Stream Oraçao in C with Padrinho Alfredo and Rute, a playlist by Mandala- Veeren-Prem from desktop or your mobile device. Stream “Escala” (Padrinho Alfredo) by Leo do Gamarra from desktop or your mobile device. Padrinho Alfredo Santo Daime Hinario. HINARIO OFICIAL – SÃO JOSE – O CRUZEIRINHO DO PADRINHO ALFREDO – SANTO DAIME MEDELLIN. Public. · Hosted by Céu Condor Águia – Santo.

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Up to now, I have been working, thanks to God that I haven’t yet said no to anyone in respect to the good ritual functioning of Santo Daime.

Santo Daime hymns – Wikipedia

It is not because he comes, he will be the slave of the owner of the house, or will be tossed alongside the highway, no. Because when three people want to each follow their own path, each one will take their path, and that’s what’s happening in the Brazilian Regions and the Foreign Regions today.

Death does not bargain. Each group that hjnario firm, which holds onto the hand of the Mestre grows, creates support and gives support to the communities from which will come the continuation of this Eternal Daime, the name of the Project that I applied many years ago to this Divine vehicle that padrinoh Eternal Daime.

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Each center has its would-be Councillors, would-be Directors, and they form the Directorate in such a way that it can always have one more, and two more, and three more, and be careful here, because I am explainin because it has been like this: Not being united, it has no force. Even if we are born hinarip, there are so many things in illusion there, pretty and delicious, that sometimes entangle a person. Alex Polari spent years hinarrio a political prisoner during the rule of the military junta in Brazil, enduring torture, brutality, and deprivation.

Well, I hope that this illness is cut out at the root, and that the centers which, until today have not grown in two, three years, in six months prosper, to give more animation and more hope to those struggling, struggling without doubt, to take this Doctrine forward. It is all being able to feel equal, and to feel the force of the will to speak and vibrate, not only at the point he is at, but at all points centers.



He worked as a seringueiro, or rubber tapper, and later as a farmer. Because, when there is disunion, hinarioo negative current is receiving more force than the positive current. If the junk is already forming there, spiritually, when people die, they are in the same confusion, and the Spiritual Trabalhos feel this in the current.

Well, may all this bring about this force and this understanding, which I desire, through this, my work here, my sacrifice, and the sacrifice of all my brothers, to help us strengthen this chain so that satan does not have more force than God. We must proceed with calm and comprehension, with a force to maintain union among the brothers and sisters, avoiding the entrance of negativity, because if it enters it is for a study, so the person will have, in the end, a positive result, and not lose one’s chance, because if the result is not positive, it will certainly be negative.

There, at last, comes the glory that is the capacity for us to be happy, firm and strong, singing this Doctrine, without wondering which is the Master who is ordering.

Santo Daime hymns

He is the author of ‘Forest of Visions: The hymns can be seen as integral to the ritual, the transformation, and the revealed messages as each person understands them. We must be calm with the brothers and sisters. CEFLURIS, the more it takes pity, the more it wears itself out, the more it, through these confusions, through this lack of spiritual education of people, gains a reputation of being a bad entity, or parrinho an entity that does not take account, of being an entity that is this and that, because a person who doesn’t know often uses the entity to speak grandiosely, to speak vainly or to say things that he does not fulfill.


Now, this is not the fault alfeedo the goodwill of the spirit of each to unite, because this is the will of God in each one of us. She was sallow hihario blond with white skin. She died of pneumonia, aged just 32 years, on 2 April The theme, the evidences, and even the teaching of disunion to the children makes them continue in this condition of not being able to have peace not even united, not even with their families. His granddaughter, Peregrina Gomes, was the third wife of Mestre Irineu.

A person must know quite well which is his Lord, because the sheep know the voice of their Shepherd [In Portuguese: Therefore, one cannot say that a person is right if they are not right; that a group is united, if it is not united. After the time of Mestre Irineu it became a more common practice to finish or close an hinario as a complete work, after which a new hinario might be received.

Offical Hinários

If you do not want to be caught in doubt, you will try to get things right. The worst thing that I went through in the teachings of Saint Michael is, is to see if it is Jesus who is on the throne or if it is a Herod.

Hnario may get to know, it is good to get to know, but to think that you already know, to take a poison, you will end up dying of the poison.

Thus, as soon as one founds a church or a center, it starts with one person or two.

Germano was one of the first disciples of Mestre Irineu, becoming a member of Santo Daime in the s.