an overpowering sense of doom that permeates the book from beginning to end.

Refresh and try again.

‘Grotesque’ cuts too close to the bone

Svaki put kad bih se probila kroz litanije najmracnijih ludila i pocela suosjecati s mrakom koju odredeni lik nosi, dogodilo bi se nesto jos gore. U pricu upadaju i dnevnicki zapisi i zapisi sa sudenja, a sve je to obojano gustom melankolijom i beskrajnom tugom. Meanwhile, I found myself rooting the narrator on as she spoke the cruel truth about the pitiful hopelessness of Kazue’s meritocratic dreams, but a moment later I wondered if that made me a bully myself or as bitter and heartless as the narrator.

Ordinary is Hassle free. Thanks for telling us about the natsou. Views Read Edit View history. Are there any situations with graphic accounts of sexual assault? This book may not be the masterpiece “Out” was, but for anyone who has gone to an elite school on scholarship, striven to narsuo a petite zero, wanted to excel while recognizing how off-the-mark our values of judgment are, or wondered just how much her body could be worth, reading “Grotesque” is just as powerful an experience as reading “Out” was.

The Apartment Serial Murders case, which involved the brutal killings of two Tokyo prostitutes, has gripped the country, leading to the arrest of a Chinese immigrant, Zhang Zhe-zhong, for the crimes. You’re just going to keep falling lower and lower.

Grotesque (novel) – Wikipedia

View Full Version of PW. Would it matter if one holds a degree of truth higher than the other? Just stop reading and move on to something else. She has gotten some great reviews, both here on Amazon and in print, but the reviewers are mainly discussing her work as a reflection of contemporary Japan: In it Kirino casts a wary eye on what could be ostensibly viewed as the fundamental cause of many of the ailments found in Japanese society today: Told in different narratives by multiple characters in a non-linear progression, the truth may never be clear but the path of those who seek it is never dull.


Yes, I’m also not Japanese, so now there’s culture clash blending grotesqque way into the already tricky business of translating languages with disparate ontological roots.

How and why did this tragedy occur?

At once a psychological investigation of the pressures facing Japanese women and a classic work of noir fiction, Grotesque is a brilliantly twisted novel of ambition, desire, beauty, cruelty, grotesqye identity by one of our most electrifying writers.

Or maybe the translator just wasn’t the best. But how could any attentive reader forget the only lines in the novel that purport to explain the central problem of the novel? I read this book because my teacher recommended it but apparently the why is beyond my comprehension.

Read it Groteesque Read it first.

But to use that kind of device, it is necessary not to make it seem as if the reader doesn’t know it, or might have forgotten it. Kirino had fun doing a modern-day caricature of society as a sort of female war story of cohorts killed in action in a new battle of the sexes.

Grotesque is an intriguing work. Do women all around the world think like this? After completing her law degree, Kirino worked in various fields before becoming a fictional writer; including geotesque and organizing films to be shown in a movie theater, and working as an editor and writer for a magazine publication. Probably not, I do not even know if degrees of truth can be different.

Grotesque is categorized as a crime novel but I think it’s written in too unconventional of a way to be considered that. This fact has been demonstrated by her winning not only… More about Natsuo Kirino.

I found myself detesting a character as if she was real.

Grotesque by Natsuo Kirino | : Books

My attention was bu strained by Zhang’s tale of Chinese hardship it seemed the wrong book to educate the reader about how difficult it is for immigrants in Japanbut I immediately forgave Kirino when Yuriko’s older sister admitted herself Zhang’s account was tedious and could be skipped I’d recommend others to skim it as well. To see what your friends thought of this mirino, please sign up. Si tratta della reazione ai due delitti da parte di una persona meschina che conosceva bene entrambe le vittime.


My main problem with the novel is that every single woman in the novel is portrayed negatively. Natsuo Kirino is an angry woman, she hates the patriarchal Japanese society,so she writes about what sort of evil Well, there’s too much of self-loathing, jealousy and depression, you’d either want to throw the damn book away or, you know, stay awake till three in groresque morning reading it.

She doesn’t like the status of women in Japan, and unlike the libbers in America who tried to make women look better than men, this author does the opposite: Once she turned 18 she became such a stunning beauty she even outdid Farrah Fawcett.

Natsuo Kirino includes the foreigner characters in her books, a reason to read more of her. I mean, you’re ugly too. Suspension of belief is not really possible in this work. I was engrossed in the skewed, perverted world created by Kirino, and after finishing this book, am thankful for being ordinary without any extra ordinary persona to live up to, for not being a man hater, and for not having set up limits which are almost impossible to achieve.

Yuriko, the daughter ny a Swiss father and a Japanese mother, glides through with her unearthly beauty.

None of her characters are particularly likable, but it would be very hard to accuse Kirino of creating empty, flat characters. If that’s the case, read this book, there can’t be a better book for that purpose. Mar 13, Pages. She has the power to really portray characters so vividly that I felt them get under my skin. She seems to grotssque the pulse kirkno the educated but fenced Japanese woman, liberated but restricted. Aug 12, Grotexque rated it did not like it Shelves: It was published in English intranslated by Rebecca Copeland.

Halfway through the book, there is on brief passage in which one of the diarists considers the issue. It’s a dark and disturbing tale, definitely compelling, but it left me feeling empty and somewhat unmoved.