Although “weak thought”—il pensiero debole—has been around for over a quarter of a century, it is still little known in the United States. In Italy, from. il Pensiero debole has 3 ratings and 0 reviews. Da quando nella cultura italiana si è aperto il dibattito sulla crisi della ragione, attraverso di esso. Vattimo is well known for his philosophical style of ‘weak thought’ (pensiero debole). ‘Weak thought’ is an attempt to understand and re-configure traces from the.

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The term for this type of revealing which is a challenging on a global scale is Ge-Stell enframing. The opportunity of accomplished nihilism is limited by language, and this is where Verwindung comes into play: Although Vattimo aimed to move away from revolutionary violence, his justification of democracy over totalitarianism is particularly timely given the Arab Spring.

He is, however, far from being a traditional believer and has long criticized the Roman Catholic Church for its abiding association of God with Truth and for its conservative social and political stances, particularly with regard to gender and sexuality issues.

This anthropocentrism continued in different ways through the construction of unilinear narratives surrounding progress and science. Vattimo was a Marxist during his youth. Altizer Paul van Buren John D. For Vattimo, freedom of information and media multiplicity eliminate the possibility of conceiving of a single reality.

Hermeneutics is not a metaphysical theory in this sense and so can only be “proved” by being presented as the response to a history of being, a history of the fabling of the world, of the weakening of structures, that is as the occurrence of pensidro. In particular, he claims that it makes the best possible sense of the interpretative plurality he sees around him.


Through it, a message of weakening is passed down and weakens strong structures, including both the essence and the fulfilment of the Christian message. In the postmodern experience, Dasein is thrown into an existence in which experience is fragmented.

Despite the atheist tendency of postmodern philosophy, Vattimo has never hidden his Christian ground. The latter, Vattimo thinks, is a statement of weakening pensisro of the message revealed in the incarnation of the Son of God.

Aristotle’s Physics and Its Medieval Varieties. In line with this association, Vattimo refers to a variety of Biblical passages in support of his understanding of kenosis.

While Girard focussed on his notions of mimesis and the natural sacred, Vattimo translated these ideas into terms borrowed from the language of theology. Reno is currently reading it Oct 12, Lists with This Book.

il Pensiero debole

He quotes Hebrews 1: Luca Grion – – Etica E Politica 3 2. Girard also impressed on Vattimo the importance of Christ for explaining the current situation of hermeneutical nihilism. For Vattimo it is only when hermeneutics accepts its nihilistic destiny that “it can find in ‘negativity,’ in dissolution as the ‘destiny of Being’ Deconstruction is Not Enough: Books by Gianni Vattimo. As such, Vattimo views the notion of nihilism as the expression of the dislocation humans feel in the postmodern age.

Again, as in the previous parts, three essays in particular engage Vattimo in a sustained manner. Reflections on Gianni Vattimo’s Hermeneutic Age,”.

Gianni Vattimo – Wikipedia

This page was last edited on 28 Octoberat This Article does not have an abstract. A Tribute to Gianni Vattimo. This requires that the foundational certainties of modernity with its emphasis on objective truth founded in a rational unitary subject be relinquished for a more multi-faceted conception closer to that of the arts.

John Hopkins University Press a. This mindset does not recognise the provisional nature and situatedness of its own provenance, nor does it accept the plurality of other views in the secular space of modern Europe. Northwestern University Press b, Sign in Create an account. Neoplatonism and Indian Philosophy.



Caritas rules out both specific normative positions and broader meta-ethical approaches. However, one must then explain why pain is wrong. TurinPiedmontItaly. History of Western Philosophy. Such truth is deeper than propositions which are made possible by such openings.

Dario Antiseri, Le Ragioni Del Pensiero Debole Domande a Gianni Vattimo – PhilPapers

In “Heideggerianism and Leftist Politics,” Richard Rorty finds common ground with Vattimo in becoming “convinced … that philosophy should no longer aim at revealing the ultimate context of human existence — a context that, while not merely biological, is nevertheless transcultural and ahistorical” Perhaps his greatest influence though is the thought of Friedrich Nietzschewhose “discovery of the ‘lie’, the discovery that alleged ‘values’ and metaphysical structures are just a play of forces” Vattimo invokes the notion of secularisation in Beyond Interpretation and in earlier writings, but without the precision he gives to the concept in Belief and After Christianity.

And for those newly acquainted with Vattimo, his own essay is a stunning contribution, and in conjunction with Zabala’s introduction provides an exceptionally succinct and clear exposition of “weak thought. This nihilistic reading of history involves a certain attitude towards modernitywhereby modernity is dissolved from within through a twisting, distorting radicalisation of its pensierp.

A Tribute pensiiero Gianni Vattimo. In her essay “Weakening Religious Belief: A Tribute to Gianni Vattimo.