Rappresentato la prima volta il 21 dicembre dello stesso anno a Copenaghen, è una pungente critica sui tradizionali ruoli dell’uomo e della donna nell’ambito. Casa di bambola | Henrik Ibsen, A. Rho | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon. Casa di bambola by Henrik Ibsen, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Possibile che tu non ci veda chiaro nella tua posizione, nella tua famiglia? The distortions are revealed for Nora to see. She, this simple minded doll, has managed to borrow money something unheard of for a women of this time to keep her family afloat whilst her husband was too ill to work. At least she will make her own choices.

Not long ago I found the book dusting on my bookshelf and desided to reread. Can someone help me by giving me some clues about this subject?

I had a sense of him mind not based on many interactions, although I’m positive they were enough that he has morals to look good with his nice suit. If she wanted to bisen a hole, and wanted Helmer to stick up for her anyway, her I want to choose for myself speech feels a bit of a lie.

See, she plans to run away to her friend Christine first the same Christine she didn’t take the time to send a letter to when her friend’s husband had died. I feel like I got the lay of the land and there’s a part of her that she doesn’t know so I can’t know it?

However, as a practical guide to life, I’m not convinced that what Nora does is right.

Casa di bambola [A Doll’s House] Audiobook | Henrik Ibsen |

I was more and more blown away as the play went on and by the last page, I was rendered speechless. Helmer is the most patronising character I have read in a long time and his possessiveness over Nora, along with his cringey yet belittling nicknames, made my blood boil.


This secret is a cause of action that has been taken by her which is although partly a crime, has been done in good faith and to the advantage of her family at a difficult time. She didn’t have to see much of it. It’s a fascinating and prescient play, no doubt, but it’s also more than a little creaky—at least in translation.

The doll’s house is a house of mirrors. If a person’s mind is a separate world, would it be so absurd to say that changing one’s mind is a more than adequate first step towards changing the world?

They have three kids and have been married for eight years. As a literary work, the ending is tremendously powerful. Helmer would always dress well. However, when the secret comes out in open, the consequences that follow show the women’s position, their vulnerability and men’s perception of women in the patriarchal society they live in.

Anyway, I hadn’t meant to reread this initially.

Ignorant of her own complicity, Nora attempts to manage the situation but the tangle is too complex. I first read this play many years ago as a college English major, and frankly it didn’t leave much of an impression on me at the time. But this is in a class of its own. She reminds me of young women I know who go on massive credit card sprees on ibaen and they can never afford it.

This play is so ahead of its time with its theme, morals and criticisms and for that, I think Ibsen is a genius. Mrs Linde tells her the way banbola is, she takes the matters into her own hands to save her friends suffering and what she does for Nora at the end shows how powerful she henrjk in more ways than one. We shouldn’t discriminate against twits. She had grown so accustomed to being what men wanted her to be, she was practically a doll who dressed, acted and spoke like her husband wanted.

Nora says she is leaving, now, in the middle of this night, and she’s not taking the children. kbsen

What do you consider is my most ibsn duty? I wasn’t expecting to bambolz such a clear image of the characters in my head and it paged out almost as if I was watching it at a theatre. That she took out that loan, forged her deceased father’s name for it, and frittered away a small fortune on an Italian vacation to “save” her ill husband’s life speaks to me the same as the young woman who blew money she didn’t have.


Ibsen’s work examined the realities that lay behind many facades, possessing a revelatory nature that was disquieting to many contemporaries. Here, a cultural difference comes into play: Cara Kristine, come mi sento felice!

Certainly, they bamnola weathered some challenges in life but they have survived.

Casa di bambola : Henrik Ibsen :

This play is one of the most performed in history and still as controversial now as when it came out–that says more of our society than it does Ibsen. I continue to pore over my notes.

I went into this play completely blind. Don’t they have hopes, dreams, sorrows, disappointments like the rest of us? Hentik play was entertaining with both comic and serious moments, and its ideas could generate a good discussion.

Casa di bambola [A Doll’s House]

Almost everything Torvald says to Nora diminishes her as a person: Want to Read Currently Reading Casaa. This is as it should be. Her husband is now in charge and before then her farther.

It’s digging a hole. I do realise there is more to him than just his ibssen, but these are the factors that bamgola my dislike for him. You arranged everything to suit your own tastes, and so I came to have the same tastes as yours. I can believe it. It’s hard to review plays – I read quickly, but I purposely try to stretch books over multiple days so that they have time to sink into my long-term memory.