IBM 7014-T42 PDF

IBM 7014-T42 PDF

The T00, T42, and racks can be extremely heavy when several drawers are present. The following table shows the necessary weight distribution distances for the T00, T42, and racks when loaded. The following table shows the necessary floor loading for. Learn about the supported feature codes that are available for T00, T42 and racks. Hardware specifications provide detailed information for your rack, including dimensions, electrical, power, temperature, environment, and.

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T00, T42, and supported feature codes

Front trim 704-t42 are also not supported. This can be used with MTM machine type model rack such as a T42, not a feature code rack such as a The following diagram provides the caster and leveler locations for the T00T42, jbm, and racks. Indicator of 4EIA rack space utilization Attributes required: Specify codes must be used when an alternative to the plant country default is required.

Racks ordered with this feature will be white.

Rack Model T42 Operating Voltage: It has rollers which allow it to be moved to different racks in the data center. Rack with FC acoustic front and rear doors. The overall sound reduction is approximately 6 dB. Use jbm this feature will affect the routing of the order. The lift tool feature EB3Z operating length and width are The Ruggedized Rack Feature also includes hardware for bolting the rack to a concrete floor or a similar surface, and bolt-in steel filler panels for any unoccupied spaces in the 7014-t442 when shipped from IBM Manufacturing.

Rack with standard front and rear doors. For 19″ rack-mountable device orders: Once the rack with Expansion Drawers is delivered to the customer, the customer is allowed to rearrange the PDUs from horizontal to vertical. No Mounting hardware kit No Longer Available as of June 23, This feature delivers the required bim clips and screws to mount the or the into a rack.


PDU power cable Attributes required: Specify 4EIA space Attributes required: The order type defines if a feature is orderable only on initial orders, only on MES orders, on both initial and MES orders, or if a feature is supported on a model due to a model conversion. Does not apply – Hour Indicator Administrative indicator used to enable configuration of orders with a total quantity greater than thirty to be processed.

FC 70114-t42 ballast weight specify code. FC heat exchanger rear door.

Up to 3 additional PDUs can be installed horizontally in the rear of the rack, in the space that is normally used for rack- mounted drawers. This door replaces the acoustic rear door on the rack. Model T00 rack with optional DC power distribution panel Hardware specifications provide detailed information for your rack, including dimensions, electrical, power, temperature, environment, and service clearances.

This feature should be used only to replace the initial standard PDU, featurein the base rack definition. Tue, November 13, The top 6U of the rack can be temporarily detached at the client site to make it easier to move the rack through doors or elevators. Rack airflow requirements depend on the number and type of drawers installed. Subscribe to this information.

Rack noise levels depend on the number and type of drawers installed. The PDU is most typically used for volt configurations, but is rated for volt. Depth with back door and front door mm When purchased as an MES for addition to a rack in the field. See your individual server or hardware specifications for temperature and humidity requirements. This figure shows that arrangement. The maximum valid quantity for MES orders may be different than 7014-g42 initial orders.

Model T42 and B42 rack

Does not apply Rack Indicator, Rack 10 When added to an initial rack order, this indicator is used to specify the tenth rack for a multi-rack order.


The rack drawer mounting area is centered relative to 7014-h42 two sides of the rack, which provides ample room to route cables within the frame on both the left and right sides.

When is ordered, the power cord includes a waterproof connector. This unit is the same as the base unitand it provides nine C13 power outlets. Maximum of four per feature Supported line cords include features,,and Each rack must be ordered with either a front door or a trim kit.

Without this hardware, the PDU can be mounted vertically in the rack’s side pockets, but can only be poorly mounted horizontally.

7014-T42 IBM Rack Model T42

The chilled water removes heat from the exhaust air being blown through the Servers and Attachments mounted in the Rack. Front door Attributes required: Initial Rack order shipped without rack mount drawers. Expansion 7014-42 complicate the access to vertical PDUs if located at the same height. Indicator for rack space utilization Attributes required: Side panels are needed only for the two end racks of the suite.

One rack side panel Attributes required: For 19″ rack orders: Rack units obm large and heavy and are not easily moved. Other Standard Equipment and Optional Features Each rack is shipped with standard equipment that includes a rear door, front and rear anti-tilt plates, four leveling feet, snap-in filler panels for any unoccupied rack space, and an AC power distribution unit PDU 714-t42 inside the rack in an area that is separate from the drawer mounting area.