by Jan Lamprecht. Contents. PART I – HOLLOW PLANET BASICS. CHAPTER 1 – Hollow Planet History. CHAPTER 2 – Newtonian Gravity Revisited. CHAPTER . by Jan Lamprecht. from HollowPlanets Website. Contents. PART I – HOLLOW PLANET BASICS. CHAPTER 1 – Hollow Planet History. CHAPTER 2 – Newtonian. Videos. Video: Tom Metzger & Jan: Discuss: UFOs, Germans in Antarctica; Vietnam · History Science Videos · Video: Tom Metzger & Jan: Discuss: UFOs.

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If I were to draw a scale drawing of the earth you wouldn’t even notice that it wasn’t a circle. Nan We doen er alles aan om dit artikel op tijd te bezorgen. Another set of scientific arguments against a Hollow Earth or any hollow planet comes from gravity. I see Subteranean civilisations as a whole different kettle of fish, and as a much more difficult subject.

Winds would blow and so on. Other than the North and South poles, entrances in locations which have been cited include: As you look at this you will see that our methods of watching seismic waves leaves much to be desired.

Jan Lamprecht ★ Hollow Earth Theory Inner Earth Science Evidence ♦ Hollow Planets Proof 4

A Russian legend says the Samoyedsan ancient Siberian tribetraveled to an underground cavern city to live inside the Earth. For example, you can easily see why Hollow Earthers would get mighty upset at the thought of 3 superpowers near the poles having a vast number of nuclear weapons.

That our world is special – not because it has life – but because it has life on the Inside AND the Outside. Symmes became the most famous of the early Hollow Earth proponents, and Hamilton, Ohioeven has a monument to him and his ideas.


This influenced some early Hollow Earth proponents. Their flying saucers come out of the Poles from time to time. There are all sorts of funny things which have happened on the Moon. When Jan Lamprecth wrote his paper on hollow planet seismology vs. The idea of a hollow Earth is a common element of fiction, appearing as early as Ludvig Holberg ‘s novel Nicolai Klimii iter subterraneum Niels Klim’s Underground Travelsin which Nicolai Klim falls through a cave while spelunking and spends several years living on holkow smaller globe both within and the inside of the outer shell.

The atmosphere flows in as well.

Jan Lamprecht’s Hollow Earth | Universe of Particles

Even a Sun of as little as 28 miles in diameter would weigh many millions of tons. Clouds of water vapour have been seen and measured by astronomers. But no, there’s no moon inside. And that’s what I did. The central Sun should come crashing into the side. I also heard somewhere that Canada had a very hollos number of sightings per capita.

So if you will consider a hole perhaps miles wide, curving gently inside, through a crust of miles in thickness, then at the NARROWEST part you will lampredht a gap of about miles or so. The picture of the structure of lamprdcht Earth that has been arrived at through the study of seismic waves [50] is quite different from the Hollow Earth hypothesis. These waves can not travel through: This photo was of the earth. I must digress at this point: So if there’s radium then it might we have been uranium to start with.

I had another interesting episode which also harmed another close friendship.

There must have been plenty of places to go. That central Sun also produces heat. Now think about this: This magnetic field would flow out of the Earth through its holes.

  AFI 13-204 PDF

The Aurora chops and changes and to a certain extent moves and behaves in sympathy with the Earth’s magnetic field and the emissions from the central Sun. The Alien Captain tells us some other things about “Alien Physics” – like, the fact that Stars only shine when in a lmaprecht field. True to form, Jeff had read lots of really OLD stuff about the Hollow Earth, and brought forth item after item about it. List of topics characterized as pseudoscience. Low density matter will tend to stay. Fish have a type of anti-freeze in their blood.

Also, compasses tend to go haywire so you’re really in a quandry. Peter Bedrick Books,pp. In the end, holliw whole interest of mine probably broke up my friendship with this guy – which to me was quite a blow.

Hollow Planets : Jan Lamprecht :

It is a page book, of which I have a copy, which contains notes from the journals of many famous explorers, including Amundsen, Peary, Lt Greely and many others. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Learn how your comment data is processed. Ina professor W. Though Symmes himself never wrote a book about his ideas, several authors’ published works discussing his ja.

Hollow Planets

If any significant portion of the Earth were hollow, the average density would be much lower than that of surface rocks. So let me refresh your memory. Beasts, Men and Gods.