Kitāb-i mustaṭāb-i Kullīyāt-i (Collection of works from Hakim Sanai) contains poetic works of Abu al-Majd Majdud ibn Adam Sanai Ghaznwai (died circa ). Hakim Sanai. Those unable to grieve, or to speak of their love, or to be grateful, those who can’t remember God as the source of everything,. might be described. Browse through Hakim Sanai’s poems and quotes. 0 poems of Hakim Sanai. Still I Rise, The Road Not Taken, If You Forget Me, Dreams, Annabel Lee. Hakim.

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According to Major T. Your life is just morsel in his mouth; his feast is both wedding and a wake.

Collection of Works from Hakim Sanai

Most of his early works were written Mahmud Saba Kashani — Daughter of Fire Kabir: It is better to be silent then to talk nonsense like one of the learned; faith is not woven into every garment. And when you have abandoned both individuality and understanding, the world will become that.

Sanai is considered to be the first to compose qasida odeghazal lyricand masnavi rhymed couplet poems in Persian, and he is famous for his homiletic poetry and role in the development of early mystical eanai. In His presence, silence is the gift of tongues. The coming sqnai death is the key which unlocks the unknown domain; but for death, the door of true faith would remain unopened, If you yourself are upside down in reality, saai your wisdom and faith are bound to be topsy-turvy.


Sanai taught that lust and greed, emotional excitement, stood between humankind and divine knowledge, which was the only true reality Haqq.

He is considered the first poet to use verse forms as the qasidah odethe ghazal lyricand the masnavi rhymed couplet to express the philosophical, mystical, and ethical ideas of Sufism. His means for this awakening is hakm to God, his poetry has been called “the essential fragrance of the path of love”.

He treasures you more than you do yourself.

Hakim Sanai Poems > My poetic side

Sanai was originally a court poet who was engaged in writing praises for the Sultan of Ghazna. Your email address will not be published. The path consists in neither words nor deeds: The Walled Garden of Truth Nov 24, For close to years The Walled Garden of Truth has been consistently read as a classic and employed as a Sufi textbook. He heals our nature from within, kinder to us than we ourselves are.

Remain unmoved by hope and fear. Subject Date Around – The pure man unites two in one; the lover unites three in one. Many have come, just like you, to his door. The body is dark — the heart is shining bright; the body is mere compost — the heart a blooming garden.

Hakim Sanai – Hakim Sanai Biography – Poem Hunter

Hemenway’s translation appears in The Book of Everything: The sun of truth rises unbidden, and with it sets the moon of learning. Notable early Notable modern Singers. From Him forgiveness comes so fast, it reaches us before repentance has even taken shape on our lips. Whatever befalls you, misfortune or fortune, is unalloyed blessing; the attendant evil a fleeing shadow.


Integral to this was love without which we are all lost and separated from God. Contemporary Persian and Classical Persian are the same language, but writers since are classified as contemporary. Whatever you assert about his nature you are bound to be out of your depth, like a blind man trying to describe the appearance of his mother.

Never stand still on the path become non-existent. He is your shepherd, and you prefer the wolf; he invites you to him, and yet you stay unfed; he gives you his protection, yet you are sound asleep: We haoim not share your email address with anyone else, ever. You have no foot. Publication Information Matb-e BrejisBombay.

Hope and fear drive fortune from your door; lose yourself, and they will be no more. The work concludes with a brief biography of Sanai.

Hakim Sanai: The Walled Garden of Truth

Neshat Esfahani Abbas Foroughi Bastami — Modern collected works of Sanai are an outcome of a complex textual transmission stretching back centuries, during which their contents have changed in various ways, particularly in the order of poems, variant texts, and the numbers of verses. He created your mental powers; yet his knowledge is innocent of the passage of thought. Sufi sabaiWisdom Literature.