The Gurage; A People ojthe Ensete Cultwe. WILLIAM. A. SHACK. London, New York, Nairobi: Oxford. University Press (published for the International. One of the most ubiquitous and traditional crops of the Gurage people is Ensete, The Gurage people still retain many of their unique cultural practices and. Gurage: A People of the Ensete Culture. (New York: Oxford University Press); Gebreyesus. Hailemariam (). The Guragué and Their Culture. (New York.

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Gurage houses are circular structures held together with- out the use of nails with wooden spokes protruding from a center pole to support the thatched roof. Gurage is bordered on the southeast by Hadiya and Yem special woredaon the west, north and east by the Oromia Regionand on the southeast by Silt’e. Furthermore, they are responsible for Settlement of disputes and management of conflict aimed at gurgae justice and social. uclture

In recent times, the Gurage are mostly Ethiopian Orthodox Christians, but also practice Cullture, Roman Catholicism and traditional religious beliefs.

The northern, western and eastern portions are sharing boarder with Oromia state. The Gurage, the writer Nega Mezlekia notes, “have earned a reputation as skilled traders”. He began his career selling old bottles and tin cans; the Emperor [Haile Selassie] recently culturd his achievement in creating his plantation by calling him to Addis Ababa and decorating him. However, Gurage often hoard extra food and eat it secretly to avoid having to share it.


The Fuga share a ritual language with Gurage women, culutre Gurage men may not learn lest they discern the mysteries of the female initiation ceremonies. At its apogee 3rd—6th century ceAksum became the greatest….

Gurage Zone

ChristianityIslamtraditional faith [2] [3]. Contact our editors with your feedback. Cotton is grown in the fertile Awash River valley, and dams notably the Koka Dam, supply hydroelectric…. Thank You for Your Contribution! Tigrayhistorical region, northern Ethiopia.

The majority of the inhabitants were reported as Muslimwith A Gurage proverb states that “A sickness that has the upperhand over butter is destined for death. These are dega weinadega and kolla. Slavery, condition in which one human being was owned by another. It is the primary duty of the mother to care for the.

Beautiful Gurage girl from Ethiopia standing on her door-way. The only way to eat ensete is to make into a paste. Also, the belief still exists that females are less competent then males and that education is wasted on them.

The Gurag raise zebu. Views Read Edit View history. The Gurage regard overeating as coarse and vulgar, and regard it as poor etiquette to eat all of the ensete that a host passes around to guests.

Shack postulates that the awre serves to bring the possessed man to the center of social attention, and to relieve his anxieties over his inability to gain prestige from redistributing food, which is the primary way in which Gurange men gain status in their society.

Shack postulated that spirit possession is caused by Gurange cultural attitudes about food and hunger, because while they have a plentiful food supply, cultural pressures that force the Gurange to either share it to meet social obligations, or hoard it and eat it secretly cause them anxiety.


Kocho is made by shaping the ensete paste to a thick circle and wrapping it in a thin layer of ensete leaves. It can be stored for up to several years in this fashion, and the Gurage culfure retain large surpluses of ensete as a protection against famine. This assertion means the Gurage people originated from the Tigray region of Ethiopia and were the descendants of military conquerors during the Aksumite empire.

Some of these have been influenced by neighbouring Cushitic languages. Gurahe formula involves the preparation and consumption of a dish of ensente, butter, and red pepper. Kenney described as “an Ethiopian Horatio Alger, Jr. Sometimes the paste is just cooked over a griddle. Women face discrimination problems as well as physical abuse in school.

Gurage Zone – Wikipedia

You can make it easier for us to review and, hopefully, publish your contribution by keeping a few points in mind. Gurage children from Ethiopia. The national census reported a total population for this Zone of 1,, of whomwere men cuulturewomen; 76, or 4. Unfortunately, our editorial approach may not be able to accommodate all contributions.