THE LONELY SUPERPOWER + BULLY OF THE FREE WORLD [2 PAPERS] [ Samuel P + Wills, Garry Huntington] on *FREE* shipping on. HeinOnline — 78 Foreign Aff. 35 HeinOnline — 78 Foreign Aff. 36 HeinOnline — 78 Foreign Aff. 37 HeinOnline — 78 Foreign Aff. 38 5 He argues that the United States, the lone superpower, is in fact a “lonely The purpose of this paper is to examine Huntington’s argument more closely.

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It had a monopoly on atomic weapons. Each superpower claimed to be a model for the rest of the world, and sought worldwide dominance in the ideological sphere.

The Lonely Superpower

juntington Would you like to tell us about a lower price? At a minimum, then, America has an interest in the stability and security of such suppliers of raw materials as South Africa; of countries like Egypt that sit astride the choke points of vital sea lanes, and of nations that are or that could grow into important trading partners, such as Venezuela and eventually some of the Soviet republics.

Macmillan, The expansion of American responsibilities took place in an atmosphere of crisis, with Republican leaders urging President Harry Truman to “scare hell out of the American people” if he wanted them to support American intervention in Europe. For decades the Canadian government has sought to protect different areas of indigenous culture, mainly by trying to make it easier for Canadian cultural products to compete with American culture.

Krauthammer, for example, regards it as mere protective coloration for U. Moreover, these public goods, by their very nature, are deemed to be “good” for whomever is out there consuming them.


But there are a few commonly accepted maxims. As Huntington puts it, none of the actors is committed to the maintenance of this “strange hybrid” system, since all of them have other preferences: However, it can be argued that three factors mitigate against this eventuality.

Oil is the most obvious example. Such a policy won’t be easy to develop.

Third, Americans still maintain a dramatic lead in what Joseph S. Likewise, India has also experienced considerable growth: Write a customer review. Those two policies have already been tried and found wanting. Using a word like “control” suggests that each “civilization” has both a political unity and a singularity of purpose and action. As Zbigniew Brzezinski has argued, assessing the attributes which have given the United States its primacy would suggest that the United States would tower above all others on the vast majority of empirically measurable attributes of power-and numerous other intangible attributes that cannot be so readily measured, but which are nonetheless important such as the prevalence of personal freedom.

The purpose of this paper is to examine Huntington’s argument more closely.

Lonely Superpower or Unapologetic Hyperpower — Kim Richard Nossal

Kindleberger, “Dominance and huntingyon in the international economy: Who would disagree with Ignacio Ramonet, the director of Le Monde diplomatique, who in described the global position of the United States with only the slightest touch of hyperbole: State University of New York Press ; draft available at http: What policy will shape the new structure?

I suggest suerpower while Huntington’s description of the contemporary system as a “uni-multipolar” system is not unreasonable, the longer-term implications that Huntington draws from it cannot be supported. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. Where, and at what price?

Numerous civilians were killed and a number of non-military targets were destroyed as a consequence of munitions that were mistargetted, thr in error, or simply malfunctioned. Each had a military capacity that controlled the fate of humankind.


The United States representative simply vetoed the proposal that soya beans and corn-products which account for 90 per cent of global trade in GMOs-be included in the discussions, even though many other governments represented at the conference were expressing concerns over GMOs. As Krauthammer tartly observed, “For Bush, the new world order is principally about order.

Following the demise of the Soviet threat, isolationism is huntingto a comeback.

In particular, this paper will argue that the United States will not-indeed cannot-become an “ordinary” major power any time soon. America’s loss of mission explains why the president has such difficulty arousing public enthusiasm for his “quest for a new world order. One small but illustrative example of the single-mindedness of American efforts to protect their interests is to be found in Washington’s approach to Canadian cultural policies.

Higgott, and Kim Richard Nossal, “Bound to follow? Unlike a true multipolar system, where there are a number of comparably sized powers, the present system features a single huge power seeking hegemony over all others; a number of major powers, which have the desire to resist the hegemonic impulses of the United States, but neither the strength nor the desire to challenge the United States directly; and a large number of small powers.

It is alien to the American temper, which tends to lurch between isolationism and idealism.