Personal Collection. all cards, all new, all mine Work of Harry Lorayne. pages (Hardcover), published by Harry Lorayne, Inc. Illustrated with drawings by . Harry Lorayneâ€&#x;s. Personal Collection all cards, all new, all mine. Books by Harry Lorayne Close-Up Card Magic • Personal. Fantasystore! Harry Lorayne – Personal Collection – Master Card Set Harry Lorayne – Personal CollectionHarry Lorayne personal card magic.

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I have collectipn of HL eariler books but maybe I should have puchased best of friends vol 1insteed. Perfect misdirection, as I turn the packet face-down and execute a turnover pass. Everyone knows I love Harry. Nothing is left out of any of the explanations which are chock full of presentational direction as well as methodological direction; and his well-known “Afterthoughts” frequently deliver additional tips and helpful ideas or other avenues to follow with respect to the routine under discussion, or even an entire additional methodology.

Personal Collection, aside from what I perceived to be yarry lack of effort with regard to crediting, is a great book with wonderful variety of fun, workable material. The book is easy to read and the tricks are easy to follow and understand.

Personally, I purchased the book looking for some nice effects the guys at the roundtable hadn’t seen and for it’s potential value as a collector’s item.

Harry Lorayne — Personal Collection. Illogical Double Lift Variation. Persona, published here Pleasing Combination Harry Lorayne Okay, those questions aside, here is the Paul Cummins review: So, it’s hard to say. Rising Crime Display Variation. These were numbered and told to be a limited edition of 1, copies, numbers one through are deluxe editions.

Harry Lorayne’s Personal Collection has Arrived – The Genii Forum

The way I’m currently adapting the trick, though, is to do away with forcing a six-spot altogether and just have fun with the triple-lie location. You will not find Personal Collection on magic store bookshelves or on Internet sites-you must contact Mr.


Now I won’t be able to cough get any work done cough done tomorrow, knowing my copy of Personal Collection cough is on its way and will probably arrive tomorrow hafry. As a panacea for Lorayngitis, it is is World’s Beyond any other remedy.

Thank you Stephen Minch and Hermetic Press for this pesonal new book.

Toggle navigation Conjuring Archive. I’m definitely coming down with a cold now sniff, sniff and its all your fault Richard for posting this sickening news. In “The Magical Gambler,” again, a great cllection, Lorayne merely credits along with an unnamed Paul Gordon variant “a variation of an Ed Marlo I believe cutting-to-the-aces routine”.

Mine is just signed, nothing else. I had the luxury of seeing Harry perform many of his effects prior to the release of this book, so it was exciting to finally learn how he did them!

It sounds like poor Oliver is coming down with “Lorayngitis. Aces lost in sixteen-card packet, then spelled out. He could also have ended up with only books, and those missing 75 copies could add up to hharry lot of money!

I prefer to go along with Bill’s inference that I am on the A list!

Divide For A Spell. I was expecting, what he led me to believe the book was.

Personal Collection

You make me sick! Does numbered mean something like “number 87 of “? Close [ November 15, Aces are lost and spelled to, then Kings are found as well, faro.

Related to Angle Ribbon Spread Unknown, And I’ll have plenty of therapy working through this book. The Lorayne Secret Addition. I love working on a new routine, it gives me a goal to work towards. I was hoping the Collection would have been individually numbered instead of “one of in print”. Within four minutes and with one phone call I knew exactly who the technique was invented by and where in the literature to find it. Back to my book!


Power Poker type, no bottom deals, spectator always gets Royal Flush. Inspired by Double Take Harry Lorayne I’d like to ask those of you who already have this book and are pleased with it to explain why you think it’s so terrific. Inspired by Take Five Harry Lorayne If I don’t know the exact source, I do mention the fact that the idea or concept Is not new, it’s been around.

Inspired by Deceptive Transposition Peter Marshall In the latter routine a spectator merely thinks of one of five cards that are then hopelessly shuffled back into the deck. The Amazing Court-Card Trick. There are a bunch of false cuts and a great take on the venerable Braue Addition. That is why he contends he chose not to number them.

Personal Collection by Harry Lorayne

The Hop off the Bottom. Tangled Web by Eric Mead.

Richard, You’ve always “told it like it was”, but I suspect, now that you and Harry have started to “make up”, that collecion may not want to give the book a negative review here. Variations Magic Jacks Harry Lorayne Aces lost in lotayne packet, then spelled out, two selections found as well.

This Lorayngitis would probably have killed me by now, but luckily, I’ve been self medicating myself with lots of helpings of Curry.