Hervé This (pronounced “Teess”) is an internationally renowned chemist, to hold a doctorate in molecular gastronomy, a cutting-edge field he pioneered. Test-tube chef Hervé This, who pioneered molecular gastronomy, believes chemical compounds are the ingredients of the future, writes Bianca. Molecular Gastronomy has ratings and 61 reviews. Petra Eggs said: I’m really enjoying this. Some of it is going over my head but I’m starting to get.

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In the NYU classroom, This had people sufficiently rattled that they began interrupting him. Each chapter consists of several sections. And it reflects the virtual impossibility of finding someone who straddles two worlds–culinary and scientific.

Retrieved from ” https: It It’s easy to see why the world’s most forward-thinking chefs have been inspired by this book. However, many of the essays are vague and sketchy, leaving the reader hungry for more. Explaining that a pleasant sirloin is 40 per cent water and 60 per cent protein, gastronomj French chemistry professor dumped four tablespoons of water into six tablespoons of powdered egg.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I do not really care whether I should use an unplated copper pan when cooking a fruit preserve. This is a book about the perception of flavor and the ways gastronomy can be improved with science.

These tips and the explanations behind them were two of the only memorable parts of this book.

Harold McGee’s “On Food and Cooking” is much better in terms of accessibility, while “Keys to Good Cooking” was his book written to help in the kitchen. This had travelled to New York to promote his book Note-by-Note Cookingand was also pitching the annual note-by-note cooking contest, held in Paris, France.

Some of his discoveries include “chocolate Chantilly”, a foam made of chocolate without eggs and also cheese Chantilly, butter Chantilly, foie gras Chantilly For a teenager, it is a big advantage in life when you can cook and invite people — and girls in particular. This book is highly recommended for all libraries, especially ones associated with a physical chemistry program. Perfect for browsing, even by those of us with little talent in the kitchen. Or, he added, homeowners could just save their grass clippings when they mow their lawns.


It covers a broad range of topics e. The exclusive genie is really out of the bottle and books like this help shine light on this form of ‘kitchen alchemy’. I was fine with the rather in-depth science. The book will remain on the kitchen shelf for more than occasional reference. Why is some meat tougher than other meat?

The book has pages, four chapters total. Dec 12, Keith rated it it was ok. Though I might try some of the applications anyway.

One Gagnaire dessert, the Chick Corea, uses ascorbic acid, beta-carotene, calcium lactate, centrifuged apple and other ingredients to create lemon-flavoured liquid-filled pearls and cubes of fruit fibre that are served under a brittle green menthol crust.

But let us persevere in our campaign against error: The Coca-Cola, Twinkies and Starbursts being sold at the deli across from NYU’s campus are early iterations of note-by-note, assembled, as so many packaged foods are, from chemical compounds that could have come from This’ food pantry of the future. The Dirac on my plate was a far cry from the note-by-note meals This envisions, which, he says, should tantalise the tongue.

I guess I know more about the science mentioned in the book than about the food. To ask other readers questions about Molecular Gastronomyplease sign up.

The Frenchman was invited by At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy to give a series of public lectures and workshops here last month. It is a great compromise that does not herev the book down or make it out-of-reach.

Molecular Gastronomy Can Save Us From Food Shortage: Hervé This

The world of tomorrow will be the one that we create today. Note by note cooking involves taking the molecules that compose ingredients used in cooking, and using these as the raw ingredients for making dishes. For me, molecular gastronomy is so fascinating and fancy, and that’s why I bought this book; however, after I read it, I found it’s much more academic?! Dec 25, Petra Eggs rated it really liked it Shelves: Stay on top of best Restaurants, Lifestyle, Events recommended in your city.


Each ‘article’ usually cites experiments conducted regarding the subject, presents evidence, sometimes some historical background and then attempts to explain the science of what happens when cooking.

Even as he describes the science behind potential new cooking techniques, he offers no recipe for success, but dares readers to give the new methods a whirl and explore the outcomes. In went a pinch of allyl isothiocyanate, for a mustardy kick. He unscrewed a small bottle of methional oil, which has a cheesy-potato flavour, and the room’s fresh-carpet smell gave way to baked potato mixed with high-school gym.

This book has a few interesting parts to it, but overall the writing is really disjointed and the chapters are giving you information you can’t really use, or bother to remember, because they don’t go into enough depth on the subject matter.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Hidden Heart dessert that comprises crumble made with cellulose, salt, oil and sugar, meringue shell made with proteins powder, agar agar gel, sorbet and foam. Or, how about chocolate mousse made only with water and hreve Mar 19, Jay rated it it was ok. Not Impressed By Chilli Crab This practices note-by-note cooking in his laboratory for lunch sometimes, adding chemical compounds to his food.

Hervé This

Cooking is love, art, technique. Hay elementos interesantes para experimentar. He delivers blunt judgments.