“The Shadow Over Innsmouth” is a novella by H. P. Lovecraft. Written November- December , the story was first published in April ;. The Shadow over Innsmouth is a horror novella by H. P. Lovecraft, written in November–December ]. It forms part of the Cthulhu Mythos, using its motif of a. H.P. Lovecraft Reread Today we’re looking at “The Shadow Over Innsmouth,” written in November-December and first published as a.

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The Shadow Over Innsmouth: H. P. Lovecraft: : Books

Around the Year i True, the Innsmouth folk chased the narrator at the climax, but given what we learn at the end of the book, their intentions may not have been hostile. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. I was irresolutely speculating on when I had better attack the northward door, and on how I could least audibly manage it, when I noticed that the vague noises underfoot had given place inndmouth a fresh and heavier creaking of the stairs.

The Shadow over Innsmouth. The day was warm and sunny, but the landscape of sand, sedge-grass, and stunted shrubbery became more and more desolate pver we proceeded.

The Shadow Over Innsmouth

The harbour, long clogged with sand, was innsmouth by an ancient stone breakwater; on which I could begin to discern the minute forms of a few seated fishermen, and at whose end were what looked like the foundations of a bygone lighthouse. In the end, he discovers some unspeakable innmouth, once more related to the Cthulhu and other malign divinities from space and out of the underworld.

I perceived that my chances were very slender, and was fully prepared shadw any calamity. It took me a moment to ascertain that the fingers were misshapen by what appeared to be webbing. The librarian gave me a note of introduction to the curator of the Society, a Miss Anna Tilton, who lived nearby, and after a brief explanation that ancient gentlewoman was kind enough to pilot me into the closed building, since the hour was not outrageously late.


Basically, the narrator is told the story of Innsmouth and its inhabitants by other people – the travel agent, a clerk at the chain grocery store lovecrafr Innsmouth, and most importantly Zadok Allen – the town drunk.

Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. The material seemed to be predominantly gold, though a weird lighter lustrousness hinted at some strange alloy with an equally beautiful and scarcely identifiable metal. I do think that I will bring my uncle with me.

The Shadow over Innsmouth – Wikipedia

Jun 20, Leonard Gaya rated it really liked it. Lists with This Book. It can only be reached by bus, and its inhabitants are shunned by the people of the surrounding villages and towns principally because of their appearance—particularly the older ones. I was by this time thankfully certain that the railway itself was not patrolled.

I bent close to catch any insnmouth words he might utter, and thought I saw a sardonic smile behind the stained, bushy whiskers.

Then the knocking was repeated—continuously, and with growing insistence. I was very glad of this partial shelter, since at this point the Rowley road was uncomfortably near according to my window view. Some disturbing teratology is present in this story, as usual, but unlike other texts, it is now related to the water world and the undersea instead of the earth, the pits, the underground: I paused and drew into a gaping doorway, reflecting how lucky I was to have left the moonlit open space before these pursuers came down the parallel street.

They ought naturally to have come wholly from the visibly inhabited houses, yet in reality were often strongest inside the most rigidly boarded-up facades. The condition of this bridge would determine my next step. They look like frogs, and a little bit like fish too: If they did, my stratagem must have deceived them, for they passed on across the moonlit space without varying their course—meanwhile croaking and jabbering in some hateful guttural patois I could not identify.


Eventually, he makes his way towards railroad tracks and hears a procession of Deep Ones passing in the road before him. Dust jacket from the first edition.

The change, it was said, came simultaneously with the Innsmouth epidemic ofand was thought by simple folk to have a dark connexion with hidden forces of evil. After being told that the bus is experiencing engine trouble, the narrator has no choice but to spend the night in a musty hotel, the Gilman House. The Complete Fiction of H. That is, never no full-blooded one.

The fishy odour was detestable, and I wondered I could stand it without fainting. It was too long to start with and without much happening. The tottering waterfront hovels north of the river were reputedly connected by hidden tunnels, being thus a veritable warren of unseen abnormalities.

I had long before resolved to limit my observations to architecture alone, and I was even then hurrying toward the Square in an effort to get quick transportation out of this festering city of death and decay; but shadoq sight of old Zadok Allen set up new currents in my mind and made me slacken my pace uncertainly.